Serena’s Sorority Sisters: The Expanded Edition


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Serena’s Sorority Sisters: The Expanded Edition by Robin Wilde

From the author of Tabitha’s Tease and The Taming of Archer Cordell comes a blazingly hot collection of tease and denial, female domination, enforced chastity, sexy humiliation, wicked cheerleaders, seductive sorority girls, bondage, tickling, and insane amounts of sexual desperation! As just a sample, in the title story, Serena’s Sorority Sisters: Afternoon Delight, he’s naked and on his knees with a massive hard-on, while sexy Serena stands in front of him flaunting and teasing him with her delectable body. Little does he know that she’s taping their scene to show her girl friends. Each short piece in this collection sends you into another exotic world where women are on top and the men stay hard and desperate! Other stories include Corporate Takeover, Cockteasers On the Prowl, Handcuffed!, Punished Professor, the Girl Next Door, and many others. Now with 10,000 words of new material! Each short piece sends you into another exotic world where women are on top and the men stay hard and desperate! Now with 10,000 words of new material!

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I’m glad you came over today, Robin. We’ve got the house all to ourselves and we can fool around some, if you like. But remember, I’m a good girl, and we can’t go too far. That’s okay with you, isn’t it?

If it isn’t, you have to go home now. Oh? You’ll stay? Good. I thought so. Don’t worry. I won’t tease you as badly as I did last time. You were complaining about blue balls and how many times you had to jerk off. I promise I won’t let that happen again, okay?

(I won’t tease you as badly, I’ll tease you much, much worse! Now that I’ve got you here for the afternoon, you’re in for the tease of your life!)

Now why don’t you get a little comfortable? After all, if we’re going to fool around, I think that we should get rid of a few clothes, okay? Uh-uh, baby. You first. How about stripping down to…underwear, okay? Ooh, tighty-whities! And your cock is already hard! I can see it all outlined. You can’t blame me for that, Robin. I haven’t even touched you. Oh, you’re blushing. How cute! You’re half-naked and I’m still dressed. Hey…what if I took some video of this? Oh, don’t be so uptight. I’m only kidding.

(That’s what he thinks. I’ve got a hidden video camera taping everything. Wait till the girls at school see this! He’ll never live today down in a million years!)

Oh, now you think I should take something off? Wellll…I don’t know. Okay. How about my top? I’ll keep my bra on for now. We can play “underwear rule” for a while. Want to make out? Hands above the waist and over the bra. That’s your hands, of course. I can do anything I want, right? Or did you plan to stop me if I touch you right there? *Giggle* I didn’t think so! Want me to do it again? Nope. Just once. Maybe I’ll do it again later. If you’re nice. Maybe if you beg.

(God, I can’t believe it! He’s already got a wet spot on his underpants just from a little squeeze! Boys are soooo easy! As soon as I’ve got him tied up I’ll be able to torture him for hours and he won’t be able to resist me…)

I can see that you’re all turned on, but girls take more time than boys. I think you should work a little harder to get me hot, don’t you? That’s only fair, and it’s in your best interest, isn’t it? The hotter I get, the more I’ll want to fool around, and that’s what you want most in the whole world right now, isn’t it? So, you know what turns me on? Boys playing with themselves. So stand up and rub your cock for me. Just through your underwear for now, okay? Oh, yeah. Mmm. Like that.

(If he only knew he was on videotape right now, he’d probably drop dead of humiliation! I can’t wait until the girls watch him rubbing his cock through his underpants. Too funny!)

That did turn me on, so I’ll show you a little more, okay? Like my ass? I thought you would. Want to kiss it? Good boy. Why don’t you get down on all fours and pretend you’re my little doggie. Crawl over to me, okay? Now, sit up and beg. Good dog! Kiss my ass, doggie, and if you’re real nice, maybe you can hump my leg later! *Giggle* What if I told you that was the only way you could come, doggie? Would you hump my leg until your cock spurted into your tighty-whities? Hmm?

(I bet I could make him do that, barking and begging at the same time. The girls would go completely nuts when they saw the tape!)

Such a good doggie you are! Here’s a doggie treat for you—I’ll take down my bra and let you see my boobies. Like them? No, doggies don’t speak, they bark. Bark to tell me how much you like my boobies, okay? And doggies don’t kiss girl boobies either. If you’re real good, I might let you kiss my ass again. Hey! I said no! Bad doggie! Bend over! *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* Bad doggie! Bad doggie! *Giggle* Uh-oh! Looks like doggie likes being spanked…his doggie cock is getting even harder!

(He’s really getting into being teased and humiliated! Wow, that’s really sexy! Well, if he likes it, then I think I’ll be extra wicked—I’m certainly getting into the mood for it!)

Aww…did the spanking hurt? Let me see. Mmm, looks a bit red. Why don’t you take off your underpants and come sit next to me? I’ll keep my skirt and panties on, but I’ll take my bra the rest of the way off. I’m ready to make out for a while…above the waist, okay? Mmm…kiss me, play with my boobies, but gently. My, my, your cock is sensitive, isn’t it? Is that a drop of pre-come already? Am I making you horny? Uh-oh, does that mean I’m going to have trouble keeping you under control? I may have to tie you up, baby!

