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A Marital Coup by Rafael Menton

Etienne Pascal is a macho womanizer, whose affairs with women are no secret from his wife Simone. But that is the past. Etienne Pascal’s life is about to change. Marginalised and neglected after giving her husband three loving daughters, Simone decides that Etienne is not the only one who can play around outside of their marriage. As it turns out, the lover she chooses and the course that lover sends them on will prove both an eye-opener and a game-changer for Simone. At the same time, her husband’s self-perception as a husband in charge will dramatically alter when he realises where the true power in his marriage actually resides. The slap she delivered him across the cheek was the first such slap she had delivered to another person in her life. Open-mouthed from the sheer unexpectedness of such a physical rebuke…he could only stare across to her. “That is right,” she spat. “Your wife has just slapped you… Consider that a down payment.” Includes female domination, male surrender, revenge, cuckold.

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Etienne Pascal’s world had been crumbling about his ears for a number of months before that fateful October day when the wife and mother of his children finally decided to let him in on the secret.

A neglected wife who had decided – with advice from a “friend” – that now those children were married and removed from the equation her life was ripe for some radical change.

Though her husband, if he proved as weak as her “friend” insisted, would still play a large part in that change that would prove equally as radical for him.

Perhaps even more so.

Not that the man himself could have had any clue as he drove home from the CEO’s office of the successful Software Solution he headed from its offices in Honfleur in the new hard-top Mercedes AMG GT C he was so proud of and his younger wife thought made him look like just another early-fifties man applying a mechanised sticking partner to his receding youth.

Though she had approved the decision to move the office of “Solutions Chapelle” from the expensive Paris location on the edge of the Bois de Vincennes to the new generation business park at the foot of the Pont de Normandie. An ecological and sustainable office complex perfectly integrated into the landscape of the Seine estuary.

The wife’s only surprise being that her husband, who enjoyed the Parisian lifestyle and fancied himself something of a Giacomo Girolamo – Casanova, for the uninitiated – had torn himself away from a city he always swore he would never leave.

She also knew that a massive – crucial – part in his decision had been played by the Indian woman and personal assistant who, she knew, was instrumental in most of the business decisions he made and to whom the success of the family business that was now hers in trust was owed.

Though she also knew he would have told himself there were women in Honfleur just as there were in Paris. So why not relocate there? Given the reduced overheads and sweeteners offered by the local chamber of commerce, it was win-win.

Or would have been were it not for some advice she had also received herself and the fact their move coincided with a sea-change in his attitude to the wife and mother he had been neglecting for so long as he bedded that part of female Paris willing to be seduced by him.

An attitude on his part which coincided with a not entirely dissimilar sea-change on behalf of the wife herself that had seen a return of both her confidence and the womanly attractions that, along with the business he knew would be hers eventually, had drawn him to her in the first place.

Now, as he drove towards their new home in a sought-after cul-de-sac not a stone’s throw from the Port of Honfleur itself, having taken off from the office at lunchtime, the faithless and self-entitled husband and father pondered his new reaction to the wife he had stopped finding personally and sexually interesting long before.

And what he was going to do about it…


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