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Doubly-Milked Male by JG-Leathers

JG-Leathers returns to Pink Flamingo with a tale of frustrated desire and fulfilment beyond the wildest expectations.

Bored and temporarily unemployed, he surfs the internet for entertainment to slake a demanding thirst for images and stories of the kinkiest kind. Even through extremely well paid, his most recent IT contract has been terrifically demanding. He needs downtime, as well as a chance to indulge his wilder transvestite and masochistic fantasies, not knowing that his life is about to change irrevocably.

The language of the seemingly innocent advertisement for a “Research Associate” is intriguing, to say the least, so out of curiosity he answers it without expecting a reply.  However, 48 hours later, a quality printed invitation arrives in his mailbox, inviting him to an interview at a prestigious downtown address. Matters progress rapidly. He signs a contract, blissfully unaware of what is about to befall him. A medical examination is followed by a full set of cuffs and collar that he cannot remove by himself. His alarm grows, as the fitting of a body harness described as an ACACA, comes next, and lastly, a strict chastity device! The sudden appearance of a Governess is the next shock. Then not two days later, he’s escorted to a remote facility deep in the mountains and forests of Colorado, where he becomes a prisoner in a gilded cage … at least for the moment. But that is not the end of his travail!

His new owner is a mature woman of wealth with a deep hatred of all things male. She fully intends to change him both physically and mentally, sparing no expense to accomplish her desires.

His progression from human Research Associate to that of hapless lab animal is swift and extremely unpleasant, but what he experiences is only a small foretaste of what is to come.

There is not that his life will change forever and there will be no escape!

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My name is Janine Walton-Jones and I’m 35 years of age, still single and enjoying it.

I have become a Medical Historian, although this came about more by accident than by design or intent. After a few years of knocking about the publishing industry, I eventually began writing articles concerned primarily with practice and techniques of medicine, but too, on all sorts of other strange, but related matters. During the course of my career to that point I’d investigated a goodly number of outré things and events in the world of human related medical practice, but the story related below, is, without a doubt, one of the most frightening examples of truly mind-bending, so-called therapies I’ve ever come across, and that’s saying a lot. Upon first becoming aware of the basics of what had been discovered, I was both startled and disturbed, to say the least, especially when more and more details became clear.

I became aware of the situation in this narrative a month after it came to light when a strangely-clad being appeared at a remote, private hospital. From the initial information provided, my always-alert curiosity compelled me to investigate as soon as it could be arranged. I asked, of course, how the staff had managed to figure things out so far and was informed that the patient had been delivered to the hospital’s shipping and receiving dock by an anonymous truck in the middle of the night, some four weeks previous. Prominently displayed on the top of this shipping case was a large, metal-clad envelope containing a set of detailed instructions, DVD’s, and diagrams of how to care for the contents.

Upon opening the large, fibreglass, hermetically sealed case, the staff were at first puzzled then horrified by what they were presented with. Apparently it was a female, but one that was securely held within a network of inescapable restraints and wearing the most incredible costume imaginable. After the directions had been completed, a discrete search for the origin of the newest patient was begun, turning out to be fruitless and so after a month or eventually my name came up in discussions and I was called.

Making arrangements to obtain a face-to-face interview with the occupant of the case at the institution turned out to be a protracted and involved process, but following an interminable email exchange, I was finally successful. A month after first being alerted, I travelled to the institution and spent an hour while cooling my heels while the staff verified my credentials, before gaining access to the still-mysterious patient. I was escorted to a separate, secure building containing the institution’s Psychiatric Therapy Wing, then at last to a locked room at the end of a long, dimly lit corridor. Needless to say it was depressing, thanks to the low light and the heavily-locked, blank-faced doors on each side. Once the door had been opened then locked again behind my escort and me, I saw something that truly boggled my mind.

