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The Lock by Patrick Richards

Sean Malone is a horny college student with good looks, a buff body and a secret fantasy to be dominated by a beautiful woman. He spends hours entertaining himself with femdom porn and fantasizing about his dream Domme. One day, while checking his email, he finds one from a mystery woman, along with a picture of a masked, leather-clad Dominatrix and instructions to meet her at a local bar. From Annie, his new girlfriend? Or someone else? Regardless, an eager Sean is in the bar at the appointed time, though his mystery date remains a mystery. After a few games of pool and plenty to drink, he woozily leaves the bar, only to black out. When he revives, he finds himself naked and gagged with his wrists strung up high. Standing before him is the formidable mistress from the emailed picture, who’s ready to give him all the submissive thrills he craves. The night is one big blur, and the next morning he wakes to discover that his cock has been pieced through with an oversized locking padlock, for which he has no key. And he still has no clue to the identity of his magnificent mystery Domme.

Annie is particularly understanding of his predicament, which is a great relief to Sean. However, when he joins her and her friends for a Spring Break camping trip, Annie’s inner-Domme arises with surprising results. She turns him into their personal slave, and for the rest of the trip, he’s stripped, collared, gagged, feminized and available at their beck and call. Later, four college brutes show up, and the abusive treatment he receives from them is almost more than he can bear.

With Spring Break over, Sean’s real life resumes, but it will never be the same. Emails and scenes with his leather-clad mystery Domme continue; at the same time, his relationship with Annie heats up. Are they rivals or are they working together? While he waits to discover the answer, one of the thugs from the Spring Break trip has own chilling plans for this hapless submissive.

Strong S&M Femdom content including heavy bondage and whipping scenes, forced chastity and denial, humiliation, kidnapping, torture, forced M/m, feminization, bastinado, leather fetish-wear, public nakedness and submission, and a variety of sexual scenes.

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“Hey man,” the bartender said with a smile.  “What can I get you?”

“Give me a draft,” I replied as I looked around.

There were several customers sitting at the bar –four single guys and a middle aged couple down at the far end.  As I sipped my beer and looked around, I heard the unique sound of a rack of pool balls being broken.  A nervous sweat suddenly enveloped me as I was drawn to the sound.

As I rounded the corner I found three good looking women playing 8 ball.  I watched for a few minutes as a tall blond was running the table.  She was wearing a short denim mini shirt that showed almost everything as she leaned over the table for a shot.  I couldn’t help noticing her beautiful round ass and little white satin panties as she sank the last shot and won the game.

“Stop staring and get us a pitcher of beer and some shots,” one of them said.

Without saying a word I put down my beer and went back to the bar.  In a couple of minutes I returned with a frosted pitcher and some Goldschlager shooters.

It wasn’t long before the liquor was gone and I was paired with a little brunette for the next game.  I wondered if she was the one who had sent me the e-mail.  Could she be the one who invited me here tonight?

The games continued and so did the drinking.  They had some unique rules for the game.  The team who lost had to slam a shot and chug some beer.  If you missed a shot, you took another drink.  It wasn’t long before I was really getting hammered.  I wasn’t sure, but it seemed that I was the only one getting drunk.

Finally someone suggested that we should head out.  I was helped out of the bar and was pushed into the back seat of some car.  Everything was rather fuzzy.  I had no idea who was with me or where we were going.  I may have blacked out for a few minutes, but when I started to rouse around, I was shocked into reality.

Before me stood the same woman as in the picture on my computer.  She was clad in that tight black corset that pushed her magnificent boobs up, making them even more enticing.  An extremely tiny thong was barely there and disappeared between her legs just covering her pussy.  A black garter belt held up her stockings that disappeared into tall black boots.  In her gloved hand was a thin riding crop that she tapped lightly on her other palm.  I looked into her masked face and started to speak, but found that I was tightly gagged.  In fact as I was quickly sobering up I realized that I was naked and strung up by my wrists to rings in the ceiling.

‘This is what you wanted, isn’t it slave?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her, so she tapped my semi-erect cock with the tip of her switch.  Silently I nodded my head up and down.

“Good,” she said as she wandered around behind me and out of sight.

