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Slave to Six Worlds by Olivia M. Ravensworth

In a future as imagined from the Golden Age of science fiction of the 1930s”a colorful, bawdy, brawling time of atomic-powered rocketships, supremely intellectual but lustful Martians, and seductive green-skinned Venusian lesbians buxom blonde debutante Cynthia has tried so hard to be a “good girl.” Despite her seemingly prim exterior, however, the shy yet restless virgin has had many, many desperately naughty fantasies”

During her honeymoon with rakish young playboy Steven, the wealthiest man in the Solar System, the blushing bride is abducted by coarse, grinning space pirates who of course use and abuse the poor shivering creature without remorse as their sexual plaything as she knew, secretly hopeful, that they must. Guiltily flattered and shamefully fulfilled, the girl then is delivered into the most intimate indentured servitude under the avuncular, obese lecher Mr. Tubman and his cruelly predatory wife, who run Tycho’s Nose, the most notorious dive among all the seedy bars and honkytonks of the far-flung spaceways.

There, hidden in the twisty warrens tunneled beneath the cratered gray surface of the Moon, poor Cynthia must work her way “up” in the perverse hierarchy of Tycho’s Nose”from glory hole girl, to topless waitress, to under-table jerk-girl, to caged masturbator before finally she can attain a coveted private bed in the institution’s infamous brothel. A good girl such as Cynthia of course would never purposefully wish to lie naked and spread-legged and moaning day after day after day beneath grunting spacemen and the exotic members of strange alien species alike yet do it she must. After all, she tells herself piously, this lucrative humiliation is the only way she ever can earn the money to buy her freedom.

Is there any end to the wickedly thrilling degradations Cynthia must endure beneath countless erect and red-faced strangers? And even if she is ever freed, after all of the indignities committed upon and within her once-innocent flesh, would her beloved Steven even wish to take the debauched beauty back”?
Includes: bondage, submissive training, male domination, humiliation, glory holes, oral sex, anal sex

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