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Maid To Order: BDSM Erotica by Lizbeth Dusseau

Miles Hitchcock’s plans for hiring the “perfect’ maid go awry, when instead of the blonde Romanian beauty he ordered off the Internet, a bedraggled brunette waif lands on the doorstep of his Alabama plantation house. He’s ready to send Daniela back to Slovenia. But she’s not about to give up her dream of working for a handsome, wealthy American. To get there she’s been forced to strip, interrogated, videotaped and used by sleazy flesh peddlers. She begs the man to keep her and although Miles agrees to let her stay, he plans to blow her out fast, demanding that she clean house naked and submit to hard corporal punishment for her mistakes.
To Miles’ amazement, the sexy Daniela is a natural submissive with a kinky streak that rivals his own. As her lust blooms under her master’s command, his demands on her get rougher and more sexual. When he sets her up as the prize in a game of kinky strip poker, Daniela can’t help her hungry body’s greedy response to the crude gangbang and punishing pain that follows. But being Miles’ whore unsettles the naïve Daniela. She wants Miles, and Miles alone, as her lover and sexual master.
When Miles’ estranged wife, the sensuous blonde siren Jessica, enters the mix, sparks really start to fly. She befriends the bewildered Daniela, giving sage advice that infuriates her husband. Confused by her place in her master’s life, the maid impulsively runs off ” straight into the arms of two backwoods boys, who use her hard and then convince her to steal from her master. Miles learns of her thieving, throws her out, and a sobbing Daniela turns to Jessica to intervene on her behalf. Yes, Miles may give his maid another chance, but only if Jessica is willing to submit to a night of savage and humiliating abuse. The rarely bested Jessica is forced to make a tough choice. If she does her husband’s bidding will it destroy her budding relationship with the gruff recluse Harry Sontag? More than ever she wants ” and needs ” this unyielding Dom to take control of her shamelessly promiscuous life.
Titillating scenes of S&M sex abound in a compelling story filled with deliciously kinky characters. From graphic slave training, spanking and public exhibitions … to humiliation, forced sex, fisting, gangbangs, bondage, and hard anal, this novel truly sizzles!
Lancelot Knight: A prolific novelist, Lizbeth Dusseau has really outdone herself with this book. Maid To Order is a superb novel of bondage and submission. At times the novel rises to the level of sheer poetry. I can’t recall reading a finer novel in the past year or more! A novel for both men and women, dominants and submissives, it will provide a thrill for all! Were Dusseau to write in any other genre than erotica, she would undoubtedly be winning awards. As it is we’re fortunate to be able to read such fine efforts as Maid To Order.
Back to Bagdad: This is an erotic masterpiece of interwoven stories and complex characters whose closets have many skeletons. Strip poker parties with a twist. Two men at a time to satisfy. Housecleaning in the buff (a voyeuristic delight). And at times, extreme punishment. Sensual, attractive women who learned to enjoy suffering and jaded men who enjoy providing it. This story will arouse you and entertain you, like an X-rated movie with a good, interesting plot.

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