When I finally entered the high-ceilinged room, I fully expected to find a patient restrained on a bed or sitting in a chair, but what confronted me was like nothing I had ever seen before in any hospital room. First, there was no bed; it having been replaced by a tall, wide, very sturdy, inverted U-shaped frame in the middle of the floor and fully suspended in its centre was an almost motionless, black-encased being of indeterminate gender. A multitude of hoses and cables led from this slowly shuddering figure to a bank of humming machinery and softly beeping monitors. I had not the slightest clue of what to make of this strange scene and so moved closer to inspect the apparition and entire set-up.

The object of my attention had both male and female attributes to its strange, science fiction, horror costume. At the crotch, a substantial tube projected outward, while on its chest was a pair of large, clear, thick acrylic cups that each held captive a straining, full female breast. Looping down and snaking across the floor, hoses and wires led from both the breast cups’ tips and bases, in addition to others from the end of the crotch tube, while eve more emerged from between its buttocks. All were connected to various machines and monitors, pulsing regularly.

The ‘being’ – at first this was the only way to describe what I saw before me – was then, and is probably even now at this writing, completely encased in what appeared to be a single piece, thick, black rubber garment. However, it had no visible seams and appeared to have been glued directly onto the skin of the wearer, following every curve and crevice. What was not at first known, was that this man-made skin was an extremely tough rubber sandwich with a thin, very strong, woven, stainless steel cloth core and an interior surface that made it truly irremovable.

The head was completely occluded in a smooth, almost featureless, egg-shape, gleaming black in colour and at its top centre a thick post protruded, tipped by a large, swiveling ring, but the shocking thing was that from this ring and another at the back of the being’s neck, a bifurcated, metre long, black rubber-covered set of thick wires were mechanically fastened! These rose to the top centre of the U frame, being connected to it by a pair of heavy springs, thus helping to keep the person’s head immobilized under a constant tension. In truth though, the occupant of the frightening and incredible costume was actually suspended by means of large, partially stretched out springs clipped to rings at its shoulders and others from the sides of its unnaturally compressed waist.

The interruptions to the otherwise featureless surface the of egg were at the lower back quarters: these being twin sets of gleaming silvery fittings with a fifth one in the middle. Hoses had been connected: one large, corrugated black rubber pair leading over to a softly humming hospital ventilator connected to a brace of large green oxygen cylinders and silvery hoses from the other fittings that led across the floor to the bank of equipment and a water supply system. Centred between these four at the exact rear of the egg was a large, industrial, multi-pin, Amphenol connector with a thick cable leading over to a similar connector on a computer terminal.

What truly shocked me though was the apparent lack of upper limbs. However, when I moved behind, I saw a smooth, an at first wide rigid hump extending down from the person’s shoulders, tapering to a blunt V on the back, to just above the waist. At the top centre of the V, a pair elongated smooth cases stuck upward just below the nape of the neck. I could barely make out the seam of this hump thing where it was integrated to the remainder of the garment and so had to ask what this meant and she explained what the X-rays had revealed.

Both of the person’s arms had been brought behind their back, then rotated and folded up between the shoulder blades to be fastened together so that the palms faced outward . My escort described that at the end of each arm, where there should have been a hand, thumb and fingers, was only a long, rigid black metal, seamless, egg-like shape that blended into a tightly-encasing sleeve. Within each of these containers the person wore a pair of tight, thick gloves; these being embedded in a matrix of dense silicone gel. The individual fingers and thumbs were kept separated, never able to touch each other, and metal splints prevented any clawing or other movement. As well, electrode contact pads were placed at each finger base and tip, as well as on the palms. Effectively, the wearer’s hands and fingers had been rendered utterly useless, being incapable of grasping or maneuvering anything at all, nor could they touch one another.

The person’s encased hands were kept fastened between the shoulder blades by means of a 20 mm wide, three mm thick steel strap connecting the linkage to the bottom edge of a concealed, wide, thick steel collar. The cuffs just above each elbow joint had also been locked together and from their central linkage, another 20 mm wide, three mm thick steel strap led down to be locked to the top edge of a wide steel cinch, thus pulling the persons arms in tight to the spine! The entirety of this horribly effective means of restraint was concealed beneath the impervious hump.

