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Kelly’s Story by J. A. Smith

Kelly was the girl no one noticed in school. But in five short years, things have changed. At her five-year reunion, no one knows she is, but heads quickly turn when she walks in the room. She’s gone from little miss nobody to the fox of the party. Relying on her wild imagination to furnish her with naughty ideas, she becomes quite the sexual adventuress. She explores her lesbian side with a coworker. Wears short skirts and no panties when she tries on shoes, getting the reaction she hopes for when sexy young salesclerks stare into her wide open crotch. Then, enlisting the assistance of her good friend Wendy, the pair pick up male playmates for hot three-ways. They go so far as to force one of their lovers to jack off and eat his own cum. And yet, even the free-spirited Kelly wants someone special in her life. She’s dating two men simultaneously, a handsome, dignified doctor and a hot motorcycle cop. While she likes them both, she knows eventually she’ll need to choose between them. But which one?

Kelly’s steamy adventures are told in graphic detail and include exhibitionism, female bisexuality, pubic sex, group sex, anal sex, toys, forced rimming, submission and domination, a transgender playmate, and an introduction into swinging.

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Halloween was one of Kelly’s favorite times as a child. Wearing weird costumes and running from house to house for candy was always fun. Now that Kelly is older she still enjoys Halloween, but her trick or treating has moved into the adult world. This year there is a Halloween costume contest and party at her and Wendy’s favorite western bar, the Wrangler.

A couple days before Halloween, Kelly and Wendy head to the big Halloween store to look for costumes. They want something sexy and decide on two part outfits. The top is a more traditional costume, but later in the evening, they can discard the top one. Under, they will both wear a French Maid costume with a low cut top. It comes with an almost see through, frilly, thong bottom. Kelly titties are barely covered. Wendy’s bigger titties are testing the strength of the fabric.

For their top costume, Wendy gets a nurses outfit. It has a short skirt and skimpy top. It is big enough to cover the French Maid’s costume under–but just barely. Kelly’s top costume is a police officer’s uniform. It is also short and revealing. It comes with a set of plastic handcuffs and a cap.

On Halloween evening, Kelly comes over to Wendy’s house to get ready. They start with a cocktail…only one. They layer their outfits on, help each other dress, and get a few feels while they are at it. They step back and look at each other. Kelly tells Wendy, “You look great, I would do you.” They both laugh. The girls are decked out for the party and ready for trick or treat.

Kelly and Wendy get to the club a little after nine…it is already packed inside. They work their way to one of the bars checking out costumes along the way. The costumes are ridiculous, and sometimes provocative. Music is playing, and the dance floor is crowded. The girls drinking plan is to have a couple drinks early then switch to soft drinks. They are always careful of their drinking when driving is concerned.

They have plenty of company from single guys looking to hook up. They all want to buy them a drink, but they stick to their drinking plan. The guys try all kinds of clever pickup lines. Wendy in her nurse uniform is asked by guys to take their temperature, give them an exam, or request a prostrate check. Kelly in her police officer’s costume gets comments on her handcuffs as well as their desire for her to arrest them. Some even ask if she is into police brutality. It is all alcohol induced banter and all in fun.

Kelly and Wendy visit and chat with several guys, before hooking up with a couple guys Wendy met before. They are with a third guy that is younger. Wendy had not met, Danny, the younger guy, before. All three guys are in the same cowboy outfits they wear at the western bar normally.

Danny is the designated driver, while the other guys got themselves toasted. Before eleven o’clock, the two guys Wendy had met before are sloppy drunk. The girls dance with the three guys. Danny is quiet and easy going, while his buddies try to feel up the girls any chance they get. The girls were looking for excitement, but other than Danny, they did not think the others are going to be worth much. Danny is on the shorter side and cute rather than handsome. His greatest quality is his easy manner, his shyness, and the fact that he is sober.

It is time for the girls to slip off their outer costumes, revealing their erotic outfits underneath. The guys all love it. Wendy feels each guy’s bulge in his pants to check how much they enjoy the skimpy costumes. Danny is the only guy with a firm boner. One of the other guys is medium hard. The third guy is so wasted he could not get it up on a bet. They stick it out a little longer. What started as a five-some possibility is now down to the girls and the designated driver.

