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Intoxication by Lizbeth Dusseau

Three days in Vegas should be enough to cure Glenna of her cheating ex-boyfriend. But when she wakes up with a head-pounding hangover in a strange beach house, inexplicably married to a man she remembers only vaguely, this proves to be one binge that’s gone too far!
When she spies a bondage rack in full view, Glenna’s even more alarmed. Though she’s a daring sexual adventuress, sadomasochism is far beyond her idea of fun – at least that’s what she thinks. While the bizarre scenario sends her fleeing fast, Glenna’s strangely hooked, hypnotized by the beach house, the rack, and the thrilling sexual promises of Alec Falconer – her husband.
Submission, slavery…the ideas gnaw at her and she returns to Alec for an experiment in sexual surrender. Her exhibitionist streak gets quite a workout when she’s forced to crudely submit before Alec’s friends and forced deeply into S&M desires she can hardly understand. Glenna’s life gets more complicated… anonymous phone calls, a stalking cameraman… drugged, auctioned, kidnapped by a club of sexual deviants… Is this her husband or the ex-boyfriend who pursues her with relentless passion that has her frightened and intrigued?
Mystery, romance and sexual intoxication push her to the edge of fantasy and fear, as this novice explores a world of bondage, whips, racks, chains, public exhibitionism, anal training, multiple partners, piercing, slave positions and the depth of her unquenchable desires.

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After dinner, Alec dressed me a pair of his shorts and a T-shirt and we walked on the beach holding hands. The romance bloomed.

He did all the right things for an ordinary lover—searched my face with smiles, held me in a generous hug, skipped through the water at the surf’s edge and splashed me when I least expected. He caught me laughing uproariously at nothing at all but just plain fun. He laughed, too, then tackled me to the beach where we rolled in the sand and kissed again.

After the sun set, we sat side-by-side dipping our toes in the frothy water. A simple three quarter moon lit our silent tête-à-tête. The beach was almost deserted, though a few stray people would occasionally walk by. He’d nod, perhaps he knew them, but most of all, Alec focused his attention on me. After a time, I could sense him stir from our peaceful alliance, and suspected that thoughts were popping into his brain and he was about to speak. I waited through a long anxious silence until he finally spoke.

“I want you to undress here, Glenna. Go to the house, shower off if you need to, and lie on the bed, ass up. That clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” First time I’d called him Sir in over two hours. My body went berserk for several minutes when I realized that there were suddenly an unusual number of strangers in our vicinity—having probably arrived on cue, just in time to see a naked blonde dashing up the beach. Using the same pluck I garnered when I was greeting Walker at the airport, I stood, tossed the T-shirt away and stepped out of the borrowed shorts. Racing to the house, exhilaration screaming through every vein, I hit the stairs out of breath and happy. Life seemed very good.

After showering away the clinging sand, I toweled dry and landed face down on the middle of Alec’s bed, rubbing my arousal into the sheets thinking I was home and very happy. My arms and legs were flung out wide as if I were stretching for something bigger, higher, deeper than myself. I didn’t know how perfectly poised I was for what came next, until I felt the first cuff tighten around my ankle and Alec tug it hard. He fastened it to the footboard just as the moon fell behind a cloud. How did he work the weather and steer the planets like a god?

Alec seized my second ankle and bound it in the same fashion. Then he worked his way around to my already cuffed wrist, adding a second, presumably stronger, cuff over top of the bracelet. He fixed the handcuff to the upper bedpost and repeated the procedure with the remaining hand.

My freedom turned to bondage in less than sixty seconds.

My raw cunt unwittingly ground into the sheets with the little clit between my labia grasping for anything to help it get off.

“Didn’t realize you were quite so hot,” Alec observed. There were candles lit around the bed, and incense and spooky Celtic music. I thought I was a sacrifice. Perhaps I was… my imagination lingered on in that manner until it was jerked awake by the first strike of a leather flogger.

“Ooo, my.” The swish of the talons cooled the air around my hot skin before it hit the surface. I wiggled my randy pubes deeper into the sheets and waited excitedly for another strike. “Hummm,” I was humming and purring, rocking back and forth, getting hotter and happier by the stroke.

Alec dug in harder, increasing the intensity of the blows. Across my shoulders, back, ass and thighs, the swooshing, sensual effects of the flogger were taking me into a more veiled territory. When my skin started to burn, he backed off, running the talons gently down my spine. Then pressing the rounded wooden end of the instrument between my thighs, he shoved it beyond the barrier and forced it deeply into the channel. I wasn’t feeling anything except my physical need climbing, rolling through me like the rumble of thunder. More, I wanted more!

I urged him with every swaying move, every body gesture, every clench, every tight-fisted grasp of the chains that bound me to the bed.

Leaving the flogger handle in my ass, he started flogging me with another, meaner, sharper version of the first. The leather beat against my skin, taking up new rhythms, insistently urging me to accept a new level of pain. The world as I knew it disappeared into hundreds of tiny colored specs in front of my closed eyes. I didn’t need a blindfold; I was blinded by my own insides. I smelled the collecting sweat, tasting its salty flavor as it ran into my mouth. Wiggling my way out of the worst pain, more descended in a feverish gait. Alec and I were one in this, connected by desire, legalities, curiosity and this strangely fabricated leather with its dozens of loose falls splashing out across my back and ass like Medusa’s snakes.

Reaching bliss, my thoughts were forgotten, intoxication, resignation, lust ruled.

Alec’s knee pressed into the covers between my spread-out thighs, his hand dug at my splayed cleft, tunneling deep to where my clit rubbed itself against the sheets. Fooling with my interior, he thrummed the vibrating slit.

“Cum, slut,” he ordered.

My body broke away, falling into a delirious dream of spasms and contractions and softly absentminded purrs. Back and forth, ass thrashing, flogger talons tickling over my red, parched skin… on and on, against my owner’s persuasive fingers, the cum that began with pain became consumed in love… love.

I lost consciousness for a time and awoke, feeling Alec’s cock replacing the wand in my ass. He ran his hands over my back as he fucked the battered worn-out space, and lingered only long enough to deposit his creamy substance inside the shuddering orifice.

He fell away, against my spent flesh, and cuddled me through several hours of rambling sleep and incoherent sex dreams. I awoke, still bound, but kissing his lips.

Alec woke, too. He rescued my ankles and wrists from their captive state; then I curled against him and slept until morning.


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