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Megan’s Story by J. A. Smith

Megan is a pretty, 37 year old. Today, it is hard to believe she was not always the center of the action. She is so comfortable with cock or pussy. It is hard to conceive, she had a time in her life when it was different.

The summer before college, Megan had gotten shapely and more confident. She lost her virginity to a popular guy from high school, and had her first boyfriend. She had progressed from curious about sex to being quite good at it.

In college, Megan learned pussy pleasuring. She also used a guy, from college, for her first experience with anal sex. Megan was in charge that evening, as she will be for the rest of her life in these kinds of situations.

Megan and a girlfriend spent a week at a swinger resort in Mexico. There was a sex party every night in a playroom behind the disco. She saw more hard cocks and more pussy, than she had seen in all the prior years of her life.

Megan really likes swinging. She likes being at a place where all the women want to lick her, and all the guys want to fuck her. Karen, a swinger she met in Cabo, took Megan to a swing club, back home. Here she entered into a world of private swing parties.

She met Steve at a private party. Megan and Steve went from strangers, to friends, to lovers in less than an hour. At another party, Steve fucks one of Megan’s friends. Megan is thinking that swinging is so cool. Her girlfriend can be screwing her boyfriend, and Megan is happy about it.

Megan enjoys group sex, exhibitionism, sex toys, bisexual pleasures, anal sex, rimming, and discovering guy bisexuality. Robin taught her about pleasuring guys. Denice taught her about pleasuring women. Karen taught her about swinging. Steve taught her about love.

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A few months after Megan and Christine met Jon and Alison, at the San Francisco swing club, they attend a summer party at Jon and Alison’s home. The invitation stated there would be other singles there as well as twenty, or more, couples.

Megan and Christine wear pretty dresses that are a little on the conservative side. They arrive, at the party, about dinnertime. Jon and Alison’s home is a beautiful, large Victorian with plenty of room for a big party.

After the dinner, Jon turns on a projection TV. He pulls down a screen. The huge screen is filled with porn. The end of the big room where the screen is located, is full of mats…covered in sheets. There are a few chairs around the mats and one gigantic sofa facing the screen. This place is set up for a fuck party. There is room for Jon, Alison, and fifty of their closest friends.

Christine goes off with the couple she met at the San Francisco swing club. Megan sees them getting undressed along with at least a dozen other couples. People are pairing off and shedding clothing. In a matter of a few minutes, half the people at the party have taken off everything.

Megan does not know anyone except Christine and the host couple. She goes to the bar to get a glass of wine. A guy at the bar is also still dressed. He is a little taller than Megan, nice looking, and probably in his forties.

The guy at the bar sees Megan coming and turns toward her. “I guess you didn’t get the undressed memo either.”

“I’m a little nervous; this is my first time here.” Megan holds out her hand. “Hi, I’m Megan.”

“It’s a pleasure, I’m Steve.” Steve releases her hand. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“A glass of white wine would be terrific. I think I would be less conspicuous with a glass in my hand.” Megan smiles and giggles a little.

“I don’t think there is any way you are going to become less noticeable. I spotted you the minute I got here.” He smiles also. Steve gets them a glass of white wine in real crystal stemware. “It’s quiet on the patio.” He holds out his hand to her; she takes it. They find a spot at a table on the patio.

“How come you are not out in the pile of naked bodies?” Megan sips her wine.

“I’m new at this too. I’m here with a girl who is recently divorced. She knows everyone and is off fooling around with someone. She will be looking for me when she runs out of partners.” Steve goes on to tell Megan this was only the third swing party he had been to. He thinks swinging is mind-boggling. He tells her he needs a little more experience, so he will be less nervous.

They finish their wine talking about themselves and getting to know one another. Steve suggests they go inside and find a safe place to watch the naughtiness. In the big room, they find seats on the sofa. It is right on the edge of the play area. They have a front row seat to the large screen porn and about thirty people having an orgy. It is an amazing, erotic scene. Megan and Steve are getting turned on from all the open sexuality.

