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What Lola Wants by Robin Bond

One day Lola announces to her husband that she will have sex with as many men as she pleases, while he’ll remain faithful to her. She will provide him with detailed descriptions of the action, maybe even a photo or video. Occasionally, he’ll be allowed to watch. Desperately in love with Lola, he concedes all her stipulations, but as Lola expands her sexual activities, she tightens the restrictions on him. Forbidden to penetrate her, he becomes acutely jealous. Yet, at the same time the thought of other men with his wife excites him. It’s not just the sex, but the increasing emotional nature of her encounters. The intimacy she achieves with her lovers torments him, and he is aroused to a kind of frenzy. Soon Lola is experimenting with new kinds of sex, including prostitution and BDSM, in which she dominates men or is dominated by women. More and more she enjoys the game of both feeding and restraining her husband’s jealousy and desire, as he descends deeper into cuckoldry. Where will it end? Voyeurism, forced bi, anal, threesomes, foursomes, femdom, male submission, spanking, bondage, prostitution and gang-bangs.

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Eventually Friday night arrived. She kept me downstairs for Barry’s arrival. I guess she decided it was time for us to meet. He was a guy about my age, good-looking in a conventional way. I think both of us found it awkward, but we all had a drink together and made small talk. He was never going to be a close friend, I was certain of that, but there was no reason not to be amicable.

Then Lola stood up. “Time for fun,” she said. She took Barry by the hand and led him out of the room, beckoning me to follow. We went up the stairs and into the bedroom. I was nervous, and shy, but looking forward to what was going to happen. As well as the obvious erotic appeal (and I’ve always been a voyeur), I was curious to see what she would do with another man. Would she make love to him the same way, suck his cock the same way, want him to take up the positions I did? What would she want him to do to her exactly? When she came would it be the same as it was with me?

She placed a chair next to the bed, then told me to get my clothes off. I felt very self-conscious undressing in front of Barry, and my cock remained flaccid. She told me to sit down and once again she handcuffed my hands behind my back. Then she turned to Barry. She embraced him, putting her arms around his neck, pressing her body up against him. Now my cock started to respond. She was rubbing up against him with her belly; I was sure he was hard by now. And she was kissing him deep; I could tell from the sounds that her tongue was down his throat.

Barry was undressing her, unzipping her dress, easing it down over her hips. Underneath she had some sexy red underwear I hadn’t seen before; she must have bought it especially for him. He reached round her back and unhooked her bra, then reached up one of his hands and squeezed her breasts, one by one. She had told me once that when younger she had wished for larger breasts. She said that was what men liked, wasn’t it? And I told her not at all, many men liked them quite firm and neat, and some men even liked them really small. Even me, I said. In fact, hers weren’t small, to my mind they were perfect, well-shaped, high and tight, the nipples brown and, when erect, as hard as nuts.

She broke away from him and sat on the bed to take off her stockings. He watched, and so did I. There are few things more erotic than seeing a beautiful woman taking off her stockings. I was always fascinated by the unhooking of the suspenders, the taking off of the belt, the rolling of the stockings down, over the thighs, over the knees, pulling them right off. Then she stood up to remove her knickers, slipping them down over her hips and letting them fall to the floor.

She stepped toward Barry, who was still dressed. She knelt and unzipped him, then, reaching inside, drew out his cock. I watched with fascination and lust as she took him in her mouth, pulling back the foreskin then wrapping her lips round the head before sliding the shaft right to the back of her throat. She’d sucked my cock many times, but this was different. She’d never taken my cock in that far. I’d several times asked her to try, but always it made her gag, even though the size of my cock is in no way out of the ordinary. Yet here she was with Barry, whose cock, though not enormous, was definitely longer than mine, and his cock had completely disappeared into her mouth. I realised she had been practising on her own, maybe with a dildo, or with some of her lovers. Either way, she had got it down to a fine art, it seemed, and with no help from me. I was jealous; of course I was.

As the cock went in and out of her throat she was making slurping noises and I could see the huge amount of saliva that was being generated. It seemed as though Barry was getting a real taste for it, because he rearranged her so that she was lying face-up across the bed with her head over the edge. That way, he could get even further down her throat. Some of the time she was half choking, but he held her head in place and only let her have air when he chose. Sometimes she wriggled a bit, desperate to breathe, but it didn’t look as if she was protesting, just being stretched to her limit. My cock was hammering, by which I mean that though no one was touching it I could feel it twitching, and I looked down and could see that this was in time with my heartbeats.

Because of the way she had been placed and where he was standing, if she managed to turn her head just a little way she could see me. I suddenly realised that as the cock once again was pushed down her throat, she was staring at me. There wasn’t any expression on her face except one of complete passivity. It was as if she was saying, here I am, this is what I let him do to me, what do you think?

At last Barry pulled out. He hadn’t ejaculated, though with all the saliva it looked almost as if he had. Instead, he rearranged her again, just as if she were a doll, a sex toy there to be used. He had her on all fours, her head pressed into the bed covers, her ass raised, her thighs open. He slid his cock into her cunt carefully, went slowly in and out a few times, then stepped up the tempo. She groaned. Soon he was banging against her ass, his balls slapping on her, his cock driving in as deep as he could get. Again, I could see her face. It had an expression of rapture. I don’t think I had ever seen her quite like that. For one thing, she was never that submissive with me, just kneeling there, opened up, ready to be used. The fucking went on for an impressively long time; I think I would have cum long before he did. But at last, with an oath, his hips shook as he discharged himself into her. He withdrew and then, to my surprise, he looked at me and smiled, as if to say, what do you think of that? I just fucked your wife. And then he turned her so that her bottom was right opposite me and he pulled her knees even further apart, so that I could see his semen oozing out of her.

After a while he slapped her bottom and she squealed and moved away. She got off the bed and came to me. She stood in front of me, rubbing her cunt in a lewd gesture. “You’re going to clean me up now,” she said. I could see the semen was still oozing from her cunt. “On your knees,” she said.

I got down on the floor and began to lap at her cunt, letting the semen slide off my tongue to the back of my mouth. “Swallow it,” she said. “Make sure you lick it all out. He wants it to taste clean. He doesn’t want a soiled whore with a leaking cunt.”

I did my best, not just licking her cunt but sucking on it. At last she pushed me away. “He’s going to give me my pleasure now,” she said. “But you aren’t going to see that. We need some privacy.”

She unlocked the cuffs and indicated I should stand up. She put out her hand and squeezed my cock, still rigid. Then she kissed my cheek. “You’re a good boy,” she said. “Go to the spare room and sleep now. No touching. I’ll see you in the morning.”



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