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What Lola Wants by Robin Bond

One day Lola announces to her husband that she will have sex with as many men as she pleases, while he’ll remain faithful to her. She will provide him with detailed descriptions of the action, maybe even a photo or video. Occasionally, he’ll be allowed to watch. Desperately in love with Lola, he concedes all her stipulations, but as Lola expands her sexual activities, she tightens the restrictions on him. Forbidden to penetrate her, he becomes acutely jealous. Yet, at the same time the thought of other men with his wife excites him. It’s not just the sex, but the increasing emotional nature of her encounters. The intimacy she achieves with her lovers torments him, and he is aroused to a kind of frenzy. Soon Lola is experimenting with new kinds of sex, including prostitution and BDSM, in which she dominates men or is dominated by women. More and more she enjoys the game of both feeding and restraining her husband’s jealousy and desire, as he descends deeper into cuckoldry. Where will it end? Voyeurism, forced bi, anal, threesomes, foursomes, femdom, male submission, spanking, bondage, prostitution and gang-bangs.

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