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Khanna the Insatiable by Sabrina Fox

Khanna is the epitome of dominant female, five-feet-eight, dazzling blue eyes, toned body and 38 DD breasts. She’s a stunning, highly sexed warrior, a woman in charge, and this is the story of her quest to avenge her family’s brutal murder. As a member of the Mitsi tribe in the south of Kalifstan, she travels north to the city of Daqan in an attempt to exact revenge on the man she holds responsible, the odious King Gregore of the Hackham tribe. Along the way, there are numerous explicit and exciting sexual adventures including serving wenches, soldiers, a randy troll, threesomes, sex with an Incubus, the taking of a farmhand’s virginity and much more. Will Khanna ever reach the evil King? Will she ever make it out of the gorgeous older woman’s bedroom? Expect plenty of sword fights and gruesome deaths along the way as Khanna encounters enemy soldiers, mythical beasts among lots of X-rated romps! Sexy hot Female domination, F/f and male surrender.

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Khanna was the epitome of a woman; she was five-foot-eight tall, with wavy brown shoulder-length hair. She had the most dazzling blue eyes, cute little pixie nose and juicy thick lips. Her shoulders and arms were well-toned, and her 38 DD breasts were firm and flawless. Her stomach was flat as a washboard, with a tiny waist and her legs long and slender. She was nicely tanned all over her body as she was no stranger to the sun.

She wore a two-piece outfit made from fur; the top was like a strip wrapped tightly around her ample tits, pushing them together, giving her an incredible cleavage. The bottom was like the tiniest of miniskirts that just about covered her modesty until she bent over. She wore a pair of furry brown boots that came up to just below the knee and around her petite waist was a black leather belt with a brown sheath attached that housed a gold-handled sword that rested against her right thigh. She lived in a land called Kalifistan, an island in the middle of the howling sea. It could be a wild, lawless place, ravaged by civil war. No one knew Khanna’s exact age, not even her, but she was around twenty-seven/twenty-eight.

She was raised in the village of Cartlu by her aunt and uncle after her parents died of the black virus when she was a baby. Cartlu was then invaded and destroyed a few years later during the old war with the north when she was still very young. Her remaining family and rest of her tribe were all brutally slaughtered in the attack, with her only surviving because her aunt had the foresight to hide her underneath her uncle’s dead body. It was from there she witnessed an axe split her aunt’s head in two.

Ever since that very day, hate and desire for revenge had grown inside her like cancer. Unable to forget and not wanting to forgive, she swore that one day she would avenge her family’s murder.

Found wandering the wastelands by the nomadic Scavenger tribe, they saved and raised her as their own, teaching her how to hunt and fight better than any man. Wanting to enhance her combat abilities, she later spent the next few years living with the Tetba monks, a religious order who lived in the mountains of Fah. There in exchange for cooking and cleaning, the monks taught her their ancient martial arts and weaponry skills. It was while at the monastery she discovered the influence her pretty face and voluptuous body had over most men, even though these monks were supposed to be celibate.

As well as teaching her the secrets of their age-old craft, Kryzer, the head monk, would give Khanna she later spent the next few years living with the Tetba monks, a religious order who lived in the mountains of Fah. There in exchange for cooking and cleaning the monks taught her their ancient martial arts and weaponry skills. It was while at the monastery, she discovered the influence her pretty face and voluptuous body had over most men, even though these monks were supposed to be celibate.

As well as teaching her the secrets of their age-old craft, Kryzer, the head monk would give Khanna ‘extra training’ every Sunday. Kryzer was a strapping six-feet and well-built with rippling muscles and a six-pack. He had jet-black hair swept back into a ponytail that reached the middle of his back, and he looked incredible for fifty-five.

Khanna would go to his quarters, where he would always answer the door naked with a rock-hard erection. His cock was cut, very thick and a good nine inches, his balls hung heavy like two eggs. Khanna always giggled when she looked down as he answered the door and saw his rigid cock greeting her, because she knew this meant she was in for some serious ‘training’. He’d cover himself in a coating of oil which emphasised his muscles and more importantly the veins in his shaft.

Once in the room, she would tease Kryzer by slowing pulling her skirt up from behind to flash her sexy ass or by pulling her top down just to the top of her nipples. The master monk would always end up jerking his big cock and begging her to undress, which eventually she always did, slowly.

