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Horizontal Memoirs – ebook


Horizontal Memoirs by J.A. Smith

Jon (J. A. Smith) and his wife Alison have been involved in swinging for over thirty years. This unique book documents their swinging experience, their erotic adventures and the lifestyle they enjoyed, from their first chance finding of a swing club to the close relationships with the friends they have met along the way. Their adventures begin with a magazine advertisement for a swing club in a nearby city. Little do they know that the upcoming Saturday night party will be just the first of many parties and trips in the swinging/lifestyle world. This first person account of their sexual escapades includes 85 true stories, all told in explicit detail and in the language of the swinging lifestyle. From their early experiences as newbies, to swingers cruises, conventions, hotel parties, private house parties and a naughty resort in Negril, Jamaica, the accounts of their sexual journey create a steamy true-to-life picture what it’s like to dive into this unusual world. Readers learn that swinging is not a collection of one-night stands, but about trust, intimacy, openness and lasting friendships. Includes oral, anal, double penetration, orgies, bisexuality, some BDSM kink, and a comprehensive naughty words list.

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My wife and I have been swingers for more than thirty-years. Swinging with another couple has probably been happening as long as people have been having sex. Once you are in a loving relationship with your partner, conditions are right with another couple, and all the planets line up, you might take the next step to intimacy. It has happened countless times in the past. We have developed unbelievable closeness and bonds with others we have shared intimacies and nakedness with.

Our stories and adventures are not presented in chronological order. Rather they are loosely grouped by the swinger event, location, or activity. As you read about swinger places, you will find stories of our adventures. If I am talking about a swinger/lifestyle week at some resort, the stories there will either have occurred at the event or tied into that trip in some way.

The below story with Clair is a true story of a fun time we enjoyed as swingers. We would classify Clair and her husband Greg as Horizontal Friends. Horizontal Friends is a term used when talking about swingers. It is the opposite of vertical friends. We play with our horizontal friends lying down and thus the name.



We were at the home of George and Julie for dinner and playtime. Greg and Clair were also invited. After dinner, the six of us enjoyed each other in the normal swinger pile of naked bodies. Clair is a shapely, very pretty blonde. She is not a model, but she has been naked in several sexy magazines.

A little later in the evening when things were winding down, my wife, Alison, and Greg had fallen asleep on the bed. I was with Clair in front of the fireplace. The room was dimly lit with a few flickering candles and the glow from the fire. I was fucking Clair doggy style, in front of the fireplace, with George and Julie lying on their tummies watching us.

The warmth of the fire and the glow on her ass was very sexy. I did not think there was any way this could be more intimate, but I was wrong.

Clair lifted her head, and looking back at me, over her shoulder, said, “Put it in my ass.”

She did not even say please, but she was not going to need to ask me twice. I withdrew my cock from her pussy. The soft lighting from the fireplace illuminated her ass. I spread her cheeks and saw her small puckered rear hole. I doubted my thick cock would fit in it. With our friends watching, I lubed her asshole, stroked a generous amount of lube on my cock, put the head of it against her ass opening, and gently pushed. To my surprise and delight, it went right in…her ass stretched to accept me.

I gave her a few gentle strokes until my cock was all the way in, and my balls had touched her pussy lips. I was fucking her in the ass as she moaned and played with her clit. Her ass gripped my cock with each stroke; she was on the verge of coming. I was giving her an orgasm from fucking her in the ass. She loved it, and so did I. As she started to come, I went over the edge also, and we were lost in orgasmic delight.

This was the first time I had enjoyed anal sex with Clair. I would repeat the pleasure at her butt several times in the future. It was always wonderful but never as perfect as the first time in front of the fireplace…how could it have been?


* * * *


This book documents our swinging adventures and the people we met along the way. I originally planned to change names of our friends to protect the guilty. The problem was the changed name might match other swingers. Even fake names like Mortimer and Gertrude may actually be swingers somewhere. Therefore, to confuse the reader as much as possible, I have made up some names, mixed up couple’s names, and in a few cases used a real name. All in an attempt to protect the identity of the participants and keep the reader as confused, regarding identity, as much as possible.

I have been careful to conceal the identity of relatively famous people. Unfortunately, there are no movie stars, major politicians, or sports figures in these stories. I am sure there are swingers in those professions, but I have not knowingly been aware of any such participants.

We have met a few important doctors, a state assemblyman, several school principals, army special forces, airline pilots, fire & police chiefs, a participant in the Tour d’ France, many teachers, a retired secret service agent, several navy officers, a PTA official, an ex-NFL football player, a centerfold, a minister, a stripper, and a playboy bunny.

In most cases, the places and geographical locations are as stated. If I have used a fake name for a location, I will tell you so.

There is a great deal more humor in swinging than there is in normal lovemaking. Maybe humor can compensate for a little nervousness. I have found, when swinger couples are comfortable enough with each other, they enjoy a little chuckle now and then. I have included the humor in my telling of our stories.

These are stories of how swingers behave when they feel secure with one another, and they are in erotic surroundings with other nice people.


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