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A Very Unusual Present to Myself by S.M. Ackerman

With a compelling desire to be punished, Mary (as a birthday treat to herself) contacts a Dominant she finds through a kinky magazine advertisement. She meets with “Sir” for her first dose of corporal punishment, and very soon finds herself falling under the total control of this discipline master.

However, “Sir” has his own ideas with regards to Mary’s future, along with his own methods of ensuring her obedience to his will. Mary becomes part of his household and her master’s expanding stable of slave girls. When jealousy between slaves rears its ugly head, hard decisions need to be made, along with some painful consequences. Eventually, Mary is sent to “The College” for training, where she’s placed under the strict control of a highly experienced madam and turned into a ponygirl.

Includes: male domination, female submission, spanking, slippering, punishment, cuffs, humiliation, strapping, anal play, caning, pony play, nipple clamps, and collars.

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Copy of my E-mail to Sir.



I have to confess to you Sir that I am a thief; I stole a spanking/female domination magazine from a friend, and then I lied to all of my friends about it. I now feel so guilty that when I saw your advert, I decided that I had no other choice but to ask you Sir, if you would play judge, jury and executioner to me for my crimes. I am willing to accept any and all punishment decreed by you, if you will please agree to discipline me.



As I have already told you my name is Mary, you may be wondering why I have signed my name as Carol. I am scared of being identified, so I decided to use another name for my disciplining by Sir. It also makes the prospect of what I had instigated for myself more exciting. The opportunity to become someone else, to sort of have an alter ego but one that can be made to suffer for my crimes as well felt quite arousing, so hence I signed myself as Carol.

Two weeks prior to my twenty-first birthday, I returned from a dull days work and found that Sir had sent me an E-mail, which I hastily opened. It was typical of every contact I have had so far from him – clear direct and to the point, with no hesitation or possibility of misunderstanding his intent.


Sir to Me E-Mail


Carol, I have considered your crimes and have decided that discipline is clearly deserved.


You will report to my front door (address provided) at 10am on the 17th. You will be dressed exactly as you were at the time of the offence.


I got to that point and thought ‘Oh shit’, I had been at school then so I would have been in full uniform. The thought of being back in my old school clothes, but at twenty-one years old came as quite a shock. I would also have to travel to his residence dressed that way, which was not local, and therefore meant using public transport. What if someone I know spotted me dressed in my uniform again. I considered finding somewhere to change into the uniform just prior to arriving at his home, but then I realized that he intends that my traveling would be a part of my punishment, a sort of humiliation to set the scene, I read on.


The financial cost of your discipline will be £500 pounds with twenty percent, £100 pounds being presented at the front door prior to entry. The balance in full to be in an envelope, which you will place upon entry where indicated.


£500 pounds was a hell of a lot money, nearly half a month of my earnings, and all for a sound spanking, but it was intended to be my special birthday present to myself. Therefore, if my savings took a hit, they took a hit. Much as I hoped to take a hit, I mean, well, lots of them really, five hundred pounds worth to be exact.

I had to look up train times and book tickets; I realized that ten in the morning at his house meant that I would be getting up early to go. Was I mad, I remember wondering, as I paid for my travel?

The next section had a heading, one that made me gasp, though why I could not tell you, but it did.



  1. Stealing a magazine
  2. Lying.
  3. Possession of stolen adult material.
  4. Reading stolen adult material.
  5. Manipulation of boyfriends without confession.
  6. Any offence caused or liberty taken during punishment.


Six offences all neatly typed out so I understood exactly what I was letting myself in for. A little knot grew in my guts as I hit save and exited his message. I had made absolutely certain that I would arrive with plenty of time to spare when I had booked my tickets. It was only after I had booked them that I realized that I would be standing around for an hour or more dressed as a school girl, and in a strange city. All whilst waiting to go to Sir’s to be soundly punished, he must have known that was what would happen, the crafty B……

The last lines of Sir’s message had reverberated in my thoughts, it had said:


I will require of you an E-mail stating clearly that you give permission in full, and accept my decision as to the nature of your punishment, and its application to yourself.


I had better reply. I do not want him thinking me tardy or not really accepting of his authority; so I quickly compiled a reply giving him the permissions he required of me.


Copy Of Permission E-Mail Sent To Sir.


Sir, I accept any punishment that you consider to be deserved. I accept and give full permission for you to administer to me, as you see fit and in anyway, method or with any implement, any level of discipline you require of me. I accept totally that I have requested you to punish me, and give you full permission to deal with me as you see fit.



I remember that I nearly signed the wrong name, but I realized prior to sending it to him thankfully. I push the send button and my acceptance and commitment had been set in place. There was no way to get out of my well earned (and much wanted) discipline now, bar simply not turning up. The remaining two weeks until I had to attend dragged, my twenty-first birthday passed and finally the morning of my discipline arrived.


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