The Shaming of Purbeck


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The Shaming of Purbeck ” The Extended Edition By Sandrine D’ Honfleur
A Femdom take on the classic Jekyll/Hyde theme. Obsessed with discovering and isolating the gene from which springs good and evil in an individual, a Victorian doctor and scientist, Alfred Purbeck, develops a compound he believes will by-pass the less wholesome of the two traits. But what if his compound succeeds in eradicating the wholesome trait and leaving its malignant counterpart in control of the body belonging to his test-subject? The result ” the body of a woman with a new-found taste for female domination of the most sadistic, and sometimes final, kind. She’s an “abomination of a woman,’ where before she was just Purberk’s housekeeper, Miss Rebecca North. It’s clear that a terrifying nightmare has been unleashed! But how to stop this nightmare is another matter.

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“I did not ask for the nature you’ve thrust upon me,” the fiery redhead hissed at the man who had once presumed to be her master and now stood before her in awe of both having achieved the scientific breakthrough he had sought and, worse, the debilitating fear he felt as he stood before it, powerless beneath the once submissive eyes that were now turned upon him in such a heat of molten fury.

And something else…


And not for the sustenance of food.

Even if it was all too plain to the professor that she revelled in this new and authoritative persona his own chemical genius had, as she said, “thrust upon her”.

Not only was she more authoritative but she also seemed to have undergone a leap of intellect when compared to the former timid and obliging housekeeper she had been before he used her as a human guinea-pig.

And without her consent.

An abandonment of long-held ethics for a scientific curiosity and desire to benefit humanity that had led to the pass in which he now found himself.

For the woman who stood and regarded him so imposingly, naked form a source of both fear and a most unwelcome desire to her former master, was undoubtedly…


And becoming purer in her malevolence each time she took over what remained of his hapless and ignorant housekeeper’s soul and  form.

The takeover becoming more frequent with each passing day as he worked feverishly on a serum that would reverse the unholy transformation his meddling had wrought.

“You wished to eradicate evil in the heart of man and have succeeded only in unshackling it from the goodness that kept it at bay in the dark recesses where it lurked.”

Her laughter, far from high-pitched and maniacal, was low, sultry, and provocative; almost as if she savoured the future ahead of her and the atrocities she would wreak.

Her bare nipples upon what her master could only acknowledge – even with the distance a scientific and academic mindset necessarily maintained – were a pair of truly incredible breasts were hard at the prospect and he watched, aforementioned detachment weakening, as a slender hand glided downwards and she let out a throaty laugh when it made contact with the lips of her sex beneath the flaming red bush standing sentinel above it.

Self-recriminatory and growingly terrified as he was of his incarnation, the one-time master could do nothing but stand and stare as she ran a finger the length of her gash and then held it out to him, sopping and indecently fragrant, as his eyes bulged and his nostrils twitched.

Then, as she inserted it into his unwilling but unresisting mouth, she placed a hand upon shoulder and began to exert pressure.

Pressure that took him to his knees, even as she ensured the finger in his mouth remained in place that he might – to his own disbelief and mortification – continue to both taste and suck as if were no more than infant in adult clothes being pacified by some demonic governess.

“That is my good boy,” she cooed at him in a way that held more of mockery than affection – all mockery, in fact.

“Things are going to change around here very soon. And I am convinced you will not be pleased by those changes.”

Even as he continued to suck upon her finger, the man of science still found time to question how he felt unable to disobey her.

Was it a side-effect of his own serum that endowed her with this power to render him obedient to her will?

And if so, could it be reversed before she finally took complete control of his housekeeper’s body and there could be no reversal?

His thoughts were interrupted as the finger was withdrawn from his mouth and he felt her hand grip the hair at the back of his head.

“As you seem to like sucking upon your new master’s finger,” she told him, yanking his eyes up to hers and revelling in the power she now wielded in his regard, “I have something much more interesting for you to show your respect.”

He felt her grip upon his hair tighten and watched as she swivelled upon her bare heels to present him with…


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