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Thrall of the Warrior Witch by Lance Edwards
The Sisterhood of the Oculus rules Shatra with mystic arts. The power required is sexually siphoned from sacrificial ejaculators. Yet endless generations of domination have sapped the vitality of the Empire’s males. Having achieved the means to abduct “energy vessels’ from the fantastically advanced reality known as America, Empress Jia believes she’s found a reprieve from her society’s demise.
Captured Californian Drake Green not only survives having his seed repeatedly leeched. He thrives, willingly wallowing in being victimized. If they can discover what makes this vessel so exceptional, fewer abductees will be needed. The Sisterhood’s sway may be maintained.
Enthralled by giantess Jia, a warrior-witch of illimitable allure, slave Drake cannot but obey his brawny-beautiful new ruler. Despite the abhorrence of betraying his origins (and the surety that his aid is hastening his fatal replacement), the besotted sacrifice is forced to guide Jia on a predatory quest back to America.
Inspired to find an endless supply of similarly vital men, the voracious succubus cuts a swathe through the LA fetish scene. Addicted to the lavish vitality of aggressively-bred men, enamored with a myriad modern marvels, Jia becomes content to stay and torment her forced-voyeur pegging pet indefinitely. Glutted with energy-gorging, the sadistic sorceress even attempts to augment their respective sexual equipment!
Meanwhile Shatra’s peril swells apace. It’s not until undue notoriety forces Jia’s attempted return that she learns the qualities they went in quest of may have been available all along ” and will be needed like never previous.
This fantasy is filled will fellatio and stuffed with sodomy. It also details torture, orgasm control, cuckoldry, hermaphrodism and pansexuality.

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