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Man Management, Femdom by Taz Montoya

Caroline is an independent woman working in a high pressure role. She likes to flirt and have fun, but what she really likes is getting all dressed up and then teasing her shy husband Joe into loud and rowdy sex. Lately though, with her free spirit and creative sparkle dulled by domesticity, she hatches a plan to re-ignite their passion. In erotically charged fantasies to remind Joe of why they fell in love, she’ll act the part of a naughty cheerleader, a stern French governess, and a strict and kinky boss. Boundaries are crossed, a darker, ever more dominant side to her sexuality arises. However, a foolish infatuation with a handsome new colleague threatens to derail her scheme, when her would-be lover feels rejected and seeks revenge for her tantalising ways. Blackmail, trickery and deceit abound as Caroline tries to manage the men in her life. Fortunately, as well as her own firm determination and desire, she has female allies to rely on for help in getting what she wants. Will the seeds of her foolish flirtation bear bitter fruit? Or can husband and wife overcome the threat and rediscover their bonds of mutual pleasure? Sexy dressing, teasing, punishment, caning, anal, oral, dildos and more.

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