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Tabitha’s Tease: The Expanded Edition – ebook



Tabitha’s Tease by Robin Wilde

Newly Expanded Edition of a Femdom Classic!

Robin is one of the first males at the all-girl Valentine Academy. When he’s caught spying on three cheerleaders, he’s forced to strip and masturbate for their pleasure while they mock his helpless humiliation. Soon he’s dragged away and held prisoner by the Tau Zeta Rho sorority and their leader, the formidable beauty Tabitha. Tabitha and her ‘trainers’ decide to keep their victim as a new sex-pet, turning him into a defenseless slave. Though he’s continually stimulated and at the brink of orgasm, he’s never allowed to cum. When Tabitha later chains Robin naked to a bicycle rack in front of the student union, he’s exposed to the humiliation of the entire school. Though he manages to free himself, he abruptly falls into the clutches of the cheerleaders from rival Honey College. These buxom beauties continue his torment with a cold shower, pinching, tickling, a paddling gauntlet and the humiliation of being forced to dress as a French maid, his sexual services auctioned to gangs of drunken cheerleaders. It appears that the luckless Robin’s torment will never end once these savage females take charge.

Includes cockteasing, bondage, public humiliation, prolonged denial and enforced chastity, tickling, spanking and whipping, and numerous exotic and specialized tortures.

Robin Wilde has added over 10,000 words including many new sizzling hot F/m scenes and stories.

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Our curriculum revolves around two tracks: seduction and cocktease. Seduction is the art of turning on and captivating the male without direct physical tease action. Cockteasing, on the other hand, is all about the physical, ranging from bondage to CBT, and from handjobs to ass-fucking.

Seduction Program. In the Seduction program, our motto is “Look, but don’t touch.” A come-hither smile…that “go-to-hell” look in your eyes…the slight glimpse of forbidden flesh… These are some of the ingredients of the tease-seductress. The graduate of the Academy must be able to make a man hard, aching, and desperate without ever touching him…or at least not touching him very much. Our curriculum will show you how to become the woman who is the center of attraction in any room, the woman in control of any man.

Power. What is it? Power comes in many forms, but it’s always the same—force that overcomes resistance. Step one in your transformation into a seductress involves working with our top makeover specialists who will help create a total look for you that combines class and sexiness into a sophisticated package that will allow you to go anywhere, any time, and attract any man. Now, that’s power.

You’ll practice subjugating men in public places, making them perform submissive acts, leading them on, but not taking things farther—leaving a swollen cock and a haunting memory, nothing more. You’ll engage in friendly competition with your classmates to see who can make the most outrageous “tags” on their hapless victims! A crew of trained videographers secretly tapes many of the best seductive teases for our annual awards program.

Many cocktease relationships involve a long-term boy-toy or slave relationship, and certainly you’ll find those a big part of your Academy curriculum. Skill at “tossing,” getting a man naked, hard, and up to the edge, before leaving him high and dry in a humiliating (preferably public) manner, is another seduction skill highly prized by your examiners. You’ll have numerous opportunities to learn how to lead a man around by his joystick, finding just the right place to release him for maximum amusement.

Of course, the seductress skill has its practical side as well, and knowing the sophisticated arts of blackmail and extortion are also a big part of the SeducT.E.A.S.E. curriculum. You’ll study cutting edge negotiation techniques, including those used by top female military interrogators (universally considered better than their male counterparts at breaking down their targets), to turn your tease victim into your personal money maker.

And when you need your own personal Sir Walter Raleigh (or any other form of doormat), your skills will come in handy there, as well. Men will fall at your feet so readily that you’ll have an endless supply to walk on, use, trample, abuse, or otherwise exploit in order to achieve your goals. By the time you reach graduation, these skills will be so deeply ingrained that they will be fully automatic. You’ll turn heads and elevate cocks merely by entering the room.

Cockteasing Program. Our motto: “Get them hard and leave them hanging.”

The manipulation of the male sexual organ is one of the fundamental skills a girl masters here at the Academy. Each of our graduates is a skilled masturbatrix, capable of bringing a male literally within a single stroke of orgasm without going over the top and allowing him to spurt. It takes many hours of practice to reach this level of skill, and you’ll have a variety of opportunities in laboratory and less formal settings to hone your skills. In addition to work with your personal boy-toy, you’ll participate in group session with strapped-down victims under the direction of skilled nurse-masturbatrices and tease-interrogators, and witness the latest and most powerful techniques for driving a man literally insane with ejaculatory need.

Prolonged oral sex is another tease skill worth mastering. Mouth and hand are the two great tools used to subjugate and dominate the male sexual organ, and between the two, the helpless male soon learns to erect and twitch as soon as you enter the room. A mere lick of the lips or wink of the eye is enough to produce a full, throbbing hard-on you can tease at your leisure.

Of course, the extreme sensitivity and delicacy of the penis makes it suitable for both pleasure and pain. Cock-and-ball torture, or CBT, is a good skill to master. Knowing how to inflict maximum agony without permanent damage requires excellent anatomy knowledge and good self-control. His shrieks of pain shouldn’t blind you to the stiffness of his cock. No matter how much he may protest, the true submissive finds pleasure in whatever you do to subjugate and dominate him.

Tickle-torture is another of the core competencies of the T.E.A.S.E.-trained woman. You’ll learn the secrets of driving a man into hysterics and beyond, turning him into a helpless tickle slave groveling at your feet for mercy. Our research shows that when tickling is combined with prolonged orgasm denial, the male enters a submissive mindspace with profound psychic effects, allowing you to manipulate him in ways far beyond anything you might have imagined.

No program of male subjugation would be complete without the classics. The art of whipping and spanking involves far more than inflicting pain. From selection of fetish clothing to proper preparation of the mental state of the victim, every aspect of a proper session must be planned to achieve maximum effect. When it’s done right, the male feels the sting of the riding crop long before the first blow actually lands on his sensitive flesh. Create both fear and arousal as you stride toward your helpless, shackled victim.

The lack of male self-control is a fact of life, and your tease-toys and slaves will certainly attempt to masturbate or otherwise reach orgasm as soon as they have a chance…especially after two or three weeks of on-going tease-torture and denial!

That’s why we encourage you to lock up the troublesome little organs when you’re not using them so that your pet males won’t be able to undo your “hard” work with a few messy strokes when your back is turned.

Plus, you’ll enjoy the extra satisfaction of the pleading, begging, and obedience as they strive to please you enough to earn temporary release.

Bondage and nipple torture are important tools for male subjugation. Just look at this victim—the swollen, purple cock, the tenseness of the body, the agony. That’s a boy-toy who’s been to the edge so many times he no longer knows where he is or what has happened to him!


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