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Bob Meets His Match and Other Stories by Lee Allen

In the title story, twenty-six year old arrogant ex-football star, Bob loses his freedom when he agrees to “learn humility” in order to date beautiful Vanessa (actually a dominatrix). He enters a world of public humiliation and pain, resulting in plummeting self confidence and acceptance of female domination as his new normal. Vanessa then gives him to her angry older sister as her slave boy and he eventually ends up as a sissy boy reporting to her newly acquired handsome slave-husband.

In Mike Abstains and Serves, a normally considerate husband occasionally arrives home drunk and abuses his wife Laura. But when he’s passed, she locks up his cock and demands he abstain from liquor, shave his body and clean the house nude. When he relapses, she whips him severely. But with a second relapse, she takes control of their finances and turns him into her naked houseboy who mows the lawn wearing only a string bikini and shoes. His slave status and life of degradation become public knowledge, reinforcing his new self image.

In Nick Researches Male Submissiveness, a freelance journalist visiting Prague learns of a settlement on a southern island where women rule and cater to sex tourist couples. When Nick decides to do a story about submissive men, he gets plenty of material and personal exposure on how men are dominated, punished and forced to work at menial jobs. Couples come to the island to role-play, although their wives and girlfriends may decide to stay, with their subbie men acquiescing whether they want to or not.

Finally, in Richard Will Change, a handsome high school graduate married to the boss’s daughter is caught having affairs at work. His wife, Lilley, agrees to give him another chance. However, he’s put on display, secured and blindfolded at a gathering of his friends, neighbors, co-workers and social acquaintances”the first step on the way to helpless, respectful boy. At work, he’s demoted to office boy by his nemesis, now supervisor, who will move in with Lilley, while Richard becomes their houseboy with Lilley going back to school.

These transitions from arrogant, abusive, unfaithful, confident males to acquiescent, subjugated, houseboys resigned to submitting to the superiority of women are brought about by prolonged sexual arousal, torturous stimulation with orgasm denial, and CBT with weighted parachute; caning, maintenance spanking and pegging on an exercise bike; videotaping for bribery with forced viewing of suffering during punishment; serving a women’s support group, signing a contract of servitude, wearing a slave collar, nipple rings and strapped on dildo and forced drinking of ejaculate.

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The waiter brings the drinks and asks Vanessa for her order. Then, still looking at her: “And for the young gentleman?”

“He’ll have the split pea soup and the liver and noodles plate with turnips.”

Bob is wide-eyed and speechless. She has managed to select every food he cannot stand. “But Vanessa…” he starts and then stops when the waiter turns to him with raised eyebrows. As he leaves to turn in their order he hears, “Just drink your milk Bobby.” Two, twenty-somethings at the next table are obviously listening intently, glancing at them and giggling. Bob feels his face flush.

He forces himself to eat some of everything as he is starved. He had eaten nothing Saturday morning, as instructed and very little Friday night, thinking this was prerequisite to some exotic sexual experience. Now he thinks she must have some intuitive sadistic sense as he has no idea she had talked to Frank. He can only feel inferior and that she has the power to render him weak and helpless. Before he can sort out these feelings, Vanessa says, “You can have desert at my house and I’m talking about upstairs this time.” Bob’s ability to think rationally now quickly melts away. When he signs the credit card bill, she checks to see if he gave a good tip, “To that nice waiter.”

When they enter Vanessa’s house she says, “hands up” and rips Bob’s shirt up and off. She kisses and fondles his chest and then squeezes his nipples hard between her knuckles. She has taken complete control.


“Off with the jeans.”

He rapidly kicks off shoes and jeans as she keeps squeezing. His cock pops out at full mast. Vanessa sits in an oversized chair and spreads her legs.

“Come get your desert.”

Bob is dumbfounded. And extremely frustrated.

“Let’s go! You’ve got me all heated up. Come on all fours like the tiger you could be.”

Here he is, upstairs but not in the bedroom, stark naked and ordered to crawl to a fully clothed woman to eat her juices. He has eaten pussy before but it was always to get a woman he’d seduced hot and into bed. Now he finds himself crawling to this obviously superior woman, giving her several orgasms on his hands and knees, and only touching her with his mouth and face. She becomes excited, grabs his head, and gyrates, covering his face with her juices and nearly smothering him. He feels helpless and even more sexually frustrated.

Finally satisfied, she pushes him away with her feet on either side of his face and asks, “Do you want to go home or sleep in the basement and have some fun tomorrow?”

“I want to sleep with you.”

“I’m sure you’ll earn that privilege in no time but you’re on probation. Remember?”

Poor Bob ends up masturbating in the basement bathroom, unaware he is being videotaped through a one-way mirror. Vanessa makes a good living charging wealthy masochists for her services or blackmailing VIP types. Bob does not fit either of these categories. She has other plans for him. He inflates the air mattress provided and crawls into a sleeping bag. He fantasizes seeing her naked and that he will satisfy her and build an intimate sexual relationship. If only she wasn’t so mean!

He sleeps poorly, wakes at six and is unable to go back to sleep. He finds shaving supplies and wonders for the first time about other men in Vanessa’s life. The insecurity returns as he thinks of her, obey me or you’re out, attitude. He goes upstairs looking for his clothes but cannot find them. He looks for reading material but only finds women’s fashion magazines.

Finally, Vanessa calls out, “Are you there Bobby?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Make me coffee, bacon and eggs over easy and bring it in here.”

“With pleasure, ma’am.” This could be his chance to see her naked.

When he arrives, she is in bed completely covered.

“Set it on the table. After you clean up the kitchen, I need you to vacuum and dust the living room while I eat and get ready for us to go out.”

He stands there dumbfounded.

“Well, Go on.”

He decides he has a long way to go to become her boyfriend and the first step is to please her. If he can’t seduce her with his charms, it’ll have to be with his housework.

“I should put my clothes on now.”

“I like you just the way you are while in the house.” She is using another remote controlled camera to video tape his nude housekeeping. “By the way, I want you to address me as Miss Vanessa and everyone else as sir or ma’am as part of your humility training.”

“Yes Miss Vanessa.” As he vacuums with his partially erect cock swinging back and forth, he thinks of Uncle Tom movies where humble slaves address their owners as Miss and Master. This is starting to look like all work and no play. But I can do it.

She finally comes out of the bedroom looking gorgeous as usual and inspects his work.

“You did well. Guess I don’t have any reason to spank you.”

“Spank me? You’d do that?”

“Of course. We talked about following orders and being obedient. Discipline and punishment are a necessary part of your training while on probation.”

“I forgot about being on probation. Will our relationship change when I’m off it?”

“I already see the possibility of your learning humility. There are things I need from the mall. We can shop with your credit card. Here are your clothes.”

He puts on his jeans and open shirt and feels a tinge of excitement in his cock at the thought of again being on display as a sex object. The exhibitionistic tension is heightened by the fact of his not having a choice in the matter. It’s what she wants. He has to obey and is challenged to please her.


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