Suddenly it happened.  I actually heard it coming.  There was a slight whistling in the air before the whip cut a burning swathe across my ass.  A blast of pain exploded across both cheeks of my ass.  It hurt.  God it hurt!  I tried to scream but only a soft garbled sound worked its way around the over-sized ball gag that was lodged behind my teeth.

The pain was far worse than I ever imagined.  The slight discomfort of the paintballs hitting my ass was like being tickled compared to the agony caused by her whip.

“That was only one slave.  Just think what it would be like if I gave you ninety-nine more.  Would you like that?” she asked as she swung her arm around delivering another solid blow to my near virgin cheeks.

As the crop cut across my butt for a second time, I screamed and begged for her to stop, but she couldn’t understand my pleas.  Two strokes of her whip were more than I had imagined it would be.

“What do you think, ninety-eight more?”

I struggled against my bonds as the third lash creased my butt.  I shook my head back and forth letting out unheard moans of displeasure as she beat me again.

My body danced as she struck me, but with my arms trussed up to the ceiling beams there was no way to avoid her whip.  I twisted and turned to escape the pain, but it wasn’t possible.  My ass was always there, ready for another lash.

Her fifth lash seemed to be more violent than those before.  I jerked harder than ever, but there was no escape.  I was glad that I was still feeling the effects of the alcohol.  The pain would have been far worse if I was completely sober.

Finally she had left ten full black and blue heavy welts across me rear.  My ass was on fire.  I could feel her hand rubbing across the tops of the tender ridges that were steadily forming on my butt.  I flinched as she rubbed my damaged flesh.

“Oh look at this.  Ten loving kisses of my little whip brought up eight inches of nice hard cock.  I think you liked what I just did.  Maybe you’d like some more.”

For some unknown reason I nodded my head in the affirmative.  It was completely involuntary.  God!  What was I doing?

“I thought so,” she said as she ran her hand up and down my hard cock.  “It seems that a little pain turns you on doesn’t it?”

She tapped my balls lightly with her crop before disappearing behind me.  “I was going to have you count out my little stokes but I wasn’t sure how you’d handle it the first time.  Could you say, ‘One….  Thank you Mistress?’ after getting one like this?”

Her arm swung hard and fast and the crop left another painfully deep red line across both ass cheeks.

Two… Thank you Mistress.  May I please have another one?” she laughed as she struck me again.  “Do you think you could do that slave?”

She continued with eight more agonizing strokes of her crop before stopping.

My Mistress ran her whip up and down my hard shaft as she continued.  “The next time we do this twenty kisses of my whip will just be a warm up for what you’ll get.  Would you like that Sean?  I know you’ve fantasized about a getting a hundred lashes while tied over a horse, haven’t you?   Next time we meet you might just get your wish.  Think about it.  One hundred times my whips will leave their marks on your skinny little ass.  There won’t be any escape.  The pain will seem to never end.  Heavy leather straps will hold you down while I beat you again and again and again.  Maybe I’ll even bring my whip up between your legs and let it nip your nuts.  You’d like that too, wouldn’t you?”

My mind was really warped from all the booze, but I was able to question one thing.  How did she know that I was so intrigued by that film?  How does she know so much about me?

I didn’t answer her because I didn’t really know what to say.  I just looked deeply into her eyes.  After feeling that first whipping, I wasn’t sure I wanted any more, but my cock was certainly telling a different story.

“I’m going to take the gag out of your mouth, but don’t say a word.  Understand?”

She reached behind my head and released the buckle.  As she gently pulled the thick ball from my mouth, I opened and closed my jaws a few times to stretch things out a little.   My mystery woman disappeared for a few minutes but soon reappeared.

“Drink,” she commanded as she brought a bottle of 151 to my lips.  She held it up, letting a couple big swallows run down my throat.

“Uh…,” I exclaimed as I shuttered and shook my head.

“Another big slug and the pain will go away.  Come on, drink up.”

I swallowed three or four more big shots as she rubbed my hard dick.  She slowly worked it up and down, as the effects of the rum kicked in.

“One more drink,” she said as she pushed a bottle of beer between my teeth.  “Swallow or drowned.  It’s up to you.”

Within a few minutes I had no idea where I was or what was happening.  I’m not sure if I passed out or what, but the next thing I knew, it was someplace around two o’clock Wednesday afternoon.