She went on to explain that a more detailed inspection of the x-rays had shown that the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints had all become fused together over a period of years and so the arms were incapable, now, of being returned to mobility. One other aspect of this fusing was that the tendons, ligaments and muscle structure had atrophied to the point of being virtually useless.

Whoever it was imprisoned within this bizarre costume was forced to breathe pressurised air supplied by the hoses connected to a ventilator on one of the equipment tables and of course I asked why this was necessary. My escort explained to me that the ‘patient’ had been seen to be experiencing difficulty breathing after being removed from the shipping case and its internal connections having been disconnected and so had been immediately connected to a powerful, adult ventilator and the oxygen tanks. The other set of fittings below the first were of smaller size and two metal-clad hoses led to them. When I asked what those were, for I was told that inside the egg/helmet they were connected to a feeding and liquid supply system that was fastened irremovably into the person’s mouth, nose, nasal passages, lungs, esophagus, and stomach. The thick cable from the Amphenol connector looped down to the floor and across it to the computer console, but its purpose was not explained at that time.

Then, I saw that below the head egg, a wide swelling encased the person’s neck, complete with the same type of very sturdy rings at the front under the chin, and two at the back under the bulge of the skull. This band and all of the others were obviously restraints and there was no way for the wearer or any outside observer to get at them. Other than their readily-available rings, all were buried under the tough rubber garment. When I more closely checked each ring I could see wear marks in their very hard metal, these obviously from having had some sort of chain or other restricting device attached. What was even more shocking though, as has been previously written, was that the x-rays revealed the substantial post and ring assembly had been irremovably fastened directly onto the skull at the crown of the person’s head!

After a first, cursory inspection of this bizarrely-attired being, I checked all of the x-rays and saw some of the other intriguing and frightening details of the ensemble. Under the outer covering garment, each wrist and ankle joint was surrounded by thick, 50 mm wide band. Posts on their upper and inner side projected through reinforced holes in the suit and thick, 30 mm diameter, black-coloured, metal rings dangled and swung freely.

The person’s strictly-booted legs were kept widely-separated by other, lighter springs, but the ankles remained connected to each other by means of a flexible black rubber-coated wire with a 40 mm diameter ring at its centre! Upon a more detailed check of the person’s limbs and the x-ray images, I saw additional, slightly less wide bands clamped tightly around each leg, mid-way between the hip and knee, as well as others below the knee joints, above the bulges of the calf muscles, each one also equipped with protruding posts and their rings. Even these disturbing details were almost insignificant when I saw what the feet had been imprisoned in. Each foot had been fastened into a black metal casing that kept it forced down into an ‘en pointe’ , tip toe configuration and completely covered it; rising to the thick wide swelling above the ankle, thus keeping the joint rigid. However, the actual shoe portion was formed into a what was essentially a high heel, horse’s hoof, complete with a steel horse shoe! Good God!

It was then I was informed that more recent and focussed x-rays had revealed that beneath the five mm thick, egg-shaped titanium head encasement, it was completely filled with a dense, semi-solid silicone gel. Further inspection of other more focussed x-rays had revealed that the person’s entire head had been fitted with a web-work of narrow, three mm thick metal straps, effectively a cruel, human bridle, and this head harness had also been anchored into the underlying bones! In effect, what the person wore was a non-removable, very comprehensive restraint harness! Other, even more horrific things had been revealed … within this bridle the person’s jaws were kept apart and unmoving by what appeared to be an intricately formed, large, dense, rubber appliance that filled every part of its wearer’s mouth. It was kept in place not only because of its size alone, but to ensure that it remained permanently affixed, each of the person’s cheeks had been pierced and grommeted, then, large diameter, widely-capped pins had been passed through the head harness cheek straps, then the piercings, and been screwed into each other within the oral device, but that wasn’t all! On the mouth filler’s underside, five, thick, forward facing, blunt hooks passed through grommeted piercings in the person’s tongue, but horribly so, in addition, in its centre, a thick post projected down through the tongue and the floor of the person’s mouth! This post was fastened to an extension of the metal collar that came under the chin, and, being inside the locked-on head casing was inaccessible.