(The way his cock lurched when I mentioned bondage is all I needed to know. This boy is mine to do with as I please—he’s a natural-born tease slave and he doesn’t know it yet!)

I told you if you didn’t behave yourself, I’d have to tie you up, and I meant it. Pull on the stockings I used to tie your hands behind your back. Can you get free? No, I mean really try. Here, I’ll tickle you. That’ll really put them to the test. Can’t get free? Good. I used to be a Girl Scout, you know. That means I tie good knots. I kept the uniform, if you’re interested. *Giggle* You’re such a perv!

(And now I know that you’re really ticklish as well! Boy, will that come in handy. All tied up, teased until you’re crazy with needing to come, then tickled all over—that’s going to be so great! Maybe I’ll have my girlfriends come by to help in the tickling department; they’d love it! Hmm…)

That should hold you. And you still have your tongue free to service me. Kiss me some more, okay? I’ve never been kissed by a naked slaveboy.

Since you’ve been such a good doggie…and since your hands are tied behind your back and you can’t misbehave too badly now (*giggle *), I think it’s time we had a bit more fun, don’t you? I’m getting very aroused, and my pussy is in need of some serious attention. Are you ready to help? I thought so.

(I love the way he’s eating me up with his eyes. When I slid my panties down to reveal my cute little pussy, I thought he was going to explode just from the sight of me!)

Like what you see? What do you think a good doggie would do right now, hmm? Want to lick me and make me come? Good. That might make me be nice to you in return. First, show me your hard cock and how much it needs me, okay? Too bad your hands are all tied up, or I’d make you jerk it for me. I’ve never seen a boy jerk off.

(I can’t believe how hot it makes me to have him all tied up and teased like this! I wish I’d done it a long time ago! I may never let him come!)

I’ll spread my lips wide for you. Mmm. I can hardly wait. I need to come so badly. I’ll bet you do too. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours…eventually. If you’re good. If you’re very good. And if I feel like it. But I’m warning you, I’m going to tease you silly first. Oh? You’re already teased silly? Show me how much. Do it. Lick me. Lick me. Lick me good. Like that. Yes. Mmm. Yes. Oh, yes.

(God, I can’t believe how wet I am! He doesn’t know that we’re being taped, but I do, and it’s driving me absolutely insane! I wish all my girlfriends were here right now helping out…in fact, I’d probably have him tied to a chair while a girl licked me. God, did I just think that? What am I turning into? I think I like it.)

Here, let me get that skirt out of the way. Now I’m just wearing my panties. Just a little scrap of cloth between me and my sweet little pussy. You could just reach over and rip them off. Wait, you’re all tied up! *Giggle* All naked with your hands behind your back, and your cock is hard as a rock. Does it want to fuck my tight little pussy? But it can’t. I want your tongue instead. Lick me. Slowly and gently. That’s right. Swirl it around. Ooh, yes. Kiss it like you’re kissing my mouth. Gently. Find that little button and tease it with your tongue. That’s right. Now you’re driving me crazy. How’s that cock doing? All hard and twitchy? Good. Lick me. Lick my pussy. C’mon. Faster now, but gentle. Beg me with your tongue. Make me feel how much you want it. Good doggie. Yeah. Mmm. Ooh. Oh. Oh. Yes. I’m getting so close, I’m…

(Oh my god! I can’t believe how hard I’m coming! I’m squeezing my legs around him and pulling his face tight against my pussy and I just can’t stop coming! Oh god! Oh god! Oh…my…god!)

Sorry, baby. I have to catch my breath. Keep kissing me, but very very gently. Ooh, that felt so good. Was it naughty of me to come so hard while teasing you like that? Am I being a naughty little bitch to you? Come on, admit it. That’s exactly what you’re thinking, isn’t it? No? Then you must be thinking you’re my bitch. You are, aren’t you? I’m being bitchy, but you’re the bitch. Your cock says so. It’s talking to me. It’s saying “I’m your horny little sex puppy and your complete bitch,” isn’t it? Bark if you agree. Yes, bark. Bark if you’re my horny little sex puppy. Bark, or we’ll stop right now.

(He’s my bitch now, and I can be as bitchy as I want. God, I can’t believe what a wicked cocktease I’m being…or how much it’s turning me on! I wonder what else I can do to him…)

All right, tease bitch, if you want some relief from that hard cock of yours, you’re going to have to earn it, okay? Let’s see if you really want me badly enough. Wanna smell my stinky tennis shoes? You do? *Taunting laughter* Okay, puppy, it’s stinky feet time. Get that nose busy. *Outrageous laughter* Eww! You liked that, didn’t you, perv boy? Maybe you need a bare bottom spanking for being such a perv, huh? *Spank* *Spank* *Spank*


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