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A Woman of the West by Robin Bond

General BDSM. It’s post Civil War. The pretty blonde Belle is brought up in an atmosphere of strict morality. But after the death of her parents, she’s sent to a boarding school where she is condemned to menial kitchen work. When she falls foul of the headmaster, the brutish disciplinarian beats her and threatens to do worse. To avoid surrendering her virginity, she runs away, although not before her female classmates initiate her into the delights of lesbian sex. Once on her own, she finds herself in a brothel run by the strict but honest Mrs P, who offers her a position in her establishment. Belle proves to have a talent for the work and is soon much in demand. Before long, she’s entertaining single men, and participating in threesomes, foursomes, and a variety of sadomasochistic practices.

However, when she falls in love with the young gambling addict Errol, he persuades Belle to go west with him and meet up with a friend who has offered him a share in his gambling house. The two join a wagon train, but when they run into a band of hostile Indians, Errol grabs a horse, gallops away, and leaves at the mercy of these ruthless Indians. To save herself, Belle offers up her body for sex until she’s finally rescued by the army.

As her trek west continues, Belle finds herself the common-law wife of a soldier, reacquainted with the pleasures of lesbian sex, captured by Indians again – on yet another wagon train – in the middle of drug-fuelled orgies, and finally penniless. To get by, she exchanges sex for food and lodging, which is nothing new for her. And before long, the determined Belle is on a stagecoach heading to California. When she finally reaches Sacramento, to her great surprise, she runs into the enterprising Mrs P. Together the two women devise a future doing what they do best – providing specialised sexual services for discriminating clients.

This harrowing sexual ride through the old west features bot femdom, maledom BDSM, kidnapping, bondage, punishment, humiliation, whipping, paddling, strapping, caning, dildos, strap-ons, oral, anal, straight, multiple partners. Consensual and non-consensual.

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I had noticed earlier that there were several young braves in the camp who had eyed me covetously when I was brought in. They had made no move, because evidently I was deemed to belong to the old man, the chief apparently. Now I crept to the edge of the tepee and peered through a gap. Outside I could see several men sitting in a circle by a fire, smoking a pipe, which they passed around. Suddenly, quite irrationally, I had an urge to puff on a pipe. Once or twice I had done a little smoking with Errol, and though I had not acquired the habit, nevertheless I was not averse to it. I picked up a blanket to cover myself and pushed my way through the gap in the tent, stood up and walked slowly towards the fire. When they saw me, they all fell silent. I continued to walk towards them, then sat down just outside their circle. I made a sign, that I would like to smoke. This did not meet with immediate approval, so I got up on my knees and, letting the blanket slip, showed them what the old man had seen and what had aroused him to finger me.

Once again, the reaction was surprise, that my cunny was bare of hair. One, more forward than the others, put his hand there and touched me. I smiled at him. His hand ventured further, feeling me, and eventually pushing his finger into me. He turned to his companions and nodded, then smiled. They all came closer, each wanting to feel. I allowed this for a time. But the sensation of so many fingers manipulating me, rubbing, pinching, sliding into me, was stimulating me beyond what I could bear. On impulse I stood up and seized the hand of the one who had first touched me. He too stood up and I led him from the circle towards a spot some yards away, not out of sight but, given the darkness, offering some privacy. He had a robe around his shoulders and laid it on the ground, I stretched out upon it and spread my legs to reveal myself again. Once more he stared at my cunny, then he rolled on top of me and without further ado entered me.

It was a most delightful sensation, because I was now ready for it, my cunny now fully lubricated, ready for the cock he pushed inside me. It felt good, just the right size and very hard. I have since heard some white men speak of Indians as having in general a small penis size and being in want of sexual ardour. All I can say is that nothing could be further from my experience of that evening. I was to experience all their cocks in turn, and each one was fully as big as I required for satisfaction, and thrust into me with vigour sufficient to give me yet more orgasms, though in one or two cases I did not quite achieve one. Nevertheless I must have come four or five more times.

The one on top of me fucked with great enthusiasm, and I certainly came with him. When he withdrew I could feel a big load had been ejaculated into me, and it began to run out, down between the cheeks of my ass. The man got up and went back to the fire. He said a few words, and another of them got up and approached me. I pushed back the blanket for him to come in, and kissed him. Kissing on the mouth was not something they practised, and he recoiled, though I tried again and he seemed to like it after all. I got up on my heels, reached down and held his cock, rubbing it a little. I didn’t want the fucking to be over too quickly, and I rubbed my body against him. On an impulse I held my breasts out to him, inviting him to touch them. Kissing a girl’s nipples was something they knew all about, it seemed, and he did so, quite roughly, even biting me a little, which I was now in the mood to enjoy. Soon he got on top and began to fuck me, and all too soon he spent himself in me.

He returned to the fire and a third one came across to me. I counted; there were seven altogether, quite a number to take on, especially after the treatment I had received in the old man’s tepee. But my hunger was in no way sated; if anything, having two cocks had merely sharpened my appetite for more. I put this one’s mouth to my breasts and had him suck me for a good while. Then I was minded to try something a little different. I got up on all fours and turned my bottom to him. I did not realise it at the time, but rear entry, or doggie-fashion, was the commonest form of intercourse among Indians, or the ones I met. Instantly he was upon me, his hands holding my buttocks, pulling them apart the better to facilitate the entry of his cock in my cunny, now running with the cum of his companions, though this seemed not to bother him one jot. It occurred to me to wonder whether the kind of promiscuous intercourse we were practising was common among them.

