Dark Corners – ebook


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Dark Corners by Karen Groves

Walking home alone at night, Ramona Moore is accosted by a stranger, forced into her house and subdued. The intruder seems to know her, and long lost memories awaken in Ramona of satanic rituals in a orphanage where they once lived. As she falls for this handsome stranger, she flashes back to an alluring submissive journey she began with her captivating boss, Dr. Read. With her first submissive act, a link is revealed between him and her cruel past. It is the intruder who shows Dr. Read and his associates for who they really are, which puts Ramona’s unsettled mind to rest about her questionable behavior. Enter Dr. John Evans. She’s lured in again, finding herself breaking all barriers to her submissive self. His domination of her satisfies long imagined desires, and  awakens an entity within her that previously lay dormant. Her mind and body are now open to the endless possibilities of her power, strength and sexuality. What she once thought as devil worship is indeed something else entirely. Includes M/f, experimentation, menage a trois, spanking, cuffs, slaps, bondage, bruises, rough sex and pain.

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