Wendy suggests, “Danny why don’t you take the other two guys home. Then come back to the bar. We will be here waiting for you and reward you for staying sober.”

“That is the best offer I have had in a long time.” Danny gathers up his friends and their belongings, herding them to the car.

Danny gets them home somehow. Even though he is gone almost an hour the girls are waiting for him, as they promised. Danny was lucky the other guys did not live far from the bar.

“Mission accomplished,” he announces to them.

The girls each give Danny a hug. Wendy tells him, “We should go to my house…it is the closest.” The girls put back on their nurse and police officer costumes and get their coats. All three of them head for the cars. It is only a few blocks to Wendy’s house. Danny follows close behind. He does not want to miss this opportunity with two hot gals.

Once home the girls fix Danny a not too strong drink and themselves a hefty one. There will be no more driving for them this night, except to drive Danny wild. They still have their nurse and police officer outfits on. They are all in the living room.

Kelly goes up to Danny. “Sir, I’m placing you under arrest; anything you say will be held against you.”


“Very funny sir, this is serious business.” Kelly tries to stay in character, as she removes the play handcuffs from her belt. They are made of flimsy plastic but do snap around his wrists.

“Sorry officer!” Danny stands in front of the girls, still fully clothed in his cowboy costume. He is handcuffed in the front.

“Before you’re booked, we need to have you examined.” The police officer and the nurse, begin disrobing him. They have to remove the handcuffs for a short time to get his shirt off, but soon he is back in the cuffs, standing fully naked. His hard cock points at the ceiling.

The nurse begins checking him over. She inspects his cock and rolls his nuts in her hand. She holds one of his balls at a time and asks him to cough, like giving him a hernia examination.

“That looks normal, now turn around and bend over that chair; I need to inspect your ass.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Danny follows his instructions, bending over with his ass crack pointed right at the girls. His cock is at maximum hardness. While the nurse is inspecting the crack of his ass and his asshole, the police officer got a bottle of lube from the bedroom. The nurse drips lube down the crack of his ass and coats her index finger.

“I’m going to check your asshole. I need to make sure you’re not smuggling anything into the jail.” Wendy can barely keep from laughing, as she slides her finger up his ass.

Danny quivers and moans, while the nurse fucks him in the ass with her finger.

“That looks fine back here. You can turn around!” He obeys her directions. “Now all we have left to do is get a semen sample.” Danny whimpers and cannot wait to give them a sample. They re-handcuff him with his hands behind his back. Kelly and Wendy remove what is left of their costumes. They begin taking turns sucking his cock with him standing and cuffed.

They do not suck him too long for fear of getting their semen sample too early.

Wendy bends over the chair with her ass and pussy visible. Kelly puts lube on Wendy’s pussy while Danny watches. Then lubes his cock and pulls him toward Wendy’s pussy. He is still cuffed; Kelly guides his cock into her opening.

“Now fuck her!” Danny fucks Wendy’s pussy standing and cuffed. Kelly makes sure they are lined up.

This is fun but not easy. They release the handcuffs then escort Danny back to the bedroom. The girls lie side by side on the bed. Wendy instructs him, “We want you to fuck us both. Pace yourself, so you do not come too quickly.” Wendy knows he is not going to be able to last long. “Give Kelly a few stokes first and then it will be my turn.”

Danny does pretty well giving Kelly a nice but short fucking. He is struggling not to come. It is Wendy’s turn. He can barely keep going without shooting. He has to slow down to make it. He manages to give Wendy a few strokes also, and then moves to Kelly’s pussy again. He knows he is a goner. He can never last more than a few strokes. He is right, shooting between the third and fourth. He pumps Kelly’s pussy full of his semen sample.

They let him rest for a short time, after he withdraws his cock from Kelly. Wendy needs to test the sample. She puts her tongue into Kelly’s wet, cum filled pussy. Wendy is in heaven, eating pussy and cum at the same time. She does not say anything. Danny figures his semen sample must have been acceptable.

It is after one in the morning by the time Danny leaves. When he leaves, the girls eat each other and get their pussies off while sharing Wendy’s vibrators.

One last drink and Kelly spends the night in bed with Wendy.


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