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The Analyst’s Couch by E.E. Robinson

Vanessa’s highly intelligent, intuitive, driven, commanding, fiery, and beautiful. She’s also a sexual submissive.  The twenty-four-year-old virgin works as a Clinical Assistant to Dr. Peter Miles, a Sexual Psychologist who is opening his new office. There’s an attraction between the two from the start, but when he demands she take off her clothes as he brings her home from their first dinner date, Vanessa refuses. Though he explains that he’s a Dominant and wants her as his submissive, she feels insulted and tells him to leave. It’s only after he’s gone that she realizes how much she desires him.

Afterwards, Vanessa spends hours researching BDSM, finding that the idea of punishment excites her. Knowing that Peter isn’t the kind to hurt her, she hatches a plan to win him back. She shaves her entire body except for her head, then dresses and heads to work at five-thirty in the morning. After stripping naked in Peter’s office, she ties her wrists to the arm of his patient couch, places her left leg on the back of the couch, and her right foot flat on the floor, leaving her body wide open. As he walks in the door, she offers herself to him, uttering “Master, may I speak?” Her life as a BDSM lifestyle sub his just begun.

Peter will spank, paddle, crop, whip, bind, cage, and publicly exhibit his new submissive. And as the story unfolds, there will be a kidnapping plot and Peter’s plans to launch an institute, all with Vanessa as the centerpiece of the action.

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My research had prepared me for the future, but not for the emotional anticipation I was experiencing now. I had studied the benefits of a higher state of well-being, including enhanced brain activity. Much of the research I had done was the use of this anticipation. I was right about doing what I was doing.

I heard the door to the office open, saw the hallway light come on, and Peter turned the knob to his office door. The light came on, and I saw Peter’s eyes take in the entire situation.

“Master, may I speak?” I whispered.

After the most prolonged thoughtful pause on record, Peter uttered one word: “Speak.”

I began the speech I had rehearsed last night. “Master,” I stammered, “I apologize sincerely for initially rejecting your incredibly generous and loving offer. I am not worthy of your kindness and willingness to teach me the proper behavior of a submissive under your direction. I present my naked body to you to do with as you please and under your orders. Anything you desire is readily available to you with a request and desire for the instruction a novice like me will require. I ask your patience as I learn what pleases you, Master. Please show me how we begin.”

He casually walked toward me while taking off his coat. He carelessly tossed the jacket on his office chair and stood above me while his eyes moved over every inch of my naked body.

“Do not move while I touch you or speak to you,” he said. “If you do, I will punish you.”

He pulled his sports shirt over his head and carefully folded it over the chair where he had thrown his coat. His well-muscled chest, shoulders and arms fit my fantasy vision of how he looked. He sat down between my spread legs and placed his hands on my thighs. Softly, his fingertips caressed my inner thighs. He began quietly, in measured tones; to give me instructions, he told me he took great care with the fragility created between a new submissive and the Dominant. He said he could expose unknown vulnerabilities. The heat of my passion moved through my body. I wanted him to fuck me, but his torture was not even touching my pubic area. His fingers drifted over my opening, and my juices coated my vaginal lips, running down my slit into my butt hole. It was all I could do to remain still.

Suddenly, his finger slid into my opening, finding my clitoris and my back arched, involuntarily pushing my pussy into his hand. “SMACK” was the sound made as he swatted my butt cheek so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

“You were told not to move,” Peter reminded me. “That was a small sample of what I expect regarding your behavior. You will always follow my instructions to the letter.” He released me from the no-move restriction and informed me he would eat my cunt until I had cum and then fuck me until I fainted.

His mouth covered my entire pussy and his tongue snaked into my inner secret place, searching for the button to undo my wantonness. He found it and my body reacted like someone had shocked me with an electric cord. My entire body moved in tandem to the flicking of his tongue across my clitoris. Right-left, left-right, up-down, down-up; with each flick, my whole being jerked. He then sucked my clit and took little nibbles with his teeth, and I became lost in the phenomenal emotion of falling off a cliff. As he continued, my reaction grew in intensity. I could not stop, as I lost myself at the moment’s rapture. Then the pressure became so unbelievably intense; I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I screamed as I released the momentous flood of my juices into his mouth from his fantastic manipulation of my body;

He lifted his head from my crotch and place his hands underneath my restrained raised arms. Suddenly, the pressure of his penis pressed against the outer lips of my pussy, separating them and entering me with a gentleness I hadn’t expected. He thrusted with an in and out motion; massaging my inner pussy, causing more juices to flow. I involuntarily moved in opposite tandem with him. I would meet him as he thrust into me and pushed my hips down as he pulled out of me. I matched his rhythm and tempo because my body wanted to. We began moving faster together, pounding into each other, and we both sought the release we expected was coming. His intensity drove me back onto the couch. I pushed back, but I lacked his strength. I responded with a surge of juices as my orgasm answered with a power I wasn’t aware was inside of me. Then I he stiffened as his hot sperm came inside of me, mixing with my juices and causing me to wrap my legs around his waist to keep the fluids inside of me.

He disengaged from my wrapped legs and stood up next to me, his penis hanging in my face. “Open your mouth.” He growled. I did. His penis began moving in and out of my mouth. I tasted his juices, my juices, and my saliva. Turning me on once again, I didn’t realize I could be so physically excited. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste him. I was moving my head up and down as his penis grew bigger. I almost choked as he moved deeper into my mouth and down my throat. He moved faster as I tried to keep up with his pace, but finally, I just sucked as hard as I could while he moved faster. He bucked his hips, and the first droplets arrived in my mouth, and then the streams shot into my mouth and down my throat as I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up.

He rose, and his penis wilted as he came out of my mouth. I sucked, gently swallowing the last of his semen. I realized our combined juices were leaking out of my swollen pussy and whispered, “Master, I need to get up and wipe the couch.”

He stood up, kicked off his loafers, and removed the rest of his clothes. He walked into his private bathroom and returned with some paper towels. He reached down and took each of my ankles in one hand and lifted them above my hips. He wiped the combined juices from the couch. Then he released my hands from my belt, turned me on my stomach, and rubbed a cream where he smacked me. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me into a kneeling position. He continued to apply the cream and then massaged my butt hole. I assumed he was using a cooling cream and thought; it healed my butt; what a nice thing to do.

He put cream on himself. Then, suddenly, his penis entered my butt hole. Holy shit, was this normal? It hurts a lot with him in there. He stopped moving and waited for something. Then I realized he was allowing me to get used to him inside me there. I exhaled to relax, which helped, and then he moved again, and I responded with reactions I didn’t realize I could have. I began moving in return. He put his arms around my stomach and pulled me closer to him. He then entered deeper into me, and I realized something much like an orgasm as he came in me. I loved it when he almost pulled out. I guess I am very sensitive right there. We lay there, both spent, and he instructed me to lie still, not to move, and he would be right back

He came back with a warm washcloth and washed my butt hole, then turned me over and, using a clean washrag, washed my pussy. As he finished, I moved into his hands, but he ordered me to get dressed and ready for work. He told me we would go to my apartment and pick up my things tonight.

I smiled to myself as my new life had begun. I didn’t understand how it was going to work, but I’d soon find out.


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