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Making the Sissy by R. R. Green

David has put his foot in his mouth telling Mia that cleaning house is easy, that it’s sissy work. As he inserts his foot even deeper, Mia makes the most of it. Cajoling him into accepting a bet to clean house, she holds up a pair of her panties for him to wear. Why not? It’s ‘sissy work’, after all!

When Mia observes David’s obvious arousal at being clad in her panties, she likes what she sees. Not only that, she discovers that the power and control she feels is an intoxicating aphrodisiac, and she’s not about to let it go. Researching online, she joins a chat group of like-minded women. The more she explores the subject, the more she likes the idea of having David as her submissive sissy. Taking the advice of a newfound mentor, Jo, Mia introduces chastity into their play, and increases the levels of humiliating control and feminization. She moves on to experiment with pain and pleasure.

In time, David comes to accept his new role, as Mia transforms him into Davina, her French maid. When she introduces Davina to Jo and Jo’s slave, she ups ante even more. Eventually, he crosses the Rubicon, fellating Jo’s slave on Mia’s demand. With each new step, he falls further under Mia’s control. And as her demands on him increase, it seems clear that he’ll do anything for her.

Anything? Become her slave? Be owned outright? Consent to being marked by his demanding mistress? Seems Mia is on the road to a life of bliss with David at her beck and call. But will he find as much bliss in serving her as she finds in being served?

Includes Femdom, sissification, cross-dressing, bondage, spanking, caning, slavery, m/m, and lesbian play.

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When he entered the room, he was gobsmacked. Wearing nothing more than a skin-colored body suit and some subtle make-up, she beckoned him over, her finger giving direction as her expression added context with that ‘come hither’ look that she had perfected so well. He hardly knew where to look. His eyes darted from her face to her breasts, cupped perfectly by the snug fitting garment, then down to her freshly shaved mound. The satin material hugged it, exposing nothing yet leaving little to the imagination.

“Aren’t you a little over-dressed,” she said with a pout. What we did last night has been playing on my mind all day. The look of your hot sissy body framed in my sexy panties, your cock trying to break free, I thought you might be interested in exploring further.”

David couldn’t get his clothes off quickly enough and moments later he was on the bed beside her. She moved back from him, putting her hand out to keep him from getting any closer. “Slow down a bit, tiger. We’ve got as long as it takes,” she said lifting her knee to give him a clear view of her mound. “I thought we might inject a little play into our love making, maybe a little bit of bondage and restraint,” she added, reaching to grasp his rapidly growing cock.

“Oh yes. I’d be happy to tie you up. Have my way with you, helpless to resist.”

“Well, it wasn’t me I was thinking about. You are already strong enough to take what you want from me. I was thinking of evening things up a little. Have you ever been handcuffed?”

“Well, no, but where are we going to get a pair of handcuffs from?”

Mia reached down beside the bed and held up the clejuso cuffs. “I have been doing some shopping. What do you think? Have a look.”

David took the heavy cuffs and studied them before slipping one over one wrist and allowing it to close. The steel was cold, unforgiving, yet strangely comfortable and he quickly realized there was no way of removing it.

Mia felt a flush of pure arousal as she heard the ratchet lock click shut, confirming he was trapped. She reached over and inserted his unresisting wrist into the other one and flipped the lock over. She looked into his eyes as she squeezed the cuff closed, every click of the lock sending another little buzz through her body. She smiled to see his cock standing rigidly out from his body.

“Now, roll onto your back.”

As he complied, Mia produced a length of rope, looped it around the link between the cuffs and pulled his arms up over his head, tying it off to the rail of their bed head. She stepped back to admire her work. “Fuck, that looks hot,” she almost purred before bending over to take David’s turgid cock into her mouth, sliding it down her throat before slipping it back out, leaving it glistening with her saliva. “So fucking hot, my little sissy slut.”

A deep moan escaped his lips. “Don’t stop, Babe. That feels so good,” he said as he struggled in vain to free his wrists.

She sat on the edge of the bed and looked deep into his eyes as she played with his nipples, teasing them, flicking them, licking them. “And remember how you wanted me to shave my pussy? Well, I’m now as smooth as the day I was born. I think you need to join me.”

“Ooh, let me see.”

“Oh no. That is going to be a privilege you must earn from now on. Don’t worry, I have no doubt you will see it soon enough.”

As she left the room, David tested the cuffs, confirming he was not getting free until Mia decided. He also noted that his erection had not subsided at all. In fact, the more he fought his bonds, the harder it seemed to get.

When she returned, Mia was carrying a bowl of hot water, a washcloth, shaving brush, scissors and razor and soap.

“I – I’m not sure about this,” David said, his voice a higher pitch than normal, the uncertainty clear.

“I don’t recall giving you a choice. You wanted me to be clean shaven, so it’s only fair that my sissy is the same, don’t you think? Ladies and their sissies need to be alike.”



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