I lay there in bed and grabbed my head.  Holy fuck!  I drank too much.  Besides that, I was having some very strange memories of last night.  Things were really fuzzy as I lay there trying to remember what had happened.  A while later I became aware that something besides my head was pounding.  With my eyes still closed to keep the daytime out, I realized that my ass was really sore.  I slid my hand down in my boxers and touched my backsides.  I could immediately feel the heat and the criss-cross pattern of firm, thick welts that decorated my ass.  Cloudy thoughts were immediately clearing.  I could actually remember being tied with my hands above my head as she whipped me.  Holy shit!  It wasn’t a dream.

When I carefully rubbed my damaged rear, my cock began to grow.  As it came to a full erection, I felt some sharp pain in the end of my dick.  That’s odd I thought, I don’t remember getting laid or even jerking off.  It must have been quite a night.  I slowly slid my hand down under the covers in order to rub my cock.

“Holy fuck!” I spoke out loud.  “What this?”   I threw the covers off and stared down across by belly.  There through the end of my cock a small shiny padlock was fastened.  The woman who tied me up and whipped me last night pierced my prick, leaving me with a very unusual and oversized Prince Albert.

I studied the piece of steel that was protruding from the end of my pecker. It wasn’t a normal padlock.  The monster was a solid, round disk-like lock well over an inch in diameter, maybe an inch and a quarter or an inch and a half. It was probably better than three-eighths of an inch thick with an odd shaped slot for a key in the bottom.  The hole wasn’t flat to take a normal key, but curved in a half circle.  As I closely examined the strange lock, I realized that there was no way I could possibly remove it without the key.  I couldn’t go to the hardware store to get bolt cutters because the short shank of the lock was totally inaccessible.  All of it was inside my cock.  I soon realized that I was fucked.  Only the woman who punched the hole in my cock could take it off.

My attention had been so drawn to the thing in my cock head that it took a moment to notice that there wasn’t a hair to be found anywhere around my cock and balls.  She had stripped me naked.  My pubic area looked like that of a ten year old.

I quickly jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  As I looked in the mirror, I could plainly see the lock and my cleanly shaven body.  There wasn’t a hair left anywhere from the neck down.  Nothing…. Other than the hair on my head, I was completely bald.  I checked under my arms and looked at my chest.  My legs were the same.  She had shaved me more than naked.  My body was bald.

“You fucking bitch!” I yelled.

As I sat down on the john an awful feeling consumed me.  I was sitting here totally hairless with a God damn fucking lock through the end of my pecker and I had no idea who my Mistress was.  Holy shit!

I carefully examined my new piercing.  She had obviously punched a hole deep into my urethra.  It was more than an eighth inch in diameter and a full half inch down from my piss hole.  The shank of the strange lock was slightly curved and just long enough to go in my piss slit and out the hole behind the rim of my cock head.  I thought of cutting the lock, but I’d cut myself while doing it.  There didn’t seem to be a way for me to get it off without her help.

With my elbows on my knees and my hands supporting my head, I sat there in total shock.  What was I going to do?  The realization of my situation had caused me to forget my extreme hangover, but the pounding soon returned.  Sitting there made me aware of the black and blue welts she had put on my ass leaving her marks of triumph plainly displayed.

My mind finally grasped the situation completely.  My head ached, my cock was sore and my ass hurt.  I finally got up from the thrown, looked at the array of black and blue marks on my ass and went back to bed.

There was no way to get any sleep with everything running wildly through my mind, but that wasn’t my intention.  I was faced with a grave dilemma.  There was no way of living a normal life until this fiendish thing was removed.  I couldn’t share my problem with anyone.  What was I going to do about Annie?  Boy, I sure got myself in a mess.  It’s amazing what can happen when you think with your pecker instead of your brain.

I laid there for nearly an hour wondering what to do.  I examined the lock much more closely.  There were raised letters on one side of the stainless steel disk – ULTRAHIGH SECURITY LOCK COMPANY- MEMPHIS, TN.   On the other side was a large 1 ½ with a circle around it and in small letters – CASE HARDENED – PAT. # 9930990. After a little pulling and prying I decided that until I found my Mistress from last night, I was her prisoner.  No, I was her slave because she now ruled my life until it came off.

