The Fire of Her Whip – ebook


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The Fire of Her Whip by M. Daniel

In Marisa and The Applicants you will follow the ordeal of four women who responded to an employment opportunity to become the slave of a wealthy dominatrix. The four applicants art put through a number of grueling tests to see which is worthy to become Madam Marissa’s new Beloved Possession.

In The Making of Cassandra we follow the story of the total remolding of a rebellious young hellion into a perfectly willing docile, submissive, and obedient young lady. Under the stern tutelage of her aunt and with the shining example of her thoroughly well trained cousin Annette to follow Cassandra is remade, remolded, and remodeled and returned to her mother as the perfect daughter.

In The New Slave we share in the amusing tale of Beth’s delightful life of servitude to her most adored Goddess Stella. She has been a slave to her Goddess ever since submitting to her one night in their dorm room back in college. Ever since then Beth has enjoyed a life of complete and total submission and obedience to her Goddess. So when Beth becomes enamored of the cute neighbor lady upstairs, Goddess Stella sets out to win her over as a gift for her beloved slave Beth.

KEY WORDS: F/f Domination, Erotic, Spankings, Discipline, BDSM, Lesbian, Paddle, Birch Rod, Whip, Cat-o-nine, Submission, Cage, Deprivation, Golden Showers, Mistress, leather, Spanking, Brush, Whipping, Romance, dominatrix, slave,

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