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Sentenced to Heaven by Lance Edwards

Sentenced to Heaven centers on Rachel Blaine, a badly damaged rape victim, prison guard and ex-military torturer who avenges her violation by abusing deserving convicts. Alex Downing is the pampered scion whose equally unpunished DWI immolates her husband and baby girl. Filled with murderous outrage and suicidal guilt respectively, the two collude in Alex’ abduction with the intent to correct such corruption. While his parents are pulling strings to spare their heir scramble to find him, the embittered interrogation expert begins fulfilling their pact to torture the repentant baby-killer to death. So begins an extremely kinky, exceedingly unlikely, unbelievably redeeming love story.

This celebration of female domination explores bondage, torture, orgasm policing and pegging.

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The look on their faces was always priceless. This time was no anomaly.

Young Alex gaped at her as if he’d never heard of pegging – or of what happened to men imprisoned, particularly those young and vulnerable, most particularly long-haired, clear-skinned, attractive-looking white boys from privileged upbringings.

Naïve eyes wide, she saw a decade of swaggering macho posturing and locker room indoctrination recoiling in existential distress.

Nothing could be more threatening to one’s unsophisticated ideas about manliness than being fucked in the ass. The act spawned a million metaphors for emasculation. Despite his avowed need to suffer under and be dominated by her, and his ungovernable lust for sexual contact with her, it was clear this was a sanction Alex hadn’t considered despite its inevitability. Involuntarily he struggled with his bonds a moment as his face crumpled and those always honest eyes pleaded with her to spare him.

Seeing her relishing grin spread wider, the boy fought to master both upbringing and instinct. It was really quite fascinating (and again, impressive) to watch.

From horrified denial and beseeching his expression went tremulous with recognition of necessity. Acknowledgement of his infinite obligation to her led to miserable acceptance. This was followed by a hardening of the will to endure a torture in some ways worse than any he’d imagined submitting to.

Oh how unfortunately admirable!

Once again young Alex was depriving her of so much she’d been looking forward to.

For over a year Rachel had fantasized about terrifying and traumatizing her unwilling bitch, reveling in his gibbering refusal. She’d wanted to ruthlessly suppress a hopeless rebellion and perform a pitiless assault that emotionally shattered, physically brutalized and deliciously degraded her contemptible enemy.

Now she could only enjoy the last two. And once again she had to admit that he really wasn’t so contemptible. He was brave enough to accept anathema in the name of his conviction. Rachel doubted she even needed the restraints she was keeping him in. Even in the face of this ultimate nightmare he would probably choose to stay and submit rather than freely leave.

In an odd way this rather compensated for the loss of her sadistic sport.

Rachel was still immensely turned on by the prospect of pegging this virginal young buck – it had been way too long, and unfulfilling before that. But this lustful exhilaration felt more wholesome. Alex being brave about it made this more like the thrill of topping her lost husband than the fury of showing some troublemaking convict who it was that ran the show. Both had their zeal-filled appeal of course. Yet for some reason Rachel suddenly found the former more attractive, despite the fact that no prisoner had ever been as deserving of the latter.

Perhaps this was because she’d never lacked for satisfaction when furiously brutalizing some lowlife scum. Her consensual adventures had been more troublesome.

Appropriate as it would be to simply viciously hate-fuck the shit out of this boy, unfulfilled yearnings for something more sublime seemed to be at work in her. Though she grinned with wicked intent at her bitch-to-be, Rachel actually heard herself reassuring him.

“What’s the matter, my tender virgin? Never been with an older woman? Afraid I’ll maybe turn you gay? Or have you never heard what happens to naïve young boy-meat behind bars?

“Tut-tut young son! They’d fight over your cherry like hyenas after prime rib on my old cellblock. At least here you only need to satisfy me. Though as I warned you I’m the voracious sort – kind of like a jungle cat in heat myself you know. And boy, does this lioness have a hard-on for you!”

Rachel stroked her big prick. She waggled the butt against her clit, which felt like a little pebble. Twisting his neck uncomfortably in the stocks, Alex at last raised his gaze from his sexual destiny to meet her eager regard. Terrified tears shimmered in his eyes, magnifying those engaging blue irises. Yet neither tears nor gaze fell.

“I live to serve you, Goddess. Do whatever you must to me, whatever I deserve. I won’t resist. If this is what gets you off, I’m honored by the…indignity. I owe you any iota of pleasure you can garner, so go ahead and take it.”

“Well spoken, boy!”

Rachel smiled, not even minding that those eyes lingered on her breasts a moment before jerking away as though burned.

She actually wanted to see that chagrined thing of his rising to salute her again, heaven help her. She couldn’t believe she’d stroked it. Even using a bottle of baby oil to lube up for the fun, she was more generous with this than prudence required.

Moving around behind her still dread-filled slave, her delicious new bitch-for-life, Rachel stroked the trembling from his coltish flanks. She fondled his perfect young buttocks. Squeezing these appreciatively, she shushed a sob as she pried them wide. And though earlier she’d gloried in the knowledge that she need not be accommodating, Rachel remained unexplainably gentle as she used her glans and shaft to rub some oil into his opening. She mustn’t tear him up too much. But then puckering piteously or not, she could resist her little bitch no longer.

All the illimitable passion for this act her rape had inspired in her rose up raging. Though a healthy lust had happily replaced hate as her motivator, the sadistic thrill was as irresistible as ever. Aligning herself with breathless estrus, Goddess Rachel pressed forward, indenting Alex. Then with a primal shriek worthy of any feline in heat she began ramming her way in.


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