Nurse Nancy Misbehaves – ebook


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Nurse Nancy Misbehaves by Lizbeth Dusseau

Nancy has her own special cure to share with selected patients in Fairhaven Hospital. But when she is unwittingly caught on tape with her panties down, she learns that the “remedy’ for her shameless bad behavior will take her places she’s never dreamed of. Faced with losing her job”and even worse, having her daddy find out about her “night shift’ escapades”Nancy agrees to being punished before a group of kinky doctors, who have her best interests at heart”so she’s told. She soon learns that this quartet of doctors have more in mind than a simple disciplinary spanking. Their far-reaching “treatment’ will keep the misbehaving Nancy busy accommodating their peculiar sexual whims for quite some time.
Just as Nancy learns about her best friend Meg’s S&M sexual affair with Dr. Merriman, one of her own accusers, Nancy must quickly learn to experience sexual pleasure through sexual pain. This bratty slut is forced into kinky medical scenes that include bondage, clamps, intimate physical exams, enemas, and anal sex. And she can’t resist her physical response, the crude passion that comes from these shocking scenes, and one particular doctor who has caught her fancy.
It’s also her nature to resist the control these men have over her, particularly the mastermind, Dr. Lyman. But when she rebels against the arrangement, her punishment takes a dark turn, and requires an even deeper surrender. Can she hope to escape the clutches of these vile men? And is there a possibility of more than just sex from the mysterious Dr. Creighton?

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