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Slaves of Rome by Don Julian Winslow

A sensuous story of sex and submission in ancient Rome, Slaves of Rome tells of strong dominant men, the victors of savage wars, who take for themselves by right of conquest, the most desirable and beautiful women in the known world. In this tale we follow the adventures of Marcus, a lusty officer in the legions of Rome as he is sent to guard the northern frontier from the savage blond barbarians; proud Nordic warriors whose women are renown throughout the empire for their startling beauty. War yields captives, and captives in those less civilized times are forced into slavery, made to obey and serve without question their Roman masters. This is the story of the wild debauchery and the sensual decadence that flowed out from imperial Rome to the furthest reaches of the far-flung empire. Classic D/s Erotica from one of the masters of the genre.

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I saw the question in the slave girl’s eyes as she edged forward, and nodded my permission for her to begin; immediately the vixen’s smile widened.   Eagerly, she reached for me, brushing back my loincloth, which by this time was all I wore, freeing my stiffened penis to spring up hopefully before her big brown eyes.  A shiver of delight raced through my tense body as the girl’s small fingers traced my naked manhood, before closing on my upright prick.

I watched through half-lidded eyes, as she shifted back to sit on folded legs all the while holding my taut sex so lightly in those cool soft hands.  With a sure delicate touch, the talented girl teased up and down my shaft, tracing my fierce erection with her the pads of her fingertips.  I clenched my teeth against the maddening rise of pleasure.  Her adept fingers curved around the shaft and used those talons to lightly scratch along the smooth hardened length.  I heard myself groan at the fluttering teasing of those delightfully cool fingers when they slipped up between my legs to softly cradle my the hairy sack of my balls.  The slave girl’s supple fingers cupped my scrotum; and gave a little squeeze to my masculine equipment before she began gently rolling my testicles in the palm of her hand.  I sighed with contentment and let my eyes close, giving myself up to the heavenly touch.

With one hand still cupping my balls, she now brought the other into play, wrapping nimble fingers around the turgid shaft, squeezing lightly, tightening her little fist till she held me in an iron grip and she had me groaning and twisting in her hands.  I managed to open my eyes enough to look down on the top of her head and watch her as she leaned forward, bringing her pursed lips closer so that I thrilled at the feel of her hot breath sweeping over the throbbing prick that hovered just before her face.  Slowly, she extended her flickering tongue until the very tip touched the sensitive underside just below the crown of my upright prick.  I clenched my fists and whimpered like a little boy, craning back at the piercing thrill generated by the feel of that wet, tantalizing tongue as it lightly fluttered along the underside of my straining manhood.

Switching tactics, this talented slave flattened her tongue and licked with broad wet strokes, lapping up the length, swirling around the ridge of the crown then slithering down to the base.  And there she would lightly nibble at the root of the shaft, soaking my pubic hair.  Her velvety tongue slid wetly, lavishly, all over my scrotum, till her small head was burrowing between my legs, her probing tongue searching for my perineum and once there she crouched down and stretched up awkwardly to bury her face between my thighs, electrifying me with jolting thrills as she pressed nose and lips and chin into my crotch.

I couldn’t stand much more of this exquisite pleasure; my hands reached out to grab and extract the girl’s burrowing head.  When she came up for air, she went immediately back to the shaft, lightly holding it in both hands licking greedily, lapping generously all along its length till my upstanding cock was glistening with the sheen of her saliva.

Curving my hands to lightly cradle her head, I ran my fingers through the thick head of hair, luxuriating in the silky tresses.  Tightening my grip, I held her head rigidly still while I rubbed my super-ready cock all over her pretty face.  Then I let her eager lips nibble on me, guiding her up and down my straining manhood, letting her lick her way almost to the top, but keeping her from reaching the sensitive underside just below the crown.

I heard my own whimpers coming as from a distance as delicious waves of pure pleasure welled up in me, drowning out all else.  The slave girl continued her obsequious devotion, methodically covering every inch of my phallis, working me over with avid lips and agile tongue, until she had me squirming helplessly, uncontrollably, driven to distraction by the exquisite feel of that unrelenting tongue action.  The thrilling feel of that lavish tongue sliding wetly up and down my shaft was so exquisite I couldn’t help moaning, tossing my head back and lifting my loins towards her till I was arching my back as though offering her even more, wanting her to take my lust-swollen sex even more deeply into her hot little mouth.  I arched my back, my eyes fluttered closed; a groan escaped my tightly-pressed lips as I surrendered to the delicious waves of pleasure this sensual young woman was generating in my groin.

Then the tickling play of that lively tongue stopped, and when I looked down at her through half-lidded eyes, it was to see her reach out to grab me, and tilt the rigid shaft towards her as she bent down to slowly take my cock in her receptive mouth.  Inch by inch, that marvelous girl took me in, sliding the taut ring of her lips down the swollen shaft, ducking her head, eagerly going down on me.  Looking down on her through narrowed eyes I watched the top of her small head as it bobbed up and down in smooth easy rhythm.

With surprising skill my darling little felliatrix was sucking me off, her cheeks hollowing out, as she vacuumed me with ruthless determination.  I groaned, clamping my hands on her thin naked shoulders and held on, tightening my grip, clenching my teeth as the most excruciating waves of pleasure rocketed through me.  Then the clever slave girl added a new thrill.  She never stopped her energetic sucking, but now she began to bring her tongue up, swirling it around in an upward spiral each time she came up.  The novel sensation instantly drove me to new heights of pleasure, it was a pleasure that was almost painful, unbearable, straining my endurance to its absolute limits as I held on, arching my rigid hips high into the air, clinging, with gritted teeth, to the last shreds of control.

But the powerful upsurge in my loins became irresistible under those repeated thrills, thrills that escalated wildly, till they sent me careening towards the supreme moment of climax.  I could hold out no longer. I gave up.  My last conscious act was to push the eager girl back, extracting my throbbing penis, and aiming it right at her flushed, excited face.  At that exact moment I exploded in a tremendous climax sending a powerful surge of sperm erupting from the pulsating shaft to splatter that pretty face.  Then I was coming with furious urgency, spurting thick wads of semen that jetted out to decorate another man’s slave girl, painting her neat features with ropy strands of thick creamy sperm in furious eruption that seemed to go on and on and on.


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