Steve turns toward her. “I really like your dress, Megan; there’s only one way your dress could look better.”

Megan is surprised that Steve does not think her dress is perfect. “Really? how?”

“It would look better if it were draped over the back of that chair…over there.” Steve points to a chair in the corner of the big room.

Megan looks at the chair, then back at Steve. “I thought you were inexperienced?”

“I am inexperienced, but I have found dumb humor goes a long way.” Steve has a very nice smile.

Megan stands up and takes his hand. She leads him to the chair he had pointed out. She tells him, “I’ll take my clothes off, if you will.”

In record time, Steve pulls his shirt off, kicks his shoes off, gets his pants down, and stands with only a designer pair of thong underwear on. His hard cock has distorted the front of the thong. The room is still full of people fucking and having other forms of sex. Megan and Steve do not even know they are there any longer.

Megan looks at the bulge in his tiny shorts. “It looks like you dressed properly for a swinger’s party.” She slips her dress over her head and carefully places it on the back of the chair. “Is that better?”

“Yes, it is!”

Megan has nothing on under. She walks the couple of steps between them and puts her arms around him. She kisses him while she pushes her titties into his chest and rubs his back with her hands. Her hands drop down to his exposed ass cheeks.

She backs up a step. “I love your underwear.” She pauses a second. “There is only one way they could look better.”

Steve does not say anything. A small grin starts on his face.

“If they were draped over my dress on the chair.” Megan is in full smile, as she puts her thumbs through the waistband of his shorts, pulls them down, and puts them on the chair. Steve’s cock is pointed right at her.

They embrace and kiss again. Steve takes her hand and leads her to an open spot in the corner of the play area. Megan kneels down; Steve does also. They kiss again while still on their knees. One more kiss, and he lays her back. Megan is so at ease with him; all the nervousness is long gone. She spreads her legs wide.

Steve is still on his knees between her legs. He bends forward and puts his tongue right on her pussy. Megan flinches at the touch. He gently licks her pussy lips and clit. He lets the tip of his tongue slip between the lips occasionally. Megan cannot remember a guy licking her pussy this softly and putting just the right amount of pressure on her clit. Megan is thinking, this guy licks pussy as good as a girl.

If he kept going with his tongue on her pussy, she would have an orgasm. Steve stops licking her pussy. He reaches over for some nearby lube. He puts some on her pussy lips and some on his cock. Megan knows what is coming; she cannot wait. Steve moves up her body until his tongue is on her neck, and his cock is at her pussy. Megan feels his cock pushing against her opening and his lips nibbling at her neck.

Steve moves his mouth to kiss her. As she kisses him, she feels his cock pushing more firmly against her pussy. She is wet enough for him. She feels the head of his cock slip in. He is still kissing her and moving his hips. His cock slides in farther. Steve does not rush it, a little more cock on each soft stroke. Megan is breathing fast and shallow. His cock feels great. It is moving her pussy toward orgasm. She can feel herself getting closer to coming.

She has all of him. Steve is fucking Megan is full deep strokes. They have completely forgotten the mob of people near them. This is only the two of them…no one else exists. A few more strokes and Megan begins to climax. It is a strong orgasm. A few seconds later Steve moans and shoots cum deep into her. They rock in passion a minute or more, before collapsing together on the mat. The people near them had stopped what they were doing to watch them.

Megan tells him, “I hope I didn’t squirt too much. Sorry, I never got around to warning you.”

“I love it. It means you had a good time.” Steve waits a second then adds, “That was fantastic Megan.”

“Fantastic is an understatement.” Megan sits up. “It was the best…ever.”

Megan and Steve spent the rest of the evening together. They talked, laughed, had wine, and fucked again. Megan has had many male friends and lovers, but this was different. She wondered, can this be the guy? Megan was not sure if Steve was the right guy for her. She was totally sure she wanted to get to know him better.

When Christine finally met up with Megan, late in the evening, Christine looked at her. “You Ok Megan, you look all glassy eyed…something wrong?”

Megan just smiled.


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