Kryzer always insisted on rubbing oil onto Khanna himself, taking his time to rub it over her fantastic tits and toy with her bullet nipples. He would then rub plenty across her neat, triangle of pussy hair, and droplets of oil would flick off the individual strands as he ran his hand over her bush. It wasn’t long before Kryzer was slipping a finger in between her legs to feel how hot and wet her pussy would get. Khanna loved the way the monk would then slide one of his long fingers into her cunt and rubbed her pleasure spot with his thumb.

She never knew what an orgasm was until Kryzer had got hold of her, and the rhythmical way he used his thumb to rub her clit meant she always came within a few minutes. She’d close her eyes and throw her head back gasping little, short breaths as she came over his fingers.

He would then lay her down on fur rugs and place a silk pillow under her butt and lying on his front with his head between her legs, open her pussy lips up and bury his tongue inside her. Kryzer was a master of many things, and Khanna rated his oral ability as his most excellent skill of all. He would stay down there for hours working her clit with his long tongue, making her cum over and over. Her cries of ecstasy echoed around the corridors of the monastery, letting all the other monks know what was going on and leaving them nursing their hard-ons.

Kryzer would slide his fat cock into Khanna’s, by now, soaking wet pussy and fuck her while holding her legs up as he knelt in front of her. Watching those magnificent tits jiggle every time he slammed his cock into her, harder with each stroke. Khanna’s face would be flushed red as she reached her fifth climax in an hour and always knew Kryzer was close when he’d let go of her legs and put his hands together like he was praying. He’d withdraw his cock hands-free by bucking his hips backwards and rewarding Khanna with his load. Thick spurt after spurt of hot cum would cover her pretty bush and flat stomach, often drenching her tits too.

In those extra one-to-one training sessions, Kryzer taught Khanna more about her body than any sex manual had to offer. She keenly looked forward to every Sunday for lesson time. Any other time she had to make do with the smooth wooden dildo, she’d cleverly carved, or if she felt particularly horny, she’d sneak one of the bigger carrots out of the kitchen and frig herself with that. She needed to cum at least every other day, sometimes twice.

The privilege of been head monk meant Kryzer saw to it that no one else was allowed to indulge with his little fuck toy. It still didn’t stop the occasional monk from trying though. One particular young monk who once playfully slapped her ass while she was scrubbing the kitchen floor ended up with a broken collarbone and jaw after a rather severe reprimand from Kryzer.

Despite exclusively belonging to Kryzer the entire duration of her stay, she did enjoy teasing the other monks, especially washing and showering in the courtyard in the middle of the afternoon. The feeling of all those eyes burning into her made her pussy twinge, as she knew most of them would be jacking off watching her little show. Khanna would soap her perfect breasts paying close attention to her nipples and caress her ass cheeks as she rinsed the soapy water off. Occasionally, some of the monks wouldn’t even try to hide the fact that were spying on her. They would stand at the window with their robes pulled up above the naval, jerking their cocks so whenever she looked up, she could see they were watching her and pleasuring themselves.

This always made Khanna even hornier; she would extend the performance by making sure to clean her pussy by rubbing her wet hands between her legs. Sometimes, as many as thirty would be looking down on her from the windows, wanking at the fantasy happening below.

The reason she had gone to live with the monks in the first place was to learn enough skills to seek revenge for what happened to her family. Her whole village had been wiped out by King Gregore of the Hackham tribe, the Hackham inhabited the north of the country and viewed their southern neighbours, the Mitsi as subhuman. They had far more powerful armies, and wealth too, as most of their gold was stolen from the Mitsi, and for centuries the north and south had waged war on and off. Finally, after two years she had been taught well in every form of weaponry and martial art known to the monks. She now felt like she was ready to head north armed with this knowledge and seek retribution upon the murderous tyrant who had ordered the execution of her family.

On the morning that Khanna was due to leave, Kryzer presented her with the sword that she carries today. Pure gold-handled with an eighteen-inch razor-sharp blade. He also gave her a bag of gold and silver, as money would be essential on her long trip for food and a bed, although Khanna would hardly be short of offers for that.

