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Infidelity by Lizbeth Dusseau

When Heinrich finds his wife, Anna, sleeping with another man, he throws her out and Annas world takes a sudden tailspin. Shes lost without a dominant man. While Heinrich moves on to a new submissive lover, Anna searches for a new master. At the instigation of a friend, she seeks out a mysterious dom, Lowell Lockhart, for the strict slave training shes never had, but has always hungered for. On his secluded estate, Lowell subjects her to the most exacting rituals, breathtaking punishment and discipline. Anna soon loses herself in Lockharts deviant worldtrained to submit unthinkingly as a pony-slave, serving wench, and the willing plaything for Lockharts many friends. In the end, shes ready to serve any masters bidding. And Heinrich? Is he content to let his wife serve at the hands of other men? Or has she moved beyond her former master’s influence?

This dark tale of sexual surrender includes stark and shocking sadomasochistic sexuality, with anal sexuality, female bisexuality and piercing.

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