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The Island of Marquis Gallance by Olivia M. Ravensworth, Author of Rachel’s Re-education

Early in the 18th century, a shipwrecked merchant captain and his crew find themselves washed up upon the shores of a secretive, uncharted island ruled by the suave, faintly mysterious Marquis Gallance. To the astonishment of the sailors, Gallance offers the castaways not simply a banquet of sumptuous food and drink, but also more intimate hospitality such as can be given only by supple white flesh. The genial Marquis, they learn, maintains an enormous retinue of sexual slaves, both male and female, who at the slightest whim can be subjected to various situations of subjugation, bondage, and degradation.

The Captain and his faithful First Officer are introduced to a raven-tressed girl of mystery. Gallance gives his astonished visitors a long and lingering discussion of how this apparent “lady” has been trained in all manner of debauchery. The Marquis was her first instructor, taking her whenever and wherever he wanted, teaching to masturbate with her fingers and various other objects around the island. He then sent her to a convent to prey on the innocents there. No one, not even the Reverend Mother could resist the nubile girl and her wicked ways.

An orgy is conducted upon the nameless girl as part of a welcome party for the Captain and his crew. Her body arranged upon an adjustable X-shaped couch that allows her to be used by a dozen men at once, the beautiful thing calmly urges her purported ravishers ever onward.

Despite his descent into the sticky web of hedonism, however, what the honest Captain really wants to know is What is behind it all? Why can he never extract from the smilingly elusive Marquis exactly where he and his men are, why, and for how long? Through it all, the smitten commander searches desperately for the sly-eyed, almost mockingly self-composed maiden upon whose pale, serene young flesh the two-dozen-odd seamen satisfied their lusts at the close of their welcoming banquet. Surely, the Captain tells himself vaguely, this sable-tressed beauty must hold some clue to the strange mystery of the island of Marquis Gallance…

Includes: Orgies, Anal and Oral Sex, divan des orgies (Orgy Couch), Pony Girls, Cunt-Bowls, Lactating Wenches, Light Lesbian Scenes, Dildo Cart, Slaves, Nipple Torture Chamber, Bondage.

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