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Worthy Penny, Book One – ebook


Worthy Penny, Book One by Duncan Cusic

General BDSM. Worthy for some is just a word; for others a way of life and for a boy and his teacher hidden risk. When just in grade school, Scott Jameson wanted two things in life—to play baseball and be popular with his buddies. After a playground fight with the school bully both interests appeared dashed by the after-school punishment demanded by the principal and the personality adjustments implemented by the beautiful Mrs. Young, Scott’s teacher. This quick paced erotic novel takes the reader though Scott’s transformation from an unsure boy, to teenage experimentation, to the arms of a prostitute, the bed of his teacher, and the confidence of manhood. It deals with first love, dominant/submissive relationships, homosexual coupling and personal sexual development. It confronts mental anguish and delves into the world of wife sharing and alternate lifestyles, including cross dressing, bondage, and sexual imposition. Will a boy and his teacher survive the pressures of growing up? Will blackmail go unpunished? Can a boy save the woman he loves and can a husband control his wife? Includes M/f, F/m, some m/m, bondage, spanking, whipping, chains, cuffs and more.

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Randolph grabbed her, kissed her ferociously, yanked her inside the cabin, and slammed the door. “Get naked; I’ve got a hard lead pipe between my legs in need of pussy.”

Startled, Crystal regrouped. Though surrounded by log walls, the room looked like a horny cave man’s dwelling, but more modern. The gray wool carpet was plush and thick, the triple wide bed swung on chains and handcuffs hung from its corners. A plate glass mirror took over the ceiling. A sound system played romantic music, and a wall mounted big screen television streamed pornographic movies without interruption. The glass-enclosed shower stall was as big as her sorority house dormitory room and behind a translucent five panel pull screen, the play space included a punishment rack and a hanging Taiwan basket. Crystal wrenched her arm loose. She recalled getting fucked in that basket by the chief of police one night. Cost of doing business, like he suggested. “Cash, then I get naked,” she said.

“Much kissing…?”

“Much kissing,” Crystal giggled.

Other than her natural beauty and perceived innocence, part of what Sonny found appealing about Crystal was her kisses. When most whores refused kisses; for a few dollars more, Crystal not only kissed passionately, but rode an uncovered dick bareback. “There’s an extra two hundred,” he offered. “A tip…”

“Why thank you, Sonny.” Crystal curtsied, laid the envelope on the dresser top unopened, and shimmied from her dress. “With or without heels…?”

“Both,” he smirked.

Long night, she figured. Crystal kicked off her heels. “Strait or dirty…?”


“Back or doggie…?”

“Back first, with language. Then Rover…” The Mayor loved dirty talk.

“May I remove your shorts, Sir?”

“If you suck my cock…”

For seven hundred bucks, Crystal suspected she’d begin the evening by sucking his cock, but it wouldn’t end that way; of this she was certain. Crystal stripped off her panties and fell to her knees. She reached for his waistband and eased down his boxer shorts. At his so called hard lead pipe, she paused for a moment, stretched the fabric over his erection, pulled it below his testicles, and completed the task with flare, and a—oh so slow—tonguing flare. Her eyes twinkled as she leaned her head back and gazed seductively at his face. “Is it a stay the night or a fuck and go kind of evening, Mr. Mayor?”

“A stay and fuck night,” he replied.

Crystal thought the glint in his eye was dangerously exciting right then. Sonny Randolph could be a romantic throwback to the fifties if he chose, or an aggressively forward wicked man when provoked. Roses and guns came to mind.

Some men prefer women who squeal and whimper and moan; talk dirty. Crystal expected her fuck and go comment had aroused the mayor’s libido as much as it tickled his fancy. Lust appeared to claim his face and his mouth hung open. He wrapped a knot of her hair around his knuckles and jerked her head back and forth. Sonny enjoyed pulling hair. Her Uncle Mike pulled hair too.

Whenever a man pulled Crystal’s hair, she thought of her Uncle. Uncle Mike loved yanking her hair, loved to rub a rash on her face with his whiskers, loved to pump submission into her body with force, and took great pleasure in wrapping his sinewy hands around her throat as they made love. She supposed her very best orgasms happened with her brain starved for oxygen. Crystal bowed her head, caressed Sonny’s testicles, and licked a dollop of pre-ejaculate come cream from the tip of his dick. She believed Sonny Randolph could choke her to death if he wished. He wasn’t too old to demand a woman’s complete cooperation. “Have you ever tried bondage,” she asked.

“Been fucked up the ass…?”

“I asked first,” she laughed. In the past, Sonny had been a tender lover, more tender than she deserved, she guessed. Would he be tender tonight? Crystal hoped not; she planned to incite him to many bouts of violence. She was leaving town tomorrow, and she wanted to remember her last night as a whore forever?

“I’m paying,” he growled.

“Which means what? You can do whatever you want to me.”

“Can’t I?”

“If I’m bound, I’ll not stop you.”

“Even if I fuck your asshole…?”

“Can you last that long?”

The Mayor broke into an ear to ear grin. “I’ll not be gentle.”

“I won’t break.”

“We’ll see.”

Going down on Sonny’s cock, Crystal impaled her tonsils. She had learned to take cock in her throat, before she could legally drink.

“Jesus,” he groaned. Mayor Sonny Randolph wondered if anyone gave better head than Crystal. His wife surely didn’t. Ten years ago, he could have fucked this girl till her ears leaked. Tonight he’d need help.

Sonny’s groan went unheeded. Crystal’s mouth pulled off his cock and sucked his balls, her lips avaricious and disciplined, and not the least bit inexperienced. She levered higher, arose from her knees, stretched her arms up his ribcage, and licked channels of moister through his body hair. She chewed his nipples, kissed him amorously, and then speared her tongue down his throat, her red, red lips sealing off his breath. “You can hurt me all you want tonight,” she whispered a moment before his tongue plugged her windpipe.

“Oh… my dear girl,” he offered, stepping back a space. “Is this what you really need from me tonight, abused?”

“Please,” she whimpered as she led him to the bed and flopped down on the mattress. “Fuck me hard, Sonny. Cuff me to the bed and fuck my brains through the springs.”

He growled and did just that, but first he splayed her legs apart and buried his face between her thighs. Sonny licked her delta, then her clitoris, and then chewed bruises down her legs, up to her throat, and into her armpits. He called her crude, dirty names and fired up her breasts with vicarious slaps. He twisted her nipples until she squealed and then crammed two fingers up her cunt, coned around his thumb.

Crystal jerked like a fish, writhed and moaned, bucked like a rodeo bronco and rode his fingers like a Mustang mare. His fingers pumped and her head rolled back and forth. “Is this how you want it, Slut?”

“Please, Sonny…” God, she hoped her fiancée would find the wherewithal to fuck her senseless like Sonny and his son, Guy.

Sonny cuffed her wrists to the bed, slumped heavily on her body, and thrust his cock so violently up her pussy, her head banged the headboard. For oodles of time he fucked her, and together they became slick with sweat. Their bodies rolled and slipped and finally synchronized. Crystal came and Sonny came and then they finished up together.

“Now, you can fuck my ass,” Crystal huffed.

“I’m pooped, you teasing little whore,” chuckled the Mayor of Statesville.

“Oh, really…?”

“Goodness, I’ll miss you, Honey.”

“Yes, you will,” the girl called Cristal replied.

“George will miss you too.”

“Yes,” she agreed.

“Should we give him a treat?”

“You must cuff my ankles.”

“What about the Hillbillies…?”

“I hate Hillbillies.”


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