From the back of the mouth filler, a thick hose passed down the person’s esophagus and into the stomach where it terminated in a small, anti-regurgitation balloon filled with more of the silicone gel. The x-rays also revealed that the person’s ears were filled with locked-in ear buds, and over them inside the featureless exterior of the head egg, shallow domes filled with a sound deadening foam were locked into the structure of the head harness. Also revealed was that over the person’s eyes, each within its own deep, silicone rubber cup, was a miniature, high definition LED screen of the type used in 3D goggles, but there was no other provision for sight. So, unless there was an audio feed to the ear buds and a video signal to the vision screens, the person locked into the head egg was inescapably both blind and deaf. I shuddered with thoughts of what that must be like.

My attention next shifted to the body where, beneath the rubber skin, I discerned the outlines of substantial undergarments. The waist was strictly and widely compressed and around the circumference of the narrowest section were eight, protruding rings of the same diameter and thickness as the others mounted on the swellings on the limbs, neck, and crown of the head. From the front centre, passing tightly over and pressed into the soft flesh of the lower belly, then passing between the thighs and buttocks, up to the back of the hidden cinch, was a wide thickness of some sort of covering plate. To confirm that this apparition was at least partially-male, at the front of the crotch, an 80 mm diameter tube projected outwards some 30 cm, and at its end was a pair of shiny hose fittings, together with another, multi-pin Amphenol connector. Between the buttocks was another set of the shiny fittings and these together with those from the large tube had been fitted with hoses and connecting cables, all leading over to the bank of machinery and computers on the side tables.

Upon moving my attention up the thorax, I discerned what could only be described as the outline of a very substantial bra harness fastened around the chest and over the shoulders and this held a pair of large, clear, thick acrylic cups; each filled with a bulging breast, but that wasn’t all! On the underside and at the base of each cup was a hose fitting as well as another at the apex, together there with an electrical connector and from these, hoses and wires led over to the tables, where they were connected to what appeared to be an industrial, dairy milking machine! The wire cables went to what appeared to be some sort of signal generator, complete with a complex looking oscilloscope, but the worst of the arrangement was only discovered on other x-rays. These that revealed that the base of each armoured breast was strangled by a 10 mm wide collar on the front of the metal chest band, these acting to keep the breasts always inflated with sensitizing blood. Even more punishingly, each breast was horizontally pierced just above the chest wall and transfixed by a five mm diameter rod, fastened into its terrible collar.

Of course I asked why the person was suspended and was left restrained. The explanation was rather frightening. I was told that the he/she would frequently begin thrashing, kicking, and rolling violently on the bed that had first been used, and so the best solution had been to suspend him/her so that all of the hoses and cables could be easily attached. Even though now suspended, the person frequently continued to writhe, twist, and kick dementedly, also trying to move its encasing head egg against the restriction of the springs.

I was told that the hoses were required for breathing, feeding, hydrating and waste removal, but I was puzzled by the ones from the crotch tube although the anal ones were almost self-explanatory. Then I asked about the ones to the breast cups. That explanation was startling, to say the least! The envelope’s documents stated that person had fully-functional and strongly lactating breasts so that the large volumes of milk needed to be drained regularly. OK, that was understandable, but then I was told that the male function of sperm production was also extremely high and that an orgasm had to be ensured at least once every two days. Thus, the crotch tube and breast cups had the appropriate hoses mounted, together with the wires for monitoring purposes, or so it was believed at that point, that was only what they were for. I didn’t discover what their true purpose was until some weeks later, once communication had been established and was horrified by the thoughts of what the sensations, never to be escaped, must be like.

