In The Forest of the Night & The Barmaid & The Blacksmith – ebook



In The Forest of the Night & The Barmaid & The Blacksmith by Lizbeth Dusseau

In The Forest of the Night

Restless and looking for excitement, Isabella is seduced by the brooding caretaker of her uncle’s estate, Will Sage. Becoming lovers she receives a racy sexual education, until she’s caught bare-assed with her lover. Will is banished from the estate and Isabella is thrown into the deviant but “proper” world of English society, where “gentlemen” take advantage of her lusty nature and then destroy her reputation. Ruined, she begins a search for her first lover, the only man who can give her the love and satisfaction she desires.

The Barmaid & The Blacksmith (A 17th Century Tale) After a murderous incident leaves the lusty red-head Fiona to fend for herself, she’s stolen away by a handsome but secretive blacksmith, Joshua Kane. When their indelicate arrangement turns into a bawdy love affair, Fiona finds her lover’s dominant ways difficult to handle. And yet, submitting to this controlling man is the only way to make their rocky romance survive. Includes a wealth of sexual diversions and some delicious out of the bedroom sexual heat in an alluring Old World setting.

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