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Switch IV: The Spanker’s Apprentice by Ardie Stallard

In this fourth installment of the Switch series, we find Felicia Culbertson Guthrie now a university graduate, a published author, and a Licensed Associate Counselor under her Master’s degree faculty advisor. Her husband Joe and their friends have built her an office, from which she offers professional counseling services to patients both online and in person. Plus, she’s the mother of an adorable young son.

As if that is not enough, she’s also assumed the role of spanking therapist for those who feel the need for impact play in their lives, but are too hesitant to engage the services of a professional Dominatrix. Can she safely and successfully balance all the hats she’s now wearing: wife, mother, and behavioral counselor, in roles both submissive and Dominant for her husband and her clients? Among those clients is a thirty-something female Memphis aristocrat who’s come across the Mississippi to see her for tension release, but has fallen into hot lust with her. Then there’s a malevolent self-proclaimed Dominant ready to take advantage of any naive submissive girl he can brainwash into following his lead. And, of course, there is her spouse, who is increasingly uncertain of his own place in her heart and her life—mostly because of a young, handsome, student preacher with a spanking kink he’s trying desperately to cope with. He wants Felicia to let him practice on her own bottom

Who knows how she’ll manage it all. Or if she actually can! Whatever else you can say about Felicia, she’s hardly boring. Just ask her husband

A well told tale exploring the kinky realms of sexuality, including spanking (M/f, F/f, F/m), ass play, medical play, needle play, plus a good deal more.

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“Sorry, hon,” Joe whispered apologetically as he and Felicia lay together in the dark, “but your two pretty girls there are all C. J.’s until he’s completely weaned. It’s not right to have it otherwise.” A Nanit Pro Camera baby monitor on Felicia’s night table showed C. J. sleeping peacefully in his crib, but Joe was still worried that his deep, carrying voice might wake the little one up if he spoke too loudly. Even at the best of it, though, C. J. would want a late—or an early—snack before too long.

Felicia sighed. “You and your high principles! I know, I know, but they’re extra sensitive now and I miss—well, I miss certain things you like to do to them! Can’t you put clamps on me just for a few minutes while we, uh… we… you know…” She looked up at her husband appealingly. “Maybe the fur-lined ones?”

“I miss doing those ‘certain things’ to them, too,” Joe agreed with a soft chuckle. He then craned his neck to blow gently on her left nipple till it hardened and goosebumps popped up all over the aureole. “But better safe than sorry. I don’t dare make ‘em too sore for C. J. to take his meals. That breast pump’s rough enough on you as it is and besides that, he’s gonna start cutting teeth any time. But as long as he nurses, you’ll be giving him your immune antibodies right through the milk. Better for his health.”

“Joe, you’re gonna make me crazy blowing warm air on my nipples and then not following up!” Felicia hissed with a nervous squirm. “That’s about as truly sadistic as you can get! You’re the stubbornest man I… I… I ever married!” Her blue eyes flashed as she frowned at him. “How long’s it been since we’ve had the chance to do a good leisurely hot roleplay?”

“Too long,” Joe admitted with a sigh. “But hon, spanking makes noise! No getting around it! You remember, I’ve had to do this same thing years before. I’ve even told you about Erin almost catching Shelly and me.”

Now Felicia wished she hadn’t started complaining. Joe was referring to his first wife Michelle or Shelly, and their daughter Erin, both of whom had been killed by a drunk driver five years before he and Felicia had begun their relationship. Joe had never completely gotten over the trauma and probably never would, but he did his best to cope. And strangely, it had turned out that being a Daddy Dom to Jessica actually helped him. Both Felicia and Jess knew that too.

“Now I kinda hate that I even brought this up,” Felicia offered.

“Don’t feel bad, please. Every D/s couple with kids has to come to terms with this kind of thing. Believe me, I could tell you more stories. Anyway, I used to hate going to D/s parties, though Ed and Amandine and Jeff and you have cured me somewhat of that affliction. So the best solution I can think of is this, especially since we’ve talked about giving C. J. a brother or sister somewhere down the line: a couple times a month we get a babysitter, Jess maybe when she’s back in town between tours and otherwise the evening shift at the day care center, and visit The Lucky Stiff. We’d either rent out the dungeon ourselves for some private time or maybe once in a while double up with Jeff and Amandine. Or, simply go to Amandine’s monthly pay-to-enter public parties like the rest of the local D/s community. We just can’t stay as late as we used to at those things.”

Felicia turned over on her back, crossing her arms over her breasts with a most unladylike pout. “I don’t much care for scening as a sub in front of a lot of strangers,” she observed. “A Domme, sure, but I prefer my submission to be private, or at least among people I know! Well, mostly. I loved taking your spanking for you when Jess and Amandine and Jeff and Ed and I threw you that birthday party over there. But even if we did something like that, it’d be only once or twice a month! No spontaneity at all!”

“When you’re a parent, you have to wait on your spontaneity—if that’s not a contradiction in terms. You want me to keep C. J. and let you make visits over to The Lucky Stiff on your own, then, so you can ask Ed to take you into his office and bend you over the desk and paddle your butt good and hard like good old Mr. Mangrum back at Hannahsburg High?” Joe asked her with the slightest trace of irritation in his voice. “That’d be private. And he’d be glad to do it.”

“No! That wouldn’t be as much fun as it would if you were there too, playing my boyfriend right outside the office, all ready to take me in your arms and kiss me and comfort me and rub my red-hot butt while I squirm and cry!” Felicia retorted with a frustrated scowl.

