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The Marquis’ Book of Pleasure by Lizbeth Dusseau

Shipwrecked on Marquis Island, three couples are drawn to an aging estate house. Its caretaker tells them the bizarre sexual history of the island, then presents them with The Marquis’ Book of Pleasure, an unusual volume of erotica that lures the three women into submission, and their husbands toward crude & dominant desires. The trio of women soon find themselves dressed in S&M fetish attire and submitting to the rigorous slave training the book outlines. They agreed to acts of profound bondage and submission, and then become the centerpiece at a remarkable ball, where former inhabitants of the island return to accept the initiates in an astounding sexual presentation.
In the end, Marquis Island leaves a permanent mark on its newest slaves, Laney, Sandra and Elise. Intense S&M play, whipping, racks, suspension, anal sex play, humiliation, fem/fem sex and slave marking, all steeped with sensuous sexuality.

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Cover Art © Razumovsky Marina Nikolaevna

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