Three Tales of Female Submission – ebook



Three Tales of Female Submission by Joy Zelig

Grace had known of Angela in college. She was a woman who destroyed men who deserved to be destroyed: aggressive frat boys, roofie artists, date rapists. And now, under Angela’s, literally and figuratively, firm hands, Grace’s husband Finn is put in his place. Now with Grace attracted Angela, one wonders how far will that go? The Reverend’s Wife Debauched. I didn’t know about The Underground Church—a basement room in which the altar was an X rather than a cross. Penance is exacted and redemption granted, pain and pleasure a powerful amalgam, to which I was addicted. But when I’m disciplined, ravaged, and re-christened Jezebel, about to encounter a giant of a man it is my destiny to ‘receive’, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to survive. Consent & Desire & Submission. I’m an educated and successful woman. I’ve never thought of myself as a submissive. I study the human mind, spent years researching Consent. Klaus told me that the issue was really Desire. Ans in truth, I didn’t “give in.” I wasn’t “subdued.” I BEGGED. Repeatedly. PLEADING for the privilege of being PERMITTED to surrender. Three hot, hard-hitting BDSM stories.

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