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Taken Before Dawn by Lizbeth Dusseau

In the middle of the night, savage sirens blare as patrols sweep through a quiet neighborhood seeking out the accused. Susanna, Paige and Regina are snatched from their beds and flung into the street, where they are stripped, bound and gagged before their neighbors, then thrown into vans and taken to the induction facility. The arrested females are interrogated, tried and sentenced to prison. They’ve been accused of violating the Reformation Act, sweeping legislation intended to curb rampant indecency, eradicate pornographic materials and stamp out secret female cults that have sprung up in protest of this repressed society.
Inspired and administered by the ambitious female reformer, Victoria Savitch, the reformation movement, is considered a necessary evil in an increasingly dangerous world. But since its inception, it has grown to be a corrupt bureaucracy where sadistic men take advantage of incarcerated females. Like the others before them, Susanna, Paige and Regina are cruelly punished and used by guards, while administrators turn a blind eye, or participate themselves. Once convicted on the flimsiest of evidence, they are forced to submit to a ruthless public flogging, then are sentenced to reprogramming and hard labor.
Susanna is assigned to a factory where the enraged female’s bad attitude earns her rough beatings and sexual debasement – all ‘off the record’, of course. When Regina starts getting off during her public flogging, she’s immediately taken by the General in charge, who will take advantage of the pretty redheaded masochist. And Paige, a natural born submissive, does her time cleaning the administration offices under the watchful eye of Victoria and the Reformation’s mysterious Overseer. Although the demure Paige seems the perfect candidate to work in such a sensitive area, she has access to the inner workings of this depraved system, and a dirty little secret about Victoria Savitch no one knows. Does Paige have enough to bring down this corrupt institution? If so, who would dare to believe her?
A chilling story and rough bdsm activity combine in this scintillating new Lizbeth novel. Graphic content includes whipping, bondage, forced sex – oral, anal, straight and lesbian – plus shock collars, gags, caning, gangbangs, humiliation, drugged sex, multiple penetration and public exposure.

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