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My Darling Jocelyn by Lizbeth Dusseau

Book Three of The Alexandra Series

The consummate bachelor, charming dominant and ruthless disciplinarian, Reggie, finally meets his match in Jocelyn. The sassy woman loves his mastery, yet defies him at every turn, slowly melting the ice that surrounds his loveless heart. Reggie finds that there really is a place at his side for just the right submissive woman. With lots of creative spanking action, rough discipline and Reggies fascination for the unusual in sexual exploration, the compelling dominant takes this challenging woman on the a wicked ride into the world of her fondest dreams. With lots of fiery exchanges and sizzling romance. But can a love affair between this masterful dominant and a headstrong female last?

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Revised Edition 2013

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Take off your clothes,” he said.

“My clothes, here?” she said, the second time in two days responding to such a command.

“Take off your clothes,” he repeated.

“You’re going to punish me?” she asked, finally remembering what he’d said just before he’d sent her home.

“Take off your clothes,” he repeated, the third time he spoke as calmly as he had before.

And that third time shook her resolution to be angry.  Whether it was fear, or lust, or shock motivating her, she let herself calm to his calm repose.  Without really understanding what was happening to her, she was moving into his world.

Undoing the buttons on her black suit, she pulled the coat apart.  The corset remained, her breasts bouncing on top of the sturdy undergarment, then settled in against her chest.  Slipping the skirt off of her hips, it was on the floor, Jocelyn not bothering to pick it up.

“Thank you,” Reggie said.  “You can stop there.”

Her only response was silence, the only one required.

“Have you ever been caned?” he asked.

She looked at him horrified.

“Of course not,” Reggie said, remembering that she was no natural submissive.  “I saw how much you admired my cane in the display at Tahoe.  It seems only appropriate given your classic attire.”  Viewing her tightly bound body, he was pleased with how it looked.

Rising from his chair, Reggie left Jocelyn standing before his desk while he retrieved a cane from a closet on the far wall.  The long dark glimmering implement took her breath away at first glance.  It was worse yet when he whisked it through the air, and it sizzled ominously.

“It will leave marks on your ass if I want it to,” he said.

“You wouldn’t,” she blurted out.  Dozens of held back protests came down to those two words.

“You can grab your ankles, or you can rest your palms on the table,” he gave her the choice.

He saw her trepidation, her faltering poise.

“This is my world,” he reminded her.  “I could think of a host of grievances I have with you, your haughty attitude, your disobedience with the corset, your snappy tongue, to name a few.  But the fact remains, what I really want to see is you bend over with your naked ass facing me, this cane laid across your bare behind.  It’ll be my great joy to see the nasty lines etched in your skin when I’m done.”



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