A DVD had been supplied and it contained detailed computer programmes to aid in the maintenance of the person, but what wasn’t discovered until much, much later was that buried in the millions of lines of code, were instructions for the disciplinary functions that were activated by the on-board computer contained within the helmet/egg. These programmes were also active during and after every breast milking and after every male milking, then at random times and for varying strengths and durations!

The envelope had also contained details of how the person should be cared for and revealed that non-verbal communication was possible. The types of devices and software programs that would be required were listed and I learned from the documents that the head-ensnaring harness contained sensors attuned to the areas of the brain that generated speech and sound. At my insistence, a computer program and voice synthesizer were eventually employed to create a virtual voice, and even add emotion to the speech and sounds that the person’s mouth, throat and voice box were now incapable of, thanks to the horrific gagging system fastened into the oral cavity. Two weeks after I began my interview with the person in the horrific costume, these devices were procured and connected to the panel and thence to the multi-pin connector at the back of the head egg, but despite my repeated attempts to communicate, the person remained utterly silent and almost unresponsive, with the exception of the frequent bouts of manic physical activity. The following narrative was recorded after coherent communication had been established and the person was eventually convinced that there might be some way of escaping the highly personalized torture chamber he/she was a permanent prisoner within, but of course the hidden sub-programmes continued to be active.

A separate section of the accompanying documentation was concerned the incredible “suit” that the person was imprisoned within. It described the imprisoning garment in minute detail and by the time a reader had finished this section, no doubt remained about the permanency and non-removability of the garment. Here is a synopsis of the section …


“ … Notes on the CDS (Control Disciplining Suit) …


“ … The Subject has been fitted with a permanent, non-removable, custom-made, hi-tech covering whose innermost layer emulates the human epidermis, but with some most important differences. Although the inner layer is non-organic in structure, it is nevertheless efficient in completing all of the functions of the natural version …


“… The suit cross-section structure consists of three integrated layers in the following order: Outer Layer – a man-made, extremely tough, abrasion and cut-resistant, neoprene rubber, 0.70 mm in thickness, Middle Layer – a tightly woven, very flexible, stainless steel fabric, 0.30 mm thick, extremely resistant to virtually any edged tool or puncture device and bonded to the outer layer, and, the Inner Layer – a nano-structured, manmade epidermis, 0.25 mm thick, being an extremely tough, infinitely flexible and stretchable material, also bonded to the Middle Layer …


“… The Wearer is first fully epilated, then the entire surface of the skin is covered with a tenderising cream before The Suit is fitted. It also has had its inner surfaces completely coated with a delayed action ‘Activator’ cream that will remain dormant for 180 minutes after being fitted to The Wearer …


“… Once The Wearer has been fully dressed in The Suit, all metal seams and joints are connected, employing the close-once-only fasteners, welded where necessary. The outer layer covering flaps are then fastened together by means of a molecular, dissolving type of adhesive that essentially renders the two surfaces into a seamless whole, eliminating any evidence of a joint …


“… After the passage of 180 minutes, the inner layer’s ‘Activator’ cream initiates the growth of microscopic mini-anchors across the entirety of The Suit’s inner surface. These anchors are extremely numerous, with approximately 10 for every square millimetre, these designed to penetrate the wearer’s flesh to a depth of 10 mm, then spread out and link themselves to each other within the epidermis of The Wearer. Upon completion of these processes, taking up to six hours, The Suit becomes completely non-removable …


“…If removal is attempted, severe disfigurement or death of the wearer will be the immediate result …


“… It has been noted from past examples that the process of the anchors emplacing themselves with The Wearer’s epidermis is, although transitory, an extremely unpleasant experience. With this being the case, The Wearer must needs be securely restrained until the processes have been completed, then remain restrained for a further eight hours after being fitted …


“… the physical and mental reactions The Wearer will experience vary from one individual to the next and so the new Wearer must be closely restrained and observed until fully-encased in his Ensemble …”


Upon reading then rereading the description of the garment and how it had been affixed, I knew that the occupant of the incredible suit had already experienced a most traumatic entry into his new life and then been subjected to unbelievable torments over a period of some 10 years or more, and still wore all of the so-called ‘appliances’ that he/she had been fitted with sometime after entering the so-called Research Programme. At the beginning, I was unaware that he/she also had to live with the quite intrusive surgical modifications that had also been done and they had all now become irreversible. Most of the ‘appliances’ affixed to and inside the person also could not be removed because of the danger to life if it was attempted. Nevertheless, he/she, seemed to have accommodated to these irreversible changes.

