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Doubly-Milked Male by JG-Leathers

JG-Leathers returns to Pink Flamingo with a tale of frustrated desire and fulfilment beyond the wildest expectations.

Bored and temporarily unemployed, he surfs the internet for entertainment to slake a demanding thirst for images and stories of the kinkiest kind. Even through extremely well paid, his most recent IT contract has been terrifically demanding. He needs downtime, as well as a chance to indulge his wilder transvestite and masochistic fantasies, not knowing that his life is about to change irrevocably.

The language of the seemingly innocent advertisement for a “Research Associate” is intriguing, to say the least, so out of curiosity he answers it without expecting a reply.  However, 48 hours later, a quality printed invitation arrives in his mailbox, inviting him to an interview at a prestigious downtown address. Matters progress rapidly. He signs a contract, blissfully unaware of what is about to befall him. A medical examination is followed by a full set of cuffs and collar that he cannot remove by himself. His alarm grows, as the fitting of a body harness described as an ACACA, comes next, and lastly, a strict chastity device! The sudden appearance of a Governess is the next shock. Then not two days later, he’s escorted to a remote facility deep in the mountains and forests of Colorado, where he becomes a prisoner in a gilded cage … at least for the moment. But that is not the end of his travail!

His new owner is a mature woman of wealth with a deep hatred of all things male. She fully intends to change him both physically and mentally, sparing no expense to accomplish her desires.

His progression from human Research Associate to that of hapless lab animal is swift and extremely unpleasant, but what he experiences is only a small foretaste of what is to come.

There is not that his life will change forever and there will be no escape!

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