Supplication of the Male Pig


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Supplication of the Male Pig by Chris Bellows

Heir to one of America’s great fortunes, David Farnsworth Smythe lives lavishly and licentiously. As far as David is concerned, the privilege of wealth is to squander vast sums on young women willing to capitulate to his sordid sexual penchants and completely debase themselves for money, and his pleasure. But when it comes time to inherit his billions, David draws the attention of the clever and Dominant Heather MacDougall, a woman with whom no man should trifle. Nor should any male cross her beautiful and accomplished team of female bodyguards and torturers… all dedicated to relieving David of every, last inherited dollar.

An action thriller of intrigue, coercion, theft by deception, torture, and duplicity, as the powerful Ms. MacDougall and her accomplices subdue, humiliate and squash into submission this repugnant male. For aficionados of Female Dominance and the abject subjugation of the male.

Scenes of bondage, intense CBT, sensory deprivation, psychological control, electro stimulation, caning, strap on play, extreme body modification and more, combine to make this one of Chris Bellows’ most entertaining stories.

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The life of David Farnsworth Smythe changed so rapidly. One day copulating his way across the Mediterranean… the next suspended naked in a dark pit.

In lowering the frame, Heather stopped the motor before the wooden bottom piece met the gravel flooring. Thus David’s well restrained form hangs some two feet above the bottom of the pit. In being attached to the frame by way of short chains connected to the hose clamps… neck, thumbs, biceps, thighs, ankles… he feels as if he is entrapped in a spider’s web. There is permitted some degree of movement, but it merely causes the frame to sway in the complete darkness.

Above, the doors covering the oubliette are closed with the suspending rope nicely positioned in the narrow seam between the two iron sheets. A small notch, intended to accommodate a suspending rope or chain, suggests that the monks of the inquisition used the oubliette in much the same manner, hanging the prisoner in dark nothingness.

And so as Heather’s team departs, turning off the lights of the wine cellar, there is no light that can even leak through the iron doors. David Farnsworth Smythe is left in complete dark seclusion.

There are many things to be done as Mylee begins the process of obtaining the code.

Heather and Megan motor back to Palma harbor in the rented boat late in the afternoon when most locals lunch and then siesta. Few are present to notice that it is not the same couple returning it. Leaving the keys where the owner will find such and not report it as stolen or missing, allows the deposit to be kept. Thus the owner will make no inquiries. Greed will motivate his silence.

David’s hotel room is emptied and the room key dropped into the express check out box.

A phone call from Megan’s hotel room to Palma Realtors with Heather posing as the personal secretary of David Farnsworth Smythe, informs that Mr. Smythe was called back to the United States unexpectedly.

Heather learns from the loquacious Mrs. Mendez that all wired funds arrived and the transaction for the purchase of Isla Dragonera is complete.

“What should we do with the papers?” Mrs. Mendez inquires.

How serendipitous! Heather had not expected to so easily insert herself into the equation.

“I am in Palma to assist Mr. Smythe in settling into his new home. I’ll stop by and pick them up. By the way, we’ve found suitable security arrangements… there is no need for further search.”

And so all activity on the isolated Isla can now be explained. Mr. Smythe’s personal secretary and security team are occupying the monastery.

Nimba arrives at Palma airport having completed the delivery of the cabin cruiser to Corsica. Heather instructs.

“We’ll need a small boat to ferry to and from the Isla. For obvious reasons, I don’t want to hire locals.”

Easily done. But the cash reserves are dwindling. The operation, though successful to date, has been expensive. Yet when the code is obtained, the dam will break and there will a flood of cash.

By the end of the following day, Nimba has acquired a 25 foot launch. Megan checks out of the hotel. Heather stops by Palma Realtors to obtain the papers and the trio returns to Isla Dragonera with the boat stuffed with food… fresh food. After many days of tension and excitement the team settles in to await the results of Mylee’s efforts. In general, all agree that it is not if David breaks… it is a question of when. The obtaining of the code will end phase one.

Though young, Mylee’s training in torture is extensive. The Chinese government harshly treated all dissidents, considered rebels really. And every network of the unruly group was broken as methods such as those deployed by Mylee were used to extract the names of every participant from those falling into her net. So, to just obtain a series of numbers and letters from David, information with which there is no actual emotional attachment, should be easy. David will know that the law firm will initially transfer funds but such will be limited. And over time, suspicions will cause the process to cease until there is a confirming phone call or other such contact from David.

So in the end he will convince himself that only a few million can be purloined and he will decide to save himself… but not before Mylee has her way and brings his male pride to complete supplication.

Meanwhile, Heather’s team of beauties decides that the climate should be enjoyed.

“We can’t be seen walking about with weapons like some occupying army, girls. Get casual. Enjoy the pool while off duty. Figure out a way of concealing the weapons while on duty.”

