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Naked Revelations by Lizbeth Dusseau

Lizbeth explores sexual obsession in a novel that reads like non-fiction, in a story drawn from real-life experiences and the dark fantasy that drives them. As her heroine, Kate, awakens from her sexual fears, she discovers a woman of great erotic passion, including an insatiable lust for kinky sex. She seeks a master to guide her through the murky waters of her desires and takes a tortuous path to discover one where she least expected. Kates sexual awakening takes her through the bizarre curves and avenues of the human sexual psyche, allowing her to finally find acceptance for and pleasure in a sexuality she once judged and tried to squelch. Her episodes in debauchery will titillate those who enjoy the crudest sexual fantasies, they will frighten others, and no doubt play with the sexually provoked mind long after the book has ended. Includes Male dominance, female submission, female bisexuality with some F/f, lewd, semi-public exhibitionism, voyeurism, interracial and hot sex.

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Cover Image Olga Kazakova –

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Revised Edition 2017

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