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The Hammer of Witches by Willow Sears

Medieval Europe is a hotbed of Catholic fervor. Hysteria over witches grows, and unscrupulous men use the threat of a burning to elicit sexual favors from vulnerable Fräuleins. Ayla is not a maid to meekly surrender to any man’s cunning lust, or to the flames. When her crimes could see her on the end of both, she is forced to take refuge in the remote manor of her once-love, Frix—a fine man before he was seduced and possessed by a sleep demon. Now he feeds off the souls of the witches he hides and they adore him for it. They surrender to him entirely, their reward carnal rapture. He can find his way into their dreams, so he knows exactly what dark desires they secretly yearn for and how to fulfil them.

This demon wants Ayla more than all. Her energy is purer and he wants to empty her of it. Her strength is her ability to resist the enchantments of any incubus, and she resolves to free her once-love of the demon and win him back for good. Her weakness, however, is a hidden need to cede control to someone truly masterful, to have her rump laid bare and made scarlet at their hand. Though she fights her urges, the demon preys upon them, using all his wiles and the temptation of his lusty witch minions in his effort to defeat Ayla’s resistance. She cannot run, so she must drive the demon out before he can convince her the returns are worth the surrender to him.

An external threat allows a chance to bargain for the return of her once-love, but Ayla must yield her own body to the demon. Can she find the will to resist him once she’s been given a true taste of her spank-hankerings? And can her sin-fearing, strait-laced true love ever fulfill her afterwards, even if she does win him back?

The Hammer of Witches is a historical fantasy dripping with spankings, wild and lusty sex, BDSM (Maledom and some f/f), and voyeurism. It is bound to enthrall any wicked heart.

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