The Shaming of Purbeck



The Shaming of Purbeck – The Extended Edition By Sandrine D’ Honfleur

A Femdom take on the classic Jekyll/Hyde theme. Obsessed with discovering and isolating the gene from which springs good and evil in an individual, a Victorian doctor and scientist, Alfred Purbeck, develops a compound he believes will by-pass the less wholesome of the two traits. But what if his compound succeeds in eradicating the wholesome trait and leaving its malignant counterpart in control of the body belonging to his test-subject? The result – the body of a woman with a new-found taste for female domination of the most sadistic, and sometimes final, kind. She’s an ‘abomination of a woman,’ where before she was just Purberk’s housekeeper, Miss Rebecca North. It’s clear that a terrifying nightmare has been unleashed! But how to stop this nightmare is another matter.

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