About Sappho?s Initiation: The Sappho Trilogy, Book 1



About Sappho?s Initiation: The Sappho Trilogy, Book One by Jonathan Biernot

?She faced the bed; raised her skirt at the front above her knees; lifted one knee onto the mattress before placing the other alongside. Then, she hauled up the back of her skirt, rucked it up around her waist to expose her backside, before spreading her knees and leaning forward on her palms, holding her head high, concaving her spine and pushing-out her breasts like the prow of a boat. Finally, she gave the coup-de-grace: Sappho, knowing full-well what to expect, uttered the words; ?I?m ready, Sir!?

A story of how a chance encounter changes the life of a beautiful, and very vanilla young housewife, as she begins to seek out things that, at one time, would have appalled her. The unsuspecting Sappho is initiated as a submissive and encouraged from one experience to another until she?s finally addicted to cock. Never once does Sappho say, ‘No’! Never once does she hesitate and, soon, a new destiny emerges when she becomes a magnet for powerful men. Includes anal, oral, M-F-M, group, black-on-white, M-M-F-M-M, gang bang, whipping, prostitution, D/s, dildo, deep throat, double-penetration, triple-penetration, bukaki, spit-roasting, depilation, trafficking, initiation, bondage, leather, collaring.

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