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My Not So Loving Wife by James Grosvenor

“Tonight’s Friday and I’ll not be home until very late. I’ve left a list of the chores that require attention on your to-do-list on the fridge.”
This was becoming more and more, typical behavior. What had started out on his part as a means of showing her how much he loved her, and what she would lose if she continued seeing the other man ” she had thought he was in the dark about ” was becoming something far deeper, disturbing and, worse still, addictive”
There was something highly perverse and addictive about the way the situation had developed. Although he marveled at his response to the submission he had gradually gifted to her, he was honest enough to admit the base and unworthy pleasure an unsuspected facet of his personal make-up took from it.
Harry’s discovery of his wife’s affair with her younger and well-endowed fellow teacher makes him question his own masculinity and sows the seeds of the female led marriage that is to follow.
Includes Female domination, male submission, cuckolding, domestic discipline, oral servicing

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