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Lessons In Discipline and Servitude by Chris Bellows

Thomas De LeRoy relishes life – living like a parasite, feeding off his wife’s fortune – enjoying furtive matinee romps at expensive hotels with caviar, fine Champagne and expensive women to satisfy his rapacious lust for female flesh. But when confronted by his wife for his clandestine trysts, Thomas realizes that he’s made a big mistake. He’s hugely underestimated the will of the lovely heiress, Mrs. Margaret Winthrop DeLeroy. Either he now submit to exactingly applied lessons in discipline and servitude, or he’ll be forever impoverished, with no access to her great wealth.
Yet how difficult can his life become when he finds himself exiled to the ‘school room’ of a remote Pacific Island with a pretty lithe blond and an enchanting Asian woman? He has no idea at the start… though Thomas soon finds out the great depravity of his wife’s revenge. He’ll be shocked to learn the backgrounds of his mistresses, the luscious young Pattie and the sadistic Bai. Their lessons will both frighten and titillate this unsuspecting male, when he finds himself locked in a chastity belt, beaten and subjected to grotesque and dehumanizing punishments.
Forced chastity, bastinado, severe bondage and restraint, torture, milking, castration, bisexual scenes to make the male reader cringe and body modifications (will the demented Chris Bellows mind ever relent?), all combine to provide D/s scenes which will both horrify and stimulate those who enjoy the depths of Femdom wickedness depicted with exacting diligence.
Students of Female Dominance, prepare to take notes. There will be a test…that of forestalling the libido long enough to finish Chris Bellows’ latest effort.

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