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The Memoir of Veronica Wells – ebook


The Memoir of Veronica Wells by Paul Preston

The pretty, well-endowed Veronica Wells works at Hooters in Tucson while saving money for nursing school. She and restaurant manager Richie Stone are soon dating, heading down the road to marriage when she gets into a serious car accident. While unconscious in the hospital, Veronica’s repressed erotic fantasies come vividly to life in the form of an elaborate fantasy with Dane Smith, her shy and handsome caregiver. In her sexual dream, Dane is a military officer, Veronica his willing submissive. Scenes of bondage, domination, public nudity, spanking, and various sexual encounters with Dane abound. Soon she signs a contract for life as Dane’s sex slave, and performs public sex acts on stage and in private with patrons at the “new” Club Veronica. When Veronica wakes from her coma, she finds nurse Dane fondling her breasts and ass in the middle of the night. Her vivid sex dream suddenly returns. Will she go through with the marriage to Richie or will she choose to live out her forbidden fantasies?

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