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The Domination Diaries by Charli Mac

A tale of two halves, The Domination Diaries is a collection of BDSM Femdom and Maledom stories that will have you squirming in your seat. Yes, it’s that hot!

The first half of the collection, Good Boy: Stories of Female Domination, starts with The Librarian, where a young man gets a lesson in female domination in the stacks, and in Rigger a female sub learns just how good it can feel to be tied up, helpless, and at the mercy of her Domme, whereas That’ll Do, Donkey follows a vanilla boyfriend as he finds out all the kinky ways his better half can dominate him.

Turnabout sees a sub given permission to top her Dom for the evening — if she dares. Then a Dom gets more than he bargained for when he allows his sub to call the shots in A Tease. Are you ready?

Moving on to Good Girl: Stories of Male Domination and Picnic in the Park, where an outing to the park takes a deliciously naughty turn, alongside Orange Juice, in which a trio browsing a grocery store gets steamy in the aisles. Also features Princess Plug, Tick Tock, Instilling Good Behavior, The Hunt, Worship and Road Trip.

A collection perfect for BDSM aficionados. Graphic scenes include F/m, F/f, M/f with rope bondage, hard flogging and cropping, restraints, collars, chain, leash clamps, buttplug and other assorted sex toys, ice, switching, public sex and so much more!

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“Get the toys out,” he said.

I did as I was told, pulling a bullet vibrator, a pair of nipple clamps, a crop and a small bottle of lube out of the picnic bag. I laid them on the blanket between us then sat back on my heels, waiting.

“And you’re wearing the plug?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Which one did you choose?”

“The glass one.” Because I’d no idea how long I’d be wearing it and it was the most comfortable.

“I like the glass one. Spread your legs.”

I blinked, a little thrown by the shift into Dom tone, and it took me a moment to obey. Sir tutted and reached for the crop, landing a sharp slap on my inner thigh near the knee, where my skirt wasn’t long enough to cover me.

I looked back, hoping no one was passing by.

“Look at me!” Sir’s voice was a whip, harsher than the crop smack had been. “No one can see what you’re doing. You look at me and only me. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Lift up your top.”

I was wearing a black tank top. I lifted it up until it rested above my breasts. From the back, hopefully it would just look like I was wearing a crop top.

“Take out your breasts.”

I hesitated, but when Sir lifted the crop to give me some encouragement, I dug into each cup and lifted my breast free, letting them jut out over the top, my nipples exposed to the cooling air.

My cheeks weren’t cool, they were flame red as I sat there, exposed but hidden. Anyone who came towards us from the trail would see what we were doing in an instant.

“Take the vibrator and turn it on,” Sir said.

I did as I was told.

“Lift your skirt higher, let me see your cunt.”

I took the hem of my skirt and drew it up my thighs, my heart pounding as I revealed myself fully to Sir.

“Play with yourself,” Sir said. He pulled out his smart phone and flicked it life. He showed it to me, a timer up on the screen. “Three minutes.”

He watched me, waiting for me to start before he began the timer on his phone.

The little buzzer was one of my favorite toys, but I was too distracted by the thought of being discovered, one shoulder hunched up and tense as I tried to shield myself. Sir’s eyes on me, too, were a distraction. Some things I was still shy about; playing with myself was one of them.

I tried to close my eyes, concentrate on my body, but Sir wasn’t having that.

“Eyes on me,” he barked, the order coming with a slap to each thigh from the crop.

The sting of pain jerked my eyes open, and also jerked my clit to life. An orgasm rushed towards me out of nowhere.

“Can I cum?” I asked hastily.

No orgasms without permission after all.

“No,” Sir said. Then he watched me squirm and wiggle my way through forty-five more seconds of trying to stay away from the orgasm I’d thought was never going to come near me. “Stop.”

I turned the toy off and tried to swallow, my mouth suddenly dry and my throat tight.

“Leave you tits out, but pull your top down. Turn around and go forwards on your hands.”

I did as I was told, turning to face the trail and going onto all fours. I was immensely thankful there was no one walking past – for now. I felt a tickle on my skin as Sir gently lifted my skirt to reveal my ass… and the plug buried there.

“Very nice,” he murmured. He circled it with his fingers then jiggled it in place. “Push it out.”

I froze, my brain misfiring.


My hesitation earned me a sharp spank. “You heard me. Push it out.”

I knew what he meant, but I was too embarrassed. I reached back, thinking to guide it out as I pushed and hide the process from him, but he grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand away, spanking me again, harder, in exactly the same spot.

I yelped – because… ow – and panted, panic and reluctance making me feel I’d run a race.

“Push it out,” Sir said, then, “You know your safe words.”

I did, and yellow hovered on my tongue, but mortified as I was, I wanted to do it. I started pushing, hesitantly at first but then with more determination as the glass resisted my efforts. I felt the plug slide free, and Sir caught it by the base with his fingertips.

“Good girl.” He gave me barely a moment’s respite, then slid it in again. “Again.”

I did it, feeling the stretch as my muscles gave way, the thudding setting up in my clit from how taboo and public this felt. I heard a click, the sound of Sir taking a picture.

“That looks amazing,” he said, “You’ve got a beautiful handprint on your ass.”

He caught the plug as I released it pushing it in again.

“One more time.”

I obeyed, releasing the plug with no effort this time, and Sir slid it back home. I felt him pull my skirt down, gently patting my rump.

“Turn round. On your knees. Legs spread.”

Understanding the drill now, I turned to Sir and reached for the vibrator.

“No,” he said. “Stop.”

I halted, hand outstretched.

“Top up,” he said.

“Sorry, Sir, I murmured, thinking that was all I’d forgotten. I pulled my top up, exposing my breasts, nipples already peaked, and went for the vibrator again.

“The clamps,” Sir said. “Put them on your nipples.”

I resisted the urge to look behind me, see if we’d any watchers, and picked up the clamps, attaching one to each nipple. They dug in, pinching me sharply. It was a nice pain, though, just there but not overwhelming.

“Now,” Sir said. “Three minutes. If you last till the end, I’ll let you cum.”

“And if I don’t?” I asked. Surely if I didn’t last, I’d cum anyway?

“If you don’t last the three minutes, you don’t cum for a week.”

Well, there was motivation.

“Yes, Sir.”

I picked up the vibe and pressed it to my clit. Knowing I couldn’t cum just turned me on even more. My orgasm waved hello immediately, ready to rush forward at the slightest provocation. I shifted on my knees, trying to stave it off.

“Play with the chain,” Sir instructed.

The chain connected the two nipple clamps. Taking my free hand off my knee, I snagged the dangling center and started tugging.

Oooh, that made it worse. I whimpered, shifting about, knowing I couldn’t take the vibe away but dying to cum.

“Harder,” Sir said. Then, “One minute left.

I tugged harder, making the pain bloom. The countdown made the tension inside me rachet up. Hold on, I thought. Nearly.

I gave up and let the orgasm rocket through me just as Sir said, “Now.”


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