Before she left, she said goodbye to Qinka, a small, fat woman who was around sixty. She was the head cook and matriarch of the monastery, but no one had ever tried to fuck her or watch her shower! She had however been very kind to Khanna during her stay. At precisely ten o’clock that morning, she set off for Daqan, the capital city and where King Gregore resided, with only revenge on her mind.

It was at least two hundred miles to the border, and she would have to take on mountains, forests and roads littered with cut-throats and desperadoes. But these would be a mere inconvenience. She walked for about five miles or so, passing many peasants and their laden donkeys on their way to market. There were fellow travellers and the occasional errand boy who would gawp in disbelief when they saw this beautiful creature coming towards them. She noticed that every boy couldn’t help but stare at her big lovely tits as they passed, and she liked that.

A few minutes later, she saw two scruffy figures approaching, staggering all over the road. As they got closer, it was apparent these pair were very drunk. Now just a few feet away, Khanna could see they were sailors’ home on shore leave. Both men were overweight and uglier than a box of frogs. The first one nudged his friend when he saw our heroine heading towards them. “Look at the tits on that,” he said, smiling a toothless grin. “Cor yea” replied his pal, “I think we should fuck the slut.”

Now Khanna loved people noticing and looking at her, but she didn’t like rude people or did she like been called a slut. “Piss off arse wipes,” she growled as she passed, putting the sailors firmly in their place. The one who called her a slut didn’t like this much and from his belt pulled a curved blunt-looking knife that in truth would have difficulty cutting butter “That’s not very nice slut,” he snarled “and just for that we’re gonna fuck you every way possible, and then cut your throat.”

Khanna stopped and looked down at the pathetic knife, “Oh really? With that?” she said, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah,” barked the other sailor who was even uglier than his mate. “Oh, I don’t think so,” grinned Khanna and for the first time drew her new shiny sword. “That ain’t gonna stop us, darling,” said fatty waving his blunt blade “and there’s two of us slut.” “Oh, we’ll see” laughed Khanna and in one foul swipe cut the sailors arm clean off at the elbow, making the knife and the drunken sailor’s hand and forearm drop to the floor in a shower of blood.

“Arrrggghh, my arm, my fucking arm,” he screamed, “look what you’ve done you, mad bitch.” This was Khanna’s first taste of real violence away from the training with the monks, and she liked it, even though in truth she’d wished he’d put up a bit more of a fight. The sailor sunk to his knees, screaming in agony, holding his blood-soaked stump as his uglier friend stumbled to the edge of the path and was sick all over the hedge. Khanna was about to put her sword back in its sheath when the sailor who had puked, wiped the vomit from his chin and picked up a large stick — holding it above his head; he charged at her yelling a rather pathetic battle-cry.

“Really?” said Khanna sidestepping the drunken oaf, who clumsily stumbled past her. As he did, she gave the back of his head a smack with the end of her swords handle. Thump! His scalp ripped open, and a flood of blood burst forth as he collapsed face down in the pool of his friend’s claret.

Khanna calmly placed her sword back in its sheath and walked on leaving both the sailors wishing they’d kept their filthy mouths shut. As she strutted away, leaving the screams of pain in the distance, she was buzzing with adrenalin that rushed through her body, making her feel extremely horny.

She tried her best to carry on her with her journey, but it was no good, she was too excited, and her pussy had got so wet she needed to do something about it. She wriggled out of her fur skirt, so it slid down her long legs and pulled her ample tits out from under her top. She reached down between her legs with her right hand and felt the wetness. Her cunt was on fire, and as soon as her fingertip parted the lips, she felt another surge of pleasure rush through her body. She stood there at the side of the road, praying that someone would come along and watch her play with herself or better still bend her over fuck her hard.

With her left hand, she tweaked her left nipple, which wasted no time in popping out, while with her right hand, frigged herself fast. God hurting bad guys felt good she thought, as the hot morning sun beat down on her near-naked body, as she finger fucked herself as hard as she could. It only took about a minute or so, as she came a shuddering orgasm that delighted all her senses.

Removing her fingers from her cunt, her pussy juice flicked onto the inside of her thighs. She sat down on the grass verge for a second to compose herself from cumming so hard, and as usual, couldn’t resist licking her fingers clean. She wiped the sweat from her brow, put her tits away by readjusting her top, and stepped back into her furry skirt, pulling it over her shapely bottom. A tightening of the sword belt and she was on her way again, feeling nicely satisfied.


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