Megan’s Story – ebook


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Megan’s Story by J. A. Smith

Megan is a pretty, 37 year old. Today, it is hard to believe she was not always the center of the action. She is so comfortable with cock or pussy. It is hard to conceive, she had a time in her life when it was different.

The summer before college, Megan had gotten shapely and more confident. She lost her virginity to a popular guy from high school, and had her first boyfriend. She had progressed from curious about sex to being quite good at it.

In college, Megan learned pussy pleasuring. She also used a guy, from college, for her first experience with anal sex. Megan was in charge that evening, as she will be for the rest of her life in these kinds of situations.

Megan and a girlfriend spent a week at a swinger resort in Mexico. There was a sex party every night in a playroom behind the disco. She saw more hard cocks and more pussy, than she had seen in all the prior years of her life.

Megan really likes swinging. She likes being at a place where all the women want to lick her, and all the guys want to fuck her. Karen, a swinger she met in Cabo, took Megan to a swing club, back home. Here she entered into a world of private swing parties.

She met Steve at a private party. Megan and Steve went from strangers, to friends, to lovers in less than an hour. At another party, Steve fucks one of Megan?s friends. Megan is thinking that swinging is so cool. Her girlfriend can be screwing her boyfriend, and Megan is happy about it.

Megan enjoys group sex, exhibitionism, sex toys, bisexual pleasures, anal sex, rimming, and discovering guy bisexuality. Robin taught her about pleasuring guys. Denice taught her about pleasuring women. Karen taught her about swinging. Steve taught her about love.



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