“Well, hon, we can’t have everything! Okay then. Maybe we could simply try to think up very quiet scenes. If I hadn’t already promised I’d never use a switch on you, that’d be an idea. A switch makes very little noise. Certainly nothing like a paddle or belt or tawse does. The one BEING switched, though, well, that’s another matter altogether where noise is concerned.”

Felicia’s annoyance immediately morphed into mild apprehension. The very thought of a switch unsettled her, especially when she recalled all the tales Joe had told her about being beaten when he was growing up. “I’d, uh—I’d just as soon you kept that promise… uh, Sir,” she murmured as she nestled a little closer to him.

He put an arm round her and kissed her on top of the head. “How about a nice limber rattan cane, then?” he teased her. “That’s quiet. Maybe I’ll buy one off Ed just in case.”

“Uh—how’s a cane any better than a switch? Sir?” Felicia asked nervously.

“Because I’ve never promised NOT to use a cane on you, for one thing!” Joe chuckled, but then his voice took on a hard quality. “But enough talk for right now. Roll over there, hug your pillow, and get that pretty ass of yours up in the air for me!”

Felicia’s tummy suddenly twisted. That was her man’s Dom tone, and it never failed to put butterflies in her stomach. “But—but—what are you gonna do… err, Sir?” she stammered as she made haste to obey him, her head to the side as she tried to catch his eye. He was already positioning himself right behind her.

Joe frowned at her. “Shh! Keep the noise down! Who do these cute round globes belong to, anyway?” he demanded, giving her right sit spot a caress and then a brief but solid pinch.

“Oh! Sir! I—it—they belong to you, of course! They’re all yours! Just like the rest of me!” whimpered Felicia quietly, squirming at the sensation of the pinch.

“Well, then! What business is it of yours to ask me what I plan on doing with an ass that belongs to me?” he countered with another caress and pinch to her left buttock. “Don’t you trust that I know how to take good care of my own property?”

“Uh—uh—y-yes, Sir! I do trust you!” Felicia insisted quietly with another squirm. The exchange had made her sex swell and moisten, and it was already practically ready to gush. The thought of Joe claiming her ass as his personal property always made her hot. “I place this ass at your mercy! Please! Do with it what you will!”

“I spoil you,” Joe growled lowly, “but it seems I can’t help it. All right, you said you wanted a spanking, so you’ll get a spanking—for starters.”

“But—but Sir, you were worried about C. J. waking up!” warbled Felicia, now feeling herself completely out of control—but still firmly in the grip of someone whom she loved, and who loved her, very much.

“So I’ll do a quiet spanking!” shot back Joe softly—just as he pulled back her left buttock with his left hand and began to spank her directly on the rosebud with the index and middle fingers of his right.

Felicia jammed her face into the pillow to keep from giggling. She couldn’t do much about her squirming. God, the sensation was SO weird. But SO pleasant, at the same time. When she felt she’d recovered a tad of modulation to her voice she squeaked, “Oh! Sir! It’s been a long time—Oh! Since you’ve done that—Oh! My poor little spanked butthole! Ohhh! Oh—MY!”

Joe had proceeded from spanking her anus to dipping his right thumb in a nearby jar of scented oil and then using it to explore the tight, snug orifice. “Do I own this ass both outside and in, girl?” he growled quietly.

“OOO! Yes, Sir! Yes, Master! Outside and in, both! OH!” Felicia squeaked, twerking involuntarily.

“Well… since I can’t spank you loudly right now, I guess I’m just gonna have to use another punishment on you,” Joe continued—surprisingly calmly. “In this instance, impalement.”

“Impalement?” whimpered poor Felicia just as Joe forced his erect cock to the hilt in her hot, wet sex. “OH! THAT kind of impalement! Oh, Sir! Master! I’ve been a bad girl and I willingly beg for your correction! Please! Ream your slave girl out! Both ways! Please! OH!” Her genital muscles involuntarily tightened around Joe’s manhood, and he thrust faster and more insistently even as he explored her ass with his thumb. And so as not to leave his left hand idle, he complemented his assault on Felicia’s backside with a few more well-placed, but easy and quiet, pinches and fingernail flips.

“Ohhh, Master!” Felicia moaned softly, “are you gonna breed me again?” She twerked backward hard and felt the bump of the head of Joe’s cock on her cervix.

As far into his role as he was, that question still gave Joe pause. He wondered how to answer her. But with Felicia one had to think quickly and he proved equal to the task. “I’ll be lettin’ you know about that, girl, before it happens,” he grunted with another fierce thrust of his pelvis. Yet the thought was wildly exciting to him, and apparently to her as well. The two of them came hard, simultaneously. Felicia jammed her face back into the pillow, hugged it tightly, and keened.

Slowly, breathing hard, Joe disengaged his pelvis and hands and collapsed back on the bed beside Felicia, who had just turned over on her back and was swiping at her eyes. Particularly intense orgasms  often provoked tears for her.

“How we managed that as quietly as we did I’ll never know,” breathed Joe softly as he cleaned his hands with baby wipes and Felicia snuggled close to him. “Luck, I guess. But I hope that was a proper substitute for an old noisy spanking,” he continued, draping an arm back around her shoulder and kissing her forehead. “Was it good for you?”

“It was great, Joe… Sir… but still… the endorphin rush… and my pu-puden-puden-dal nerves…  from a regular good, loud, hot spanking or paddling added to it would have been… oh… so… sexy… wow… good… night… Master…”

She was asleep.

Joe sighed and facepalmed. He didn’t bother her further, though, knowing that she hadn’t pumped any more breast milk this evening and thus, between the two of them, she was the only one equipped to feed C. J. tonight when he woke for his midnight snack. “You’re a hard case, my darling,” he whispered in a quiet chuckle right before he kissed her forehead again and closed his eyes.


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