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Sweetness & Blight by Lance Edwards

Sweetness and Blight details the Machiavellian delights by which this Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over her Romeo. As heirs of contending Wall Street clans, Charles Everett and Amelia meet at the funeral of his ruined father. Lovely, lively, and unfailingly kind, she apologizes, though disavows her part in the destruction of his family firm and fortune.

In the interest of healing, Amelia offers support both emotional and practical. Charmed by her comforts (and without other options), Charles marries and moves in with this youthful femme. Though she remains genuinely affectionate at all times, and is never even impolite, Amelia swiftly divests the former power broker of all other companions, interests, and any indulgences or pleasures ” except for those coinciding with satisfying her own rabid demands.

Her demands are as irresistible as they are insatiable. And soon the lady of the manse extorts absolute authority over his sex life, including and especially his orgasms. Charles finds himself suffering acutely and yet willingly consenting to increasingly demeaning domination.

From bondage and servitude, through ejaculation restriction and feminization, he finds his favors shared with first the household help and then with his mistress-wife’s Slut-fucker’s Club ” all while his own permitted fulfillments continuously diminish. Any rebellion leads to worsened coercion. Inevitably, he’s being driven toward some unthinkably deprived, depraved and degraded destiny.
Nevertheless, throughout the cruelest discipline, most pitiless emasculation, public humiliation, cuckoldry, constant torture, pegging and even peeing, even while committing criminal blackmail, Amelia Barnes remains uniformly sweet and warm. She truly adores defeated “Charlene,” who makes such an ideal spouse. She simply must live out the achievement for which she was conceived. She is her Daddy’s daughter after all.

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“P-please Mistress…I…I was wondering if maybe tonight…”

“Tonight what darling?”

“Well, I was hoping you might let me have an orgasm finally.”

I’m standing – very precariously – by the dining room table, carefully holding the tray full of dirty dishes I’ve just loaded up. Amelia has me dressed today in a water balloon-stuffed bustier, a powder-puff ballerina’s tutu and matching tights all of a glitter-spangled pink. This outfit is actually perversely appropriate since we’ve just progressed from six-inch heels to incredibly cramping en pointe shoes.

This kind of specialized footwear is actually equipped with locking buckles and quite literally has me balanced on the very tips of my big toes like a ballet dancer. The heels (seven inches long at least) are about as thick as pencils at the ends and situated just behind the toes, making even standing upright an enormous challenge. Walking is an absolute nightmare, especially since my ankles are hobbled with shackles and a twenty-pound iron ball is affixed to one of these with a heavy-duty four-foot chain.

Still, thanks to my extensive training I haven’t fallen even once yet. In addition to being an impressive feat surely worthy of a reward that’s a damn good thing. After faultlessly preparing and serving dinner to Mistress and her queenly friend Candy – filet mignon and lobster tail – I’m now about to use my tightly cuffed hands to convey the dishes to the kitchen for cleaning. Not only must I accomplish this too without falling or breaking anything, washing up will also be my responsibility. Forbidden to use the dishwasher, I must do everything with my closely manacled hands, another daunting challenge. Can’t I at least have a guarantee to validate my incentive for once? Empty belly cramping painfully at the sight of the few scraps remaining (which are destined for the garbage disposal of course) I watch with bated breath as Mistress sets her coffee cup down. Already Candy is snorting with disbelief, a reaction that tells considerably against me. Amelia winks at her gorgeous girlfriend and then gives me a familiar look full of exasperated affection.

“What makes you think you deserve one Charles?”

Where do I start? Surely the justifications are endless. With a monumental effort I still the trembling in my hands that’s making the dishes rattle against that big silver tray. Then I lower my eyes and humbly plead my case.

“I have obeyed you immediately and completely in everything you’ve asked for over half a year now Mistress. I have always strived to be the perfect slave for you, keenly attentive to your every need. After being tied up most uncomfortably in the spa all day I’ve performed my duties flawlessly tonight even in these shoes, shackles, and trailing that cumbersome ball and chain. And it’s been two months to the day since you locked me up, at least three since I’ve been allowed to play with myself. And I honestly just can’t take being impotent any longer!”

Right away I see I should have skipped this last reason even before Amelia laughs dismissively, rejecting it out of hand.

“Of course you can darling. What a silly thing to say! You just need to develop a better appreciation for the kinds of fulfillment still open to you. You know, there are people all over the world right now, victims of paralysis and such, who have gone decades without ejaculating. And there are women who go their entire lives without ever once achieving orgasm. Or think about the castrated priests and singers and such of earlier times, or even better the court eunuchs of oriental empresses. They served their mistresses in hopeless impotence forever. Do you think they spent their days whining and obsessing on what they’d lost or never known?”

God my feet hurt, and my cock is absolutely raging in its tight little sleeve! Amelia is dressed in a slinky clinging snakeskin print sheath while Candy has on a black leather miniskirt and white silk blouse. Both garments hug bra-less breasts and let extraordinary nipples protrude through the fabric. Still with a further monumental effort I keep from shifting or squirming as I continue to press my almost certainly hopeless case.

“Perhaps they didn’t Mistress. But I doubt they spent their time constantly being around such unbearable sexy specimens as you and your friends: sucking your cocks and pussies and being tied up and ridden sometimes for days at a time while their penises were ceaselessly vibrated. What court eunuch has ever endured the incredible levels of arousal that I always must? What all-powerful empress or even goddess could possibly compare to you? Won’t you be as benevolent as you are limitlessly desirable and please take pity on me already?”

“Flattery will get you nowhere darling. Your worship is only what I deserve.”

Amelia takes another sip of coffee, drawing out the suspense excruciatingly as she pretends to consider my position. Candy meanwhile lights a cigarette, leaning back and crossing one leg seductively over the other. Her hand goes to the front of her blouse and opens another button, exposing still more of her heavenly cleavage. Clearly she is eager for the cuckolding to get underway. Picking up on this Mistress dismisses my pathetic appeal without further thought.

“I’m sorry slave. But I still haven’t forgiven you for smudging my property. And just for the record, I’m beginning to find your constant pestering of me tiresome. If you really want me to use my little key, stop asking me to do so. Just accept that Mistress knows best, and that you’ll be allowed to jerk off when I decide that you’ve earned it.

“Now continue clearing up please. Do the dishes, wipe every surface, mop the floors and generally be sure you leave Michaela’s kitchen as spotless as you found it for her. Otherwise I might have to let her and Juanita paddle you for every little smear or speck of dirt they find.

“When you’ve finished in there, you may join Candy and me in the bedroom. We’ll have a couple of nice big sticky pricks you can suck clean for us by then. And if you’re lucky we’ll rip that cute little tutu and tights off you afterwards and spend the rest of the night enjoying your tied-up body together. That should be more than enough reward for you, my effeminate little court eunuch. Go on now!”


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