It was time to get going, so I headed to the shower.  As I walked into the bathroom I could feel the definite weight of the object in my dick.  I stopped by the mirror and examined my ass.  I grinned and chuckled to myself as I rubbed the dark welts.  I actually was a little proud of the imprints she left on my backsides.  As I admired her handiwork, my cock began to grow once more.

By the time I got to the shower I had a full blown woody.  I let the water spray down over me as I tried to jerk off.  The lock prevented any normal method of masturbation, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I held my shaft in my left hand and rubbed the end of its mushroom head with the palm of my right.

With a hard rubbing circular motion I worked the end of my cock.  Round and round my hand went, bringing me ever closer to the pleasure I desired.  It wasn’t long, and I shot a long string of hot white spunk against the shower wall.  It was a powerful orgasm that stirred me deep within my soul.

I finished showering and got dressed.  Having missed all of my Wednesday classes I decided that I’d head down town and see if Jenny at the porn shop knew anything.  It was a long shot.  After all she wouldn’t know my e-mail address.  Before leaving I checked my computer.  I opened up my mailbox and found a message:

“Slave –  By now you’ve found the little gift that I gave you last night.  I hope you like it.  After all, doesn’t the idea of being owned by someone intrigue you?   That’s right slave.  I OWN you.  Unless you take a knife and cut the lock out of that nice big cock, it will be there until I remove it.  So it’s my choice when it comes out, not yours.

“Think about it.  That cute little blond you’re dating won’t let you fuck her with that lock sticking out of the end of your big dick.  Nope.  You won’t get another piece of ass as long as I have the key.  And trust me.  It will be a long time before I remove it.  Your days of being the hot stud on campus have come to an end.  You wanted to serve a woman like me.  Now you’re going to get the chance.

“You’ve obviously noticed that I removed all the hair from your body as well.  I expect it to stay that way.  At the drug store you can get an extra strength hair removal product called André for Men. Buy a lot of it.  You’ll find it far easier than constantly shaving.  The name on the label means nothing because you’re no longer a man.   You’re my slave, nothing more.  No sexy coeds are going to want you anyway.  Every time you look in the mirror and see your hairless body and my lock, you’ll be reminded of your status in life – SLAVE.”

There were a couple of pictures integrated into the text.  The first was one of me strung up to the ceiling.  Leather cuffs were around my wrists and secured to rings on the beams overhead.  You could plainly see my fully erect hard-on and my Mistress behind me with a whip.  The second picture was of my hairless crotch with the lock through my cock.

“I hope you like the way I decorated you tight little ass.  You’ll get used to it.  Every time you don’t follow my orders you will be punished.  The little whipping you got last night was just a little kiss compared to what you’ll get in the future.

“You will check your e-mail every morning when you get up, every day at 6pm and before you go to bed each night.  At that time you will send me a message telling me that you are ready to serve me.  It will cost you dearly every time you don’t check in with me.  Besides that, you will continue your studies and maintain your straight A average.  I expect you to graduate and become an attorney as you have planned.  After all, you may have to support me in the future.

“For the next couple of weeks you will go on with your normal life, but when I contact you, you will stop what you’re doing and follow my orders immediately.  If you want to do anything out of your normal daily routine, you will ask me for permission.

“You will also reply to this e-mail with the following information before you leave your room –

  1. Your driver’s license number.
  2. All Your credit card numbers.
  3. Your checking account and savings account numbers.
  4. Your social security number.
  5. Your cell phone number.
  6. Your girlfriend’s name, address, phone and cell phone numbers and e-mail address.
  7. Your parent’s full names, address, phone and cell phone numbers and e-mail address.

“There is no escape so there’s no use wasting your time looking for one.  You made your choice when you went home with me last night.  It’s amazing how much you told me while under the influence of a little bit of alcohol.

“I will contact you.  Have fun while you can slave.

Love, Your Mistress and New Owner”

“Holy shit!”  I thought.  “What did I tell her last night?”

I sat there and reread the note that she had sent.  I wasn’t about to give some stranger all of my vital information either, so I closed my Hotmail and headed out.  What could she do about it?


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