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Sacrifice To The Emerald God by Paul Blades

Margie is a young American anthropologist, taking an extended honeymoon trip with her new husband, deep into the mountains of Venezuela. Early one morning, she goes to the local marketplace alone, and finds herself suddenly grabbed by the murderous bandit Diego Badoya, who’s just escaped from prison. After using Margie to slip the police, Diego takes his hostage up the river by boat. A failed attempt to escape leaves her beaten, bound and sexually assaulted by her captor. Despite the degradation she’s made to suffer, her traitorous body responds to the attack with surprising arousal. She spends days as Diegos sexual toy, kept bound and readied for repeated assaults that leave her both breathless and shamed. On reaching a rough town frequented by drug dealers and smugglers, Diego loses everything in a card game, including Margie. Now in the hands of the cool sadistic gambler Armando, her hard life continues.

Further upriver, far into the savage jungle, the sadist trades her to a primitive Indian tribe for precious emeralds. After making use of her for their own pleasure, the villagers prepare her with a potent hallucinogenic drug and leave her bound to a large statue, a sacrifice to the Green God who guards their emerald mine.

Although Margie has known astonishing sexual pleasure at the hands of these men, she still longs to be rescued, even though the memories of her previous life become more distant each day of her captivity.

Raw and savage BDSM is the centerpiece of this luckless females shocking journey into the heart of darkness. Merciless men abound, along with whipping, bondage, punishment, pain, humiliation, archaic rituals and wild sex: anal, oral, straight and lesbian.A story not for the timid reader!

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Marjorie McCall moaned with excitement as she drew her pursed lips down Tom’s thick, hard cock. She had his scrotal sack cupped in her right hand, squeezing and massaging it gently as if coaxing it to produce the salty, slightly bitter elixir that she craved. Tom, her husband of 10 days, was moaning underneath her. She was kneeling next to him, her waist at his hip and he had his right arm outstretched and was stroking her smooth, taut ass lovingly. Margie loved it when he touched her there and she received a little thrill when he dribbled his fingers along the crevasse between her sensitive, rear cheeks, pausing momentarily over her virginal nether hole.

They had been in Cotabaya for the last three days. It was an extended honeymoon. Their real honeymoon had been spent in Aruba, not that they had seen too much of the lush, Caribbean isle. Like most newlyweds, they had spent most of their time fucking like rabbits. Now they were deep into the mountains of Venezuela, combining business and pleasure as Margie, a 28 years old anthropologist from the University of Chicago, sought to make arrangements for a trip to the hinterlands of this verdant country to study some of the still largely unspoiled Indian tribes far in the interior. She had received a $750,000 grant from the Gillespie Foundation to lead a team of scholars and students far upriver next spring. While here, she and Tom had taken the opportunity to explore the surroundings of this somewhat wild, frontier town, visiting some ruins about 15 miles away, attending a local harvest festival and scouring the shops for native artifacts that they could use to decorate their new condo overlooking Lake Michigan.

Tom’s hand drifted between Margie’s thighs from behind her and she spread her legs to give him access to her burning sex. She felt his fingers push away her sparse but wild, wiry, blond pubic hair and trace the outside of her engorged labia, sending tingles of delight through her body. He then gently guided the enflamed folds aside and buried his agile fingers inside her lush, trilling canal. The thin, well formed blonde moaned as he took possession of her quim and she tightened the grasp of her lips around his stiff, hot pole.

The attractive scholar was an experienced cocksucker. During their brief courtship, she had been reticent to display to Tom her talents in this area lest he come to think of her as a wanton slut who had been around the block too many times. Over the last ten days, however, she had given Tom reason to wonder where she had developed such finely honed skills. But modern, American adults knew better than to inquire too closely into the sexual history of their mates. No one expected a vibrant, intelligent 28 year old, American woman to be a blushing bride. It was better to accept and be thankful for the fact that she knew her way around a cock and that, “spread your legs, close your eyes and think of England,” was a thing of the past.

Marjorie let her tongue slide along the thin, reddish line of smooth flesh that underscored the bulbous helmet of Tom’s cock. His hips arched and his thighs quivered as he received the heat of her tongue on his tingling glans. His right hand began to stroke and caress the hardened bud of pleasure at the apex of Marjorie’s flush cunt and the fevered woman spread her thighs wider and groaned with pleasure.

Margie wanted to time it just right. Her lusts were building steadily, both due to the amorous caresses Tom was giving her puss, and because of the thrilling sensation of having his soft textured, but rigid, fat manhood in her mouth. She always got wet when she sucked a cock. The ability to make grown men shiver and quake with pleasure conveyed to her a sense of power that made her juices flow. The taste, the smell, the feel of their meat as it filled her, sent waves of lust through her body.

The woman’s left hand was stroking Tom’s broad, muscular chest as she worked her way up and down his tool with her tight, narrow lips. She was proud of her selection of a mate. He was tall, with dark, wavy, black hair that ran wildly across his head. He had strong, masculine features and he was superbly fit from exercise and ice hockey, which he still played every Monday night with his buddies from law school. He was about ten years older than she was and had recently been named partner at the white shoe firm of Harding, Billingsgate and Wirth. They had given him a full two weeks off to celebrate his nuptials in appreciation of his litigation talents. Tom was everything she wanted, handsome, healthy, fit, successful. And he was witty and considerate as well. How he had been allowed to ripen on the shelf of bachelorhood so long she didn’t know, but their whirlwind courtship had been intense and wonderful and now, here they were, married.

The happy, love struck woman felt her passions growing towards overflowing. Tom was an able, passionate, giving lover and their lovemaking seemed to get better and better as they grew more knowledgeable about each other’s bodies and desires. His skillful caresses of her excited gash were fueling the fires of her passion. His fingers maintained a gentle, but firm rotation on her excited clit while his thumb plunged fervently deep inside her gushing hole.

“Now!” Now!” Marjorie thought excitedly as she felt herself near to crest. She plunged her mouth down hard on the lust giving cock, bringing it to the entrance of her throat and then drew her head up swiftly. Again and again her lips traversed the length of Tom’s cock, faster and faster. She gave a loud, muffled moan as she felt the tell tale tingling of her impending crisis. Tom moaned too, as his loving bride brought his orgasm closer and closer. His free, left hand took hold of Marjorie’s long, silken, blond hair and held it fast as if the need to anchor himself to his lover had overwhelmed him.

Marjorie’s efforts were soon rewarded as Tom’s cock began to jerk and convulse in her mouth. The warm, tart tasting spew soon filled her and she drank of it joyfully. The feel of the throbbing meat on her tongue and her lips was just what she needed and she felt her cunt explode in a rapid series of hard, pleasurable contractions. “Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!” she cried as Tom’s fingers rubbed frantically over her electrified clit, her voice muffled by her mouth’s lust giving contents. “Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm!” she continued, the thrill of their mutual climax overwhelming her.

Tom’s hard body, which had shuddered and twisted beneath her as he came, soon softened and melted in the afterglow of his orgasm. The hand that had been pleasuring his new wife’s fevered slit slowed and dropped away. Marjorie felt the thick wand in her mouth start to lose its firmness as the blood that had held it rigid and firm subsided. She felt a glow subsuming her body and her pussy still reverberated with the echoes of her climax as she suckled the shrinking meat, intent on drawing out every drop of Tom’s precious cum.

When she was satisfied that she had consumed it all, she let the shrunken, wrinkled meat drop from her lips. She placed her head on Tom’s firm thighs and sighed deeply.

“Oh, Gawd!” Tom moaned. “That was amazing!”


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