Over the first weeks following my initial observation sessions I was unable to conduct any sort of extensive interview until a means of reliable communication had been established and the psychiatrists had managed to coax the person back to some semblance of sanity. Even then, trying to get detailed answers to my questions was very difficult at first. Once we got started though, I immediately discovered that the person was a male by birth and was, an-at-first-willing participant, in a supposed “Research” Programme. However, it almost immediately turned out to be far more than had been initially described to any of the especially-targeted men who replied to the recruiting advertisements, and perhaps still do. By the end of the first day after signing on to the Programme, he had become increasingly aware of what he’d committed himself to, then after two weeks, had been advised in no uncertain terms that he had quite literally signed away his life to become a very strictly-controlled prisoner and a research animal, with no rights whatsoever … and no possible hope of ever escaping. Due to the extensive, and superbly expensive security arrangements, there was no imaginable way that he or any other of the Research Subjects could ever mitigate their fate, unless they were deliberately released as he had been … apparently.

From the evidence I have been able to unearth, and it is sparse, the so-called Research Programme was and apparently is still funded by a fabulously wealthy woman with an incredible hatred of men. Her organization carried out, and is likely still doing so, experiments and processes that would never be sanctioned by the medical Research establishments. Only mature, young males are enticed to participate, becoming their ideal Research Subjects. Incredibly secretive arrangements and payments had been made to acquire a remote, former lead-zinc-nickel mine that had run out of ore and been abandoned. Huge amounts of money had then been freely spent for all of the modifications that were required for it to be made into her secret, super-max prison. Effectively it was the ultimate institution dedicated to male torture, and apparently, still is.

All of the specialized equipment, permanently fitted prisoner’s restraints, and their inescapable Testing Ensembles had been specifically-designed, then custom-made for each of the ‘Research Subjects’; these designed to create the most awful and incredibly intense mental and physical torment that a male could be subjected to on a continual basis, without resulting in his death, even though he might desperately wish for it. From what I discerned, the central operating philosophy was … to all intents and purposes … that if the torments and experiments drove a Research Subject to insanity, it wasn’t a concern, because at that point of his life, he’d truly be nothing more than a silently reacting, laboratory animal anyway!

All of the Research Facility’s staff were females, all sworn to eternal silence, with the clearly-delineated threat that if they broke their NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreement), they would be hunted down and quickly also become Research Subjects, to be mercilessly subjected to the most awful torments that could be enacted on a female mind and body.

His story was, initially, a terribly fragmented series of anecdotes and took a long time of detailed and repetitive questioning to gain the full picture that comprises the narrative that follows, but the descriptions do not provide any kind of adequate clues as to the emotional state of the person in his/her Ensemble. Only at towards the end have I included the actual verbalisations of the person, as well as detailed descriptions of the actual sensations experienced to, hopefully, provide some idea of the trauma, terror and horrors that the subject of this story had experienced over 10 years and continued to experience even while I attempted to continue the interview process.

Many readers will regard my writing about the following occurrences, situations, and various pieces of equipment I have described as being fanciful or impossible inventions of a fevered mind, but enough evidence has been compiled to verify that all of the situations and equipment described have, and may still be occurring. Unfortunately, extensive research has failed to locate the actual place as described at the beginning of the narrative.

What follows is best told in the first person as probably the best way to tell the story and I have striven to be as detailed and accurate as possible.


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