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The Gigolo Juggler – ebook



The Gigolo Juggler by Keith “Doc” Raymond

Clarice has all she could ever want, but never enough of what she needs! So what does she do when she’s feeling hot, horny and craving sex? Date? Hook up? That’s old school! For a woman who made her money taking candy from sugar daddies, that’s not for her. She knows how the game works and instead juggles her gigolos. Come along on her foray into a jungle of pleasure as she services her hotel chain and the men who linger there. From Brazil to France, Thailand to the Philippines, Singapore to Australia, she travels in her jet indulging in a life most women would die for. Along the way, she saves damsels in distress, and shares the desires of men she finds in her bed.

Clarice is a true master of the sexual arts, having learned from the best. She becomes the woman her lovers want her to be. Whenever and wherever the need strikes, and her needs are urgent, spontaneous, and frequent. The insatiable Clarice will leave you gasping for more.

Includes graphic sex, romance, adventure, alpha female, gigolos, dominance, threesomes, prostitutes and bisexuality.

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Cover Art © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib –

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