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A Cuckold Husband… and Less by Rebecca Sharp By Rebecca Sharp

“The coal-black African skin next to her still flawless epidermis of the creamy white variety only served to heighten her sense of excitement for what was both exotic and illicit. … She, Elaine Fordham, wife of Brian these past thirteen years, was fucking another man – or, to be more factual, was being absolutely fucked by one.” In affluent and historic Sussex, a husband who has given up his own career to promote that of his wife’s is about to discover his self-sacrifice counts for nothing when that wife is given the opportunity to make up for years of unsatisfactory sex. This opportunity that will be less fulfilling for him than it is for her, as he finds that not only will his own opportunities for lovemaking be curtailed almost to extinction. He will, however be forced to perform domestic duties.

And not just for his wife. Female domination, interracial, black cock, cuckolded husbands, humiliation, chastity, cock-cage.

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It was magnificent!

Had Elaine Fordham known what she had been missing all the wasted years of her marriage to this point, her husband would have been forced into sharing her long before now.

Though even as her eyes rolled up and backwards, seemingly intent upon making contact with the roof of her cranium itself, she made a correction:

Despite her current condition of thoroughly filled bliss she knew that, when it came to the physical at least, the husband she still managed to love on some obstinate emotional level would not be “sharing” so much as “accepting” the kind of sex she decided he should have – and just how much – from now on.

A husband who would, she felt sure, hate his own weakness even as he bent his unwilling neck and accepted theirs was no longer a marriage of equals if he expected to remain a part of it.

As the superlative black cock of Yvonne’s husband pounded away at the pussy that contrived to expand to accommodate its superior length and girth, this while still managing to cling to it and provide necessary friction as the black god maintained his relentless piston-like rhythm, she even found space in her beleaguered thoughts to become angry with the man waiting at home for her return.

Had it not been for him, after all, she would not have spent the past thirteen years in a condition of sexual frustration.

As per the instructions of the man’s wife who also happened to be her friend and boss, no words had been shared by either the on-loan husband or the grateful thirty-something housewife and Elaine was more than happy to accept Yvonne’s edict if it meant having such a wondrous piece of male equipment fill her woefully under-exercised cunt.

Just the same, she couldn’t help the moan of loss and frustration that escaped her as the powerfully built black man in his mid-thirties with a scalp utterly devoid of hair suddenly allowed his cock to plop from her gushing pussy.

Only, though, to begin to use the plum sized dark head that had just been exploring her to tease the wet and swollen lips of her slit.

A teasing that was, while enjoyable, no substitute for the sensation of being filled by his all-conquering manhood.

That, after all, had been what had led her to this point in the first place.

Along with Yvonne, the wife and work colleague of the man currently filling her so…


Yvonne or not, however, friend and boss notwithstanding, she was actually on the verge of speaking to him when — loyal to his wife and superior’s instructions – he must have sensed her intention and slid his pole back inside her, eyes below the completely hairless scalp beaming into her own with an intensity that spoke volumes for the level of satisfaction he was taking from dismantling her in such a way.

Despite the enforced silence.

For that was exactly what he was doing.

He was tearing her up!

Reducing both her senses and her pussy itself to mush.

Making her, she knew, totally unavailable for future use to her own husband and his tiny in comparison cock as she stretched to accommodate the partner of another woman.

All the above under strict orders and with accompanying instructions from his own wife.

The man she was meeting for only the second time, no more than a week after their first meeting in the presence of his wife, closed the gap between his hairless chest and her impressive breasts with equally notable nipples and continued to piston her slippery and needy hole, the pink cunt that had been relatively tight when she arrived tight no more as she felt her euphoria build.

She felt his hands go to her hips to gain still more leverage and heard the breath leave her lungs as he drove himself into her even more… forcefully… to reach territory she was certain her own her husband had no idea existed.

And would never have found himself in possession of the kind of lengthy visa necessary for him to take a tour.

The coal-black African skin next to her still flawless epidermis of the creamy white variety only served to heighten her sense of excitement for what was both exotic and illicit.

The “illicit”, of course, being on her part alone; given the man who was fucking her so beautifully did so with the full knowledge of his better half.

Deeper and deeper he went, thrusting the thick head of his cock past her clenching wet slit and onwards and upwards into her most intimate and unexplored femininity.

She, Elaine Fordham, wife of Brian these past thirteen years, was fucking another man — or, to be more factual, was being absolutely fucked by one.

A black man.

And a black man who was himself the husband of a friend and work superior who had actually given permission for him — correction: ordered him! — to place his beautiful cock at her disposal.

She was, she told herself for the umpteenth time, in a world she had not had the slightest suspicion existed.

A world where the usual rules of male-female and husband-wife had been turned on their head and the wife herself was the blissful recipient of the turnaround.

And those with whom she chose to share her own good fortune, of course.

This was a world even the vivid fantasy life that had kept her sane the years of her own sexually dull marriage had not pictured and, had it managed to do so, would have found itself laughed out-of-skull had it suggested the possibility she could ever find herself introduced to such an incredible way of life.

That former would-be cynicism and disbelief, she told herself, and understandably so given what she was currently experiencing, was no longer a factor.

For this, her thoughts gave a huge mental thank you to Yvonne for having effected an introduction.

As she screamed her release to the ceiling above so loudly it would not have surprised her to hear the sirens of rushing emergency-vehicles in the distance as they came to her aid, she knew she had never felt so alive.

And she also knew she would be accepting Yvonne’s offer to explain more of the lifestyle she and her married friends — the wives anyway — had put in place.

As she continued to scream and the black love-god above her continued to thrust, she knew she would do anything to experience such a cock and such an empowering experience again.

Whatever the consequences for her own husband.


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