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The Penitent III: Marriage by Charles Arnold

“Although she often felt that either anger or fear was about to overwhelm her, there was always this other thing…this sinking sensation in her stomach, this electric flow to her crotch, this insatiable sexual hunger that both shamed and excited her.”

After her training at the Facility, the young beautiful Kathy Ryan prepares to become Mr. Satomi’s concubine. But unexpectedly, Satomi gives her to the hated Abul for two weeks, and she returns to her home in Pittsburgh, where she must serve this beastly master. Kathy is devastated, and with the unexpected help of the bodyguard Uzzeta, she attempts to defy Abul and kick him out. But the plot to overthrow Abul fails and her planned escape is foiled.

As punishment, she must slavishly submit to the very people who poisoned her beloved husband – the event that triggered Kathy’s odyssey. She must endure their endless taunting. She faces Dr. Gruber, who concocted the lethal potion, and his repulsive son, Frederick, who present Kathy with a horrific choice – submit to their plan to train her as a canine bitch for their dog, Negra, or seduce and marry Abul, who hates her as much as she hates him. She’s ruthlessly taunted in every situation by vile men who delight in torturing the proud Mrs. Ryan.

Her choices are further limited, knowing that the fate of her innocent sister-in-law Margaret, now Satomi’s captive, hinges on her. As sickening as it will be, Kathy defies Dr. Gruber and chooses Abdul. Kathy returns home to face more abuse, but as plans for the marriage proceed, so does a plot to eliminate the loathsome Abdul. Does the irrepressible Kathy triumph? And if so, will she still be subject to Satomi’s plans to conquer her unflinching spirit?

In this shocking, often disturbing story, Arnold aggressively details the humiliation Kathy must submit to. Graphic content includes degradation, bondage, punishment, exhibitionism, piercing orgasm denial, anal and oral sex and anilingus. Obviously, not for the timid reader; although fans of Charles Arnold are certain to find this latest installment in Kathy’s tale one to savor.
An ALL new, never been published story of Kathy Ryan’s surrender. The Penitent, available from Pink Flamingo Publications, was previously published in two volumes, and has now been combined into one.

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Two hours later the well-appointed jet arose from the Facility airstrip and headed east at 35,000 feet. Kathy had expected Miko and Mi Jong to accompany her, but she and Abul were the only passengers. In the past six weeks, Kathy had not seen Abul in anything but a caftan or robe. Now, dressed in a black business suit, a brown shirt and dark tie, he looked like a Mafia thug. When they were seated, he grinned at her showing the broken stubs of his yellow teeth. She turned away. His hand tightened painfully on her wrist. “Listen to me, bitch. You must never do that,” he hissed. “When I speak to you, you will look at me with respect. At all other times, you will keep your eyes lowered. You will address me as ‘husband’ and use affectionate terms whenever it is possible to do so. Do you understand?”


“Yes, what?” Abul demanded.

“Yes master…I mean, yes husband…I understand.” Once again she was struck by the unimaginable fact that she was calling this murderer of her beloved Jeff, ‘husband’. How could that be? Abul, the most despised of all men. The filthy, ignorant, cowardly, Afghani or whatever he was, who six months ago would not dare to speak to her on the street. He was waiting for her to say more. “I will obey you in all things,” she said.

“Now, show me your cunt.” Despising him, Kathy lifted her skirt in the front and back until it was gathered at her waist. She turned toward him and parted her legs. As often as she had been forced to do this, the color rose to her cheeks. Abul nodded, “That’s better,” he said. “Do you like exposing yourself to me in this way? Do you want to show Abul your cunt?”

“Yes. I do.” She saw that he wanted a more complete answer. “I mean, yes, Abul, I like exposing myself to you. I want to show you my…cunt if doing so pleases you.”

Abul leaned forward, “I see you are wearing the cap.” From his inside coat pocket he took the familiar remote and waved it at her. “Perhaps if I am satisfied with you I will let you finger yourself in some public place once or twice during the next two weeks.”

“Have you ever finger-fucked yourself where others could see?”

“No, of course not.”

“But if I permitted it?”

Kathy looked away then back at him, “I would do it and…and be grateful.”

Smiling, Abul replaced the remote in his pocket. “Mr. Satomi’s rule that you are not to be fucked is still in effect, so no matter how much you beg me to fuck your cunt, I will not. You will soon be begging me to fuck you, am I correct?”

She looked up at him. “Yes, husband, I know that soon I will be begging you.” Being forced to call him ‘husband’ was worse than the whip. It reminded her again of the unimaginable difference between this cruel coward and her Jeff. Although she’d been made to demean herself in the most disgusting ways, she still held strongly to her religious beliefs. The sanctity of marriage was something she cherished. Even to pretend she was Abul’s wife was blasphemous. But she knew he would make her beg, force her to call him ‘husband’. And she would…she would beg Jeff’s murderer to fuck her.

Abul covered her breast with his hand and squeezed. “Begging me to fuck your cunt will do no good but your mouth and ass will be fucked many times. Keep in mind that each negative report from me will earn your young sister-in-law at least twenty-five lashes from Swart’s whip.” He waited for her to respond.

“I promise to do my best to please you,” Kathy said, her eyes lowered, her cheeks red with shame and anger. Through the silk of her blouse his hand on her breast was hot. It caused her nipples to stiffen. He couldn’t help but know.

“I expect you will try your best, but we both realize your best is never quite good enough.” He slid his calloused hand along the inside of her bare thigh.

She gripped the seat as she stared at his thin, dark fingers with their dirt-encrusted nails. His touch never failed to cause her stomach to churn and the bile to rise in her throat. Although she tried to prevent it, her slit was wet when his finger entered it. “As always,” he said, “your cunt betrays you, Mrs. Ryan. It tells us what you are.” He paused. “Tighten,” he said. She clenched her vaginal muscles so that he had difficulty moving his finger. “Milk it,” he said. She tightened and relaxed the pressure while pushing out and pulling in as she’d been trained. “Ahh, yes,” he grinned at her, “your cunt is like a hot little mouth. When you are eventually permitted to fuck, many men will want you. You might be fucked eight or ten times a night by a number of Mr. Satomi’s acquaintances. That’s now your reason for living, Mrs. Ryan, to give your young body to older men… men who are rich. Your only purpose in life will be to make your young hot cunt always available to them for their pleasure.”

He withdrew his finger, which glistened with her juices. He held it up to her causing her to blush. Then, he placed it on her lips. Obediently, she parted them. He slid his dirty finger into her mouth. She tasted the grit under his long fingernail. “You convinced Mr. Satomi that your independent spirit is broken,” Abul leaned toward her, his eyes burning with anger. “Mr. Satomi is no fool, but you deceived him. You were very clever, Mrs. Ryan, in succeeding to escape me. If you had been given to me for the full year of your contract, you probably would not have survived?” It was a question. He withdrew his finger.

She lowered her eyes and nodded, “That is true. I would not have survived.”

“But for the next two weeks you are mine. You belong to me.”

“Yes, I am yours.”


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