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Miss Management by Taz Montoya

A companion piece to ‘Man Management’.

Caroline likes to be in control at work, at home and especially in the bedroom. When it comes to sex with her mild mannered husband Joe, she definitely calls the shots. Whether she’s pretending to be a customs officer conducting an intimate search or teasing him with a game of naked hide and seek, or just telling him naughty stories, Caroline makes sure their love life is fun, foul-mouthed and properly dirty.

However, things are turned upside down after her brother Harry and his wife Lizzy are forced to move in with them. Initially Caroline is sympathetic, but soon the new houseguests begin to test her patience. Lizzy is lazy, nosy and appears to be intent on seducing Joe. Harry buries himself in his work and makes no effort to find a new place to live or keep his wife in check. When strange men start turning up at the house and Caroline finds out that Harry has been lying to her, it’s time to take action.

With help and inspiration from her uninhibited, exhibitionist friend Mary, Caroline discovers the truth behind the lies and uncovers Lizzy’s secret submissive nature.

Now Caroline needs to use all her powers of sexual creativity to keep Joe focused on her. She must persuade Harry that a ‘strict approach’ is what Lizzy requires. Meanwhile needs to show Lizzy that a strong woman must demand what she really wants, even if what she wants is to be treated like a bad girl!

By helping her sister-in-law realise her fantasies, Caroline finds herself opening the door to new areas of experimentation for everyone.

Female domination, Pegging, Corporal Punishment, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Bondage, Blindfolds, Anal play, Male domination.

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“Now what do we have here?” She held up an opaque plastic talc bottle. Shaking out a few grains, Caroline dabbed a wetted finger into the powder and sucked it off. “Cocaine!” she announced dramatically. In fact it was icing sugar that she’d put in the bottle earlier.

She leapt around the desk and pushed Joe against the door, spinning him and quickly pulling his arms back, to handcuff him. She kicked his legs wide apart, forcing him to lean his face and chest against the door to support himself.

Before he’d even had a chance to catch his breath, her hands began sliding up his left calf. He looked down. Ms Burrows was squatting, her long legs exposed as her short skirt rode up her thighs. She worked her way up his leg and then leant forward, pressing her breasts against the back of his thigh and her face to his buttock. She reached up between his legs and stroked firmly, her fingers mapping the outline of his cock. After a few seconds she dipped down to his right ankle and continued the mock search. When her hand reached his growing erection this time, he felt a sharp nip as she sank her teeth into his bum cheek. Joe flinched. His cock grew harder still.

Next her hands were under his jacket, feeling his strong back, under his arms and round to his firm belly. As she began to pull roughly at his shirt, untucking it all the way around, she ground her hips against him. Fumbling to undo his belt she drove her hands inside the waistband and started wanking his cock urgently, bumping and humping him from behind.

Suddenly she stopped, spun him around by his hips and stepped back. She looked wild. The hat was gone, her hair fell across her face and she was flushed with excitement and desire.

She launched herself at his neck yanking off the tie, tearing at his shirt and dragging the jacket from his shoulders. She pushed them down as far as she could until his torso was bare and the material was bunched tight around the handcuffs.

His trousers and underwear were next. She pulled them down to his ankles, leaving him practically naked and completely defenceless.

At that moment, much to Joe’s surprise, Senior Officer Burrows walked away. She perched on the edge of the desk facing him. His hard-on bobbed between them in time with the powerful beating of his heart.

“Tut, tut, Mr Slater. Drugs, pornography, women’s panties and a concealed weapon,” she said eyeing his waving flagpole. “What else might you be hiding I wonder?” There was a twinkle in her eye, her breathing slightly ragged.

Joe swallowed hard.

She undid the last few buttons on her shirt and slipped it off, dropping it onto the desk behind her. Now she was nude but for the boots and her tiny skirt. Joe gawped. She looked incredible. Even after all these years she could still make him just stop and stare. She began to touch herself as she stepped back towards Joe. She ran her hands up the sides of her breasts, pushing them together, crushing them under the heels of her palms. She gasped.

