Reckless Disregard


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Reckless Disregard by Lizbeth Dusseau
Spanking Erotica. She’s sassy, sexy, charming and always in trouble. Shanghaied into helping her friend with a bad debt, the plan goes sour and the pair are busted, forced to confront their husbands with their embarrassing misdeed. Instead of the simple spanking the two expect, the angry husbands turn to an old friend, Andrew Lassiter, and his disciplinary tribunal for punishing naughty wives. While Bridget earns a miserable turn over the dreaded spanking bench, Alecia is sentenced to a month of “house arrest’ at Lassiter’s estate, doing hard labor and getting her bottom paddled daily. Soon, an old flame, and a moment of reckless abandon find Bridget doing time in Lassiter’s domain, too. Includes the details of Bridget’s shocking “house arrest’ and the strict submissive training she endures to save her marriage. D/s spanking, punishment and hot sex abound!

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