Sweetness & Blight


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Sweetness & Blight by Lance Edwards

Sweetness and Blight details the Machiavellian delights by which this Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over her Romeo. As heirs of contending Wall Street clans, Charles Everett and Amelia meet at the funeral of his ruined father. Lovely, lively, and unfailingly kind, she apologizes, though disavows her part in the destruction of his family firm and fortune.

In the interest of healing, Amelia offers support both emotional and practical. Charmed by her comforts (and without other options), Charles marries and moves in with this youthful femme. Though she remains genuinely affectionate at all times, and is never even impolite, Amelia swiftly divests the former power broker of all other companions, interests, and any indulgences or pleasures ” except for those coinciding with satisfying her own rabid demands.

Her demands are as irresistible as they are insatiable. And soon the lady of the manse extorts absolute authority over his sex life, including and especially his orgasms. Charles finds himself suffering acutely and yet willingly consenting to increasingly demeaning domination.

From bondage and servitude, through ejaculation restriction and feminization, he finds his favors shared with first the household help and then with his mistress-wife’s Slut-fucker’s Club ” all while his own permitted fulfillments continuously diminish. Any rebellion leads to worsened coercion. Inevitably, he’s being driven toward some unthinkably deprived, depraved and degraded destiny.
Nevertheless, throughout the cruelest discipline, most pitiless emasculation, public humiliation, cuckoldry, constant torture, pegging and even peeing, even while committing criminal blackmail, Amelia Barnes remains uniformly sweet and warm. She truly adores defeated “Charlene,” who makes such an ideal spouse. She simply must live out the achievement for which she was conceived. She is her Daddy’s daughter after all.

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