She pressed her body against him. His cock was mashed between them, standing up the full length of her belly, hot and hard. She dipped her head, flicking out her tongue to touch his nipple. She began to stroke and circle then gently sucked it between her lips. Reaching round, Caroline grabbed Joe’s butt and latched her mouth onto his nipple, sucking hard now. She swayed her torso from side to side stroking her firm tits across his skin and rubbing his throbbing cock between their bodies.

A moan of pleasure escaped Joe’s lips just as Caroline stopped moving. She fitted her teeth around his fleshy nub, biting gently. Then she pulled away biting harder. The skin stretched as she arched her back until Joe hissed a breath between gritted teeth.

She stepped away again, hands on hips looking down at her own body. Joe’s eyes followed her gaze to the wet patch of silvery pre-cum just above her navel. Without looking up she ran a finger through the sticky man-slick and slid it into her mouth, sucking her lips in to savour the taste. Joe groaned again.

Caroline unhitched the skirt and let it drop. Moving back to Joe she knelt down and pushing his legs apart as wide as his trouser shackles would allow, she shuffled forward.

“We had a guy come through here last year,” Caroline said. “Made himself a false set of genitals out of foam rubber. Quite convincing they were. Very cleverly done. Stuffed full of drugs of course. He glued the whole thing on, round his own todger.”

She stretched up with her tongue and licked the underside of his balls. The sensation made Joe tense up, so she waited for him to relax back within reach and licked him again. She repeated the move over and over, her tongue warm and soft, leaving a wet trail that burned cold on his sensitive skin.

Caroline leaned back to look Joe in the eye, just as a twitch of his cock sent a droplet of pre-cum running from the head, to drip down onto her upturned cheek. She grinned.

“He’d have been OK except he got greedy. Made it huge. My friend Molly, she’s a pretty girl, fantastic tits. Well she spots this cute guy with a big package and decides to pull him over. Thought she might get his number.”

Caroline moved back into position and coaxed one ball into her hot mouth sucking ever so gently. She rubbed the fingers of her right hand over the swollen lips of her pussy and then slid the lubricated digits between Joe’s clenched buttocks.

“He seemed nervous,” she said pressing one fingertip against his warm hole, “so now that she had good cause to search him. She decided to chance her arm and maybe get a look at his package. Anyway she gets him naked and she can’t believe her eyes.”

The top half of Caroline’s finger slipped in and out as Joe’s sphincter relaxed under her gentle massage.

“Molly’s just drooling at the sight of his fat, juicy man meat and can’t wait to get a ride on it. She takes hold, looking to work him up as big as he’ll go, but it just doesn’t feel right, and as she starts to give him a little five finger shuffle, that fucking thing comes right off in her hand!”

Senior Officer Borrows thrust deep inside and twisted, grinding her knuckle against Joe’s taut opening. She buried her nose and tongue between his balls, slurping nosily.

“Oh God!” cried Joe.

“Oh God, is right hon. That poor little girl got the shock of her life. When we got there, she was screaming in one corner with the fake junk in her hand and he’s in the other holding his groin and crying cos the glue tore half his pubes out when that thing came off. I had two male officers with me, one of whom promptly passes out.”

Caroline extricated herself and stood up. “Still, it all worked out in the end. It put her off men completely and we’ve been going out for nearly six months. I just love the way that girl tastes.” She smiled brightly, “And the other good thing is we have to check all the guys we stop now, to make sure everything’s genuine.” She pointed to make sure she was understood. “Down there.”

As she said this, she bent forward at the waist and captured Joe’s aching cock in her mouth. She took him deep, rocking back and forth until, sucking hard and with a loud pop, she let him go.

“Mmm,” she smiled. “That tastes like a real man’s cock to me. What do you think?” She kissed him long and hard.

Finally, she broke away to give Joe a minute to cool down. She turned him round again to face the door and walked back to the desk while they both caught their breath.

“Now we have to do one last check.”

While she was speaking Joe could hear the unmistakeable squelch of lubricating gel being squeezed out of a tube. He didn’t dare look round.

The naughty Customs girl approached once more. She rubbed something hard and slick between his cheeks as she leaned close to his ear. “Don’t worry sweetie. I think you’ll do fine in prison. Especially as you like spanking and black cock. Now open wide for Momma.”

At that moment, there was a loud banging at the front door and someone frantically ringing the bell.

“Oh shit. Who the fuck is that?” cried Caroline.


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