And so Nimba, Zuta and Macumba return to wearing the brief bathing suits, appearing to be vacationing guests to any unexpected visitors. Weapons are concealed in various areas about the Isla, known to all. Should trouble brew, Heather’s team will have firepower within easy reach. The important aspect of their duties is to remain vigilant concerning boats approaching the Isla. With visibility measured in miles, there can be no surprise interlopers. All nearing boats are announced over the cell phone network. Visitors deemed to be a possible threat will be greeted with a trio of machine gun toting, well trained women.

The rocky cliffs of the Isla are high and steep. Other than the stairs carved into the stone, there is no easy ascent to the many acres of high plain where the monks raised fruits and vegetables and grazing cows and sheep provided dairy sustenance and wool. Still as a precaution, motion detectors are placed at locations where skilled climbers could scale under the cover of darkness.

Little do the locals of Majorca realize, the newly acquired lavish and expensive home of David Farnsworth Smythe has become his prison… a place of penitence where he will learn discipline, subservience and respect for the sex he once brashly chose to ravish.

While David stews in darkness, the satellite dish is installed and tuned, providing the island’s occupants with high speed internet access.

And the team’s good fortune continues when Heather reviews the myriad of closing documents offered by Palma Realtors. In the pile is the seemingly innocuous draft email, addressed to Grace Boddington at Grayson, Boddington and Snipes with instructions on dispersing the funds at closing. The desired code is not divulged of course, but the email address of Grace Boddington is, as is that of David Farnsworth Smythe. Such information could be attained elsewhere, but the discovery conserves time.

“Include in your interrogation the code for accessing David’s email,” Heather suggests.

A smiling Mylee nods.

“He’ll give you anything you wish when the time comes. He has not lived a life that suggests strong will or resistance. It’s been more than twenty four hours. He should probably be fed…”

Heather and Mylee descend to the wine cellar. The oubliette doors are opened and the winch turned on to slowly raise David from his den of darkness. The frame eventually appears. As instructed, Heather flips the switch to leave David’s face and head at the level of Mylee’s knees. He has been left is darkness for over twenty four hours with no food or water. David blinks in the limited light of the wine cellar’s dim illumination. For David, movement, the sight of another human, the sound of a voice is most welcomed. And the sight of Mylee particularly intrigues. She is scantily attired, her knee high boots covering what otherwise is near nakedness. A small patch covers her pubes as do two postage stamp sized swatches conceal her nipples. To a man of David’s degenerative existence, she appears ready to entertain him as he peels away money for possible sexual favors.

Mylee bends and gruffly grabs David’s right ear with her left hand. She holds a bottle and sloppily pours water into the desperately thirsty mouth of her captive. David gasps but greedily imbibes.

“Happy to see me?” Mylee mocks.

As intended, David must look up into the eyes of Mylee. It is the beginning of the psychological battle for his will.

Mylee’s booted foot, that which so effectively brought David to his knees, extends. The toe greets David’s mouth.

“With a little kiss you may have some food. I won’t starve you, David. We want you very much alive.”

Heather is surprised to see David purse his lips. The isolation, the hours and hours of extreme restraint, have taken a toll. David realizes that nourishment is essential. He kisses the offered boot.

“Very good.”

Heather turns on a hose and indiscriminately sprays water into the pit, rinsing away the various excretions, washing all remnants into the gravel and presumably to the sea. Mylee gathers a feeding bowl. In developing rapport with her prisoner there are essential kindnesses to be offered.

One is water… the second is food. There will be others as David learns to cooperate. But deep within, Mylee hopes he does not cooperate too quickly.

“I want you to bear some pain for me, David. Something for you to think about while you decide when you will assist us.”

Mylee puts aside the bowl, deliberately leaving much unconsumed food for David to covet. She nods to Heather and the winch grinds to raise the frame another two feet.

The upturned calves and ankles of David appear. Mylee retrieves a length of metal pipe.

“This is a sampling.”

Mylee cocks her arm and viciously swings the pipe to crack the hard metal against the inseam of David’s right foot. He howls in agony while Mylee callously applies the same blow to his left foot. There follows a second pitiful scream.

“Feel rather vulnerable, David? I’ve just broken a couple of small bones in your feet. But have no worry, there will be plenty of time for healing.”

Mylee gathers strips of cloth and binds David’s right foot, forcing the toes to point back toward his heel. The same binding is performed on the left foot.

“So, you will kick, bite and scratch before offering the code. So be it. I will not ask again. You instead will offer it to me. In time, when you decide to end my torture.”

Mylee learned the art of foot binding from her grandmother. An ancient Chinese custom, a small and dainty foot on the young girls of China was highly prized amongst the male gender. But as opposed to breaking bones, the soft skeletal structure of youth allowed the girl’s feet to be bound, tightened and transformed over time. Eventually the feet became gnarled and very much shortened… and unfortunately impractical for walking any distance. Some could barely stand. With David, the quick but painful breaking of a couple of bones is quicker. His feet will heal but he will have difficulty standing much less kicking with any degree of forceful vengeance.

Heather found herself grimacing with the painful blows. But she is sanguine with her selection of torturess.


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