He dug his cock in deep and fucked me hard and long, inducing another orgasm in me, just before he himself came. We disengaged and lay for a moment, luxuriating in our mutual pleasure. Then he stood up to rejoin his companions. I watched to see who would be next and was surprised to see two of them rise at once. It was evident that they intended to make joint use of me. This would not be the first time two men had possessed me at the same time, but for some reason I was not expecting it with the present company. However, I was minded to make the most of it. By now I had become thoroughly aroused; the fucking had made my juices flow, and added to that was the ejaculations they had already left inside me. I was primed.

As a way of welcoming them, I adopted the position I thought most appropriate for what they had in mind, getting up onto my hands and knees. One of them grunted his approval, and took up a stance behind me, on his knees too. I felt him put his cock to my cunny and it slid in very easily, greased by the cum of his companions. His cock felt like a big one and he thrust it in deep, filling me completely. Meantime, the other one knelt in front of me. I opened my mouth obligingly and he pushed his cock in. I began to suck in my normal manner, but he had in mind something rougher. Seizing my hair in his hand, he forced my head back and dug his cock deep into my throat, causing me to choke. At that, taking a firm view of how to guide my behaviour, he slapped me across the cheek. I hurriedly took him in my mouth again, trying hard to open up and control my natural urge to gag. He now gripped my hair with both hands and buried his cock, an organ of no mean size, in the back of my throat, blocking the air passage, so that in no time I was struggling for breath. Though I had previously been taught the rudiments of deep-throating, I had to resist the urge to fight back, so rough was he. For a full minute he denied me air, and my face grew red, but at last he pulled back and I sucked in a breath, though hardly enough before he once more pushed his cock in deep. In this manner we proceeded, me always being permitted just enough air right at the last moment, when I felt sure I must be asphyxiated.

Despite what might be expected, I did not react against this rough treatment. I was in a mood that can arrive, I believe, often with women in certain circumstances, that they are excited rather than repelled by the use of force. I do not condone rape, but nor did I take this treatment in that manner. I wanted to be used like a whore (was that not after all what I am?), I wanted to be physically persuaded, with some firmness, to go along with whatever these men wished of me. I felt in no danger. I did not sense that they were intent on doing me harm, only that, like myself, they were excited.

While I was preoccupied with what was done to me at one end, at my rear the man was content with fucking me vigorously in my cunny, no more though no less. Both men continued to use me hard for several more minutes, until, whether by design or accident I could not say, they ejaculated together. My mouth was filled with spurts of semen issuing from one cock, while the other pumped what seemed like a copious load into my cunny. They withdrew and I collapsed onto the ground, semen seeping out of me at each end.

The man who had fucked my mouth made an affectionate gesture, stroking my face, even taking onto his finger a drop of semen that had escaped my mouth and trickled down my chin, and feeding it to me. I licked it up and smiled. The man who had used me from behind gave my bare rump a playful slap, then the two of them went back to the companions.

There were two left who had yet to enjoy me. One of them now came forward. I made him lie on his back and I bent over him and sucked his cock for a good long while, endeavouring to take it in as deep as the man who had fucked my mouth before. Then, I think somewhat to his surprise, I straddled him, my legs astride him, and lowered myself until I was impaled on his cock. It did not seem as if this was a usual position, but I had him securely trapped between my thighs and I rode him until he came inside me.

There was just one left. He was younger than the others, still a boy, really. He approached me shyly. I could have been considerate with him, treating him kindly, easing him into me and giving him a pleasant time. But somehow the devil had got into me, and I could not help myself from trying to shock him.  I got up on all fours once more and wiggled my ass at him. Then I reached back and caught hold of him by the hair. I pulled him roughly towards me, guiding him until his mouth was right up against my ass. With my free hand I prised my ass cheeks apart, then forced his mouth onto the opening, rubbing my asshole right over his lips. Something made him open his mouth, which was just what I wanted, and I pushed my ass against him even harder. Somehow he divined what I was about. His tongue came out and he began to lick me. I kept him to it for a good while, until my asshole was well lubricated by his saliva, which I could feel dripping down onto my cunny. But it was not my cunny which concerned me most at this point. Instead I let go of his head and reach back further, finding his cock, which was of an admirable firmness, just right for what I intended. Because the aperture is so small, the asshole makes a very tight fit for a man of average endowment, and it felt as though this boy might be gifted with a little more than that. Carefully I drew him to me, until the tip of his cock was nudging against me. Then with a sudden movement I jerked backwards, driving the end of his cock into my ass. I thrust backwards some more, then just a little more, until the full length of his cock was buried in me. I have no doubt from the hesitancy of his movements that this was his first experience of anal sex, and as I was to learn it was not an act practised among the Indians, at least not among those I had come across. No matter; the boy seemed to take to it well enough, soon picking up the thrusting rhythm I had initiated and pushing in and out of my anus.

Unfortunately it was over all too soon for me. No doubt the novelty of the act, together with the tightness of my ass, stimulated him to the degree that he came in scarcely any time at all, flooding my hole with a copious emission. Anal intercourse is always exciting for a man, which no doubt is why so many men enjoy it. In performing the act, I am always stretched, a not unpleasing sensation for me; but I do believe the boy’s cock was on the large size